19 Games Like Dragon Age Inquisition to Play in 2022

Games Like Dragon Age Inquisition

Do you have a thirst for more games like Dragon Age: Inquisition now that you’ve finished it? You’re in luck, since we’ve compiled a list of the best  Dragon Age games to play in 2021. 

Additionally, for a long time, Dragon Age fans have been anticipating the next installment in the series. 

In comparison to the release of Origins, Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition were released rather rapidly. 

The most recent game in the series, Dragon Age: Inquisition, was released in 2014. Despite the dearth of content, the franchise’s fans remain devoted and eager for more. 

The series’ history of fascinating characters, fantastical world development, and exciting RPG components like romanceable characters and decisions with consequences has kept fans faithful. 

Well, some of the best games like Dragon Age of Inquisition are;

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1. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Platforms: Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows.

Switching from a Dragon Age game to an Assassin’s Creed game is like pouring chocolate milk over your breakfast instead of ordinary milk. 

The series debuted a highly fresh perspective on a series that used to be about stealth with Odyssey. 

Instead, Odyssey prioritizes RPG features, with combat that resembles button mashing more than assassination. 

Additionally, players can play as Alexios or Kassandra and romance anyone they want, although they cannot personalize their protagonist. 

Furthermore, the game immerses players in a stunning recreation of ancient Greece and allows them to sail throughout the Mediterranean.

2. Witcher 3

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Witcher 3 is also one of the closest games like dragon age inquisition. Geralt of Rivia, the sultry, silver-haired monster killer, returns in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. 

Additionally, in this gorgeous fantasy RPG, fight your way through pirate islands, forgotten caverns, dangerous mountain passes, and, of course, monsters as you search for a child of prophecy. 

Furthermore, with gorgeous graphics, a fascinating tale, and tremendously terrible and hideous monsters to slaughter, this is without a doubt my favorite entry of the series.

3. Mass Effect 3

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Wii U, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360.

After Dragon Age: Inquisition, you should step into the Mass Effect series, which is another one of BioWare’s iconic RPGs. Mass Effect 3 is the finest game in the series if you only have time to play one. 

Furthermore, the fighting is one of the most noticeable parallels between Mass Effect and Dragon Age. 

However, you and your squad go on quests, but instead of using spells and swords, you use firearms and bionic augmentations to combat. 

Additionally, the  plot and gameplay are also quite similar. Between missions, you can strengthen your bonds with your crew, update your armor, and kill a lot of monsters. 

You’ll adore the companion characters in Mass Effect if you loved them in Dragon Age.

4. Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, and Windows Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is one of the best games like dragon age inquisition. 

Because it is set in a fantasy world, the Elder Scrolls series is more like Dragon Age than Fallout.

Additionally, many amazing games have been released in the series, but Skyrim has a high Metacritic and fan rating. 

However, the Dovahkiin are followed as they travel a war-torn Tamriel besieged by Imperials and Stormcloaks. 

Players can choose their race, customize their characters, embark on numerous quests, and explore a vast fantasy world while making decisions. 

In addition, the main difference between Skyrim and a Dragon Age game is that it is not as linear. A gamer can play the game for a hundred hours and still not advance.

5. Conan Exiles

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox one, PC.

Survive and prosper as you construct a kingdom and fight your opponents in this online multiplayer game set in the world of Conan the Barbarian. 

However, thiw RPG is different from the others on our list in that it is an exciting survival game, but it is still a challenging and enjoyable RPG that will keep you going back for more.

6. ArcaniA: Gothic 4

Platforms: PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox 360

ArcaniA: Gothic 4 is one of the best games like Dragon Age Inquisition. The Gothic saga’s hero has realized his destiny and is now King Robar III. 

He once consented to deliver a peculiar amulet for a blind lady on the spur of the moment, and his soul was tainted from that point forward. 

Power and conquest are now all that the former hero can think about – but only for a short time, since a new hero has risen somewhere else.

7. Final Fantasy 12

Platforms:  PlayStation 4, PlayStation 2, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows

Final Fantasy 12 has recently received more positive attention after being dubbed the “red-headed stepchild” of the Final Fantasy universe. 

Furthermore, the Zodiac Age also demonstrates Square Enix’s foresight in terms of graphical capabilities when creating this game. 

However, fans of the political intrigue in “Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts” will like the political maneuverings in Final Fantasy 12.

8. Divinity: Original Sin II

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Ipad, Nintendo Switch, Xbox one, Mac OS, PC.

Playing Divinity: Original Sin II is similar to playing a tabletop role-playing game. While Dragon Age has more hands-on action, many of the features are comparable between the two games. 

Furthermore, every decision you make has the potential to change the game’s result in a variety of ways. Within the character classes, there are additional parallels to be seen between the two games. 

Additionally, you can select from a variety of races, backgrounds, and skill sets. And, unlike Dragon Age: Inquisition, it calls for a more strategic combat system. 

However, if you enjoy tabletop RPGs, this is a great opportunity to broaden your gaming horizons beyond today’s traditional open-world titles.

9. Baldur’s Gate And Baldur’s Gate 2

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

Baldur’s Gate or its sequel will appeal to fans of the Dragon Age: Origins combat system. 

Additionally, the combat system is essentially the same, which is important to know because the Origins combat system was either loved or hated by fans. 

Fans will, however, be pleased to learn that this, too, is a Bioware title. Furthermore, Players create a character in the same way they would in Dungeons and Dragons, and then embark on an adventure from there. 

They can either gather partners, embark on a quest to save the planet, or simply plunder everyone.

10. Dark Souls 3

Platforms: Xbox One, PC, PS4.

Dark Souls 3 is one of the games like dragon age inquisition. In the third part of the tough series, embrace the darkness. 

Additionally, this game promises more enormous monsters and increased battle intensity. 

It is an adventure that takes patience and effort, which pays off when you eventually vanquish the enemy who has been bothering you for hours. Don’t worry, there will be another, more challenging one soon!

11. Fallout: New Vegas

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows

The majority of Dragon Age players have also played Bethesda games.

While the Fallout series may not have the same level of intimacy with its characters as Dragon Age, it does provide critical options and a unique environment. 

Additionally, there are some magical creatures and post-apocalyptic species like ghouls and super mutants, even if it isn’t in a fantasy environment.

But Fallout: New Vegas strongly emphasizes how decisions have ramifications.

12. Ryse: Son Of Rome:

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox one.

Rise through the ranks of the Roman army as Marius Titus, a Roman soldier seeking vengeance on the bandits who massacred your family in front of your eyes. 

Furthermore, Ryse: Son of Rome, another game with stunning graphics and a gripping plot, has earned a spot on this list. It is also one of the best games like dragon age inquisition.

13. The outer World:

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10

Mass Effect fans may have been disappointed by the game’s most recent installment, Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Enter the realms of the extraterrestrials. It’s not a Bioware game, but it’s a very character-driven one. 

Additionally, Players recruit companions and explore a well-written plot, similar to Dragon Age. However, because it is a space adventure, The Outer Worlds is more akin to Mass Effect. 

In addition, the Outer Worlds is one of the more recent additions to this list. It does, however, cling to the classic format of speech choices, as did Dragon Age: Origins, despite the absence of a main voice actor.

14. Greedfall

Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows

Greedfall is one of the best games like dragon age inquisition in 2021. Spiders’ GreedFall appears to be a budget version of a BioWare game. 

GreedFall impresses in its plot and huge setting, even if its combat isn’t as polished as Dragon Age: Inquisition. 

Furthermore, players must deal with the locals while hunting for medicine for their mother, which is set primarily on a mysterious island. 

In addition to a straightforward fighting system, GreedFall allows players to negotiate their way out of difficulty if they have the necessary expertise.

15. Tyranny:

Platforms: Windows, Linux, and OS X

Tyranny, developed by Obsidian Entertainment, is an underappreciated RPG with a lot of similarities to the Pillars of Eternity titles. 

In addition, Tyranny depicts players as Fatebinders, control tools who work under the thumb of this universe’s tyrant, showcasing the studio’s incomparable skill for complex storytelling. 

Fatebinders make decisions to maintain order as they journey across Terratus, and morality has no place here. 

Furthermore, Tyranny makes the most of its bleak backdrop, giving each of its friends tragic backstories that rarely lead to a happy ending.

Tyranny is a must-play for aficionados of grimdark fantasy, despite being challenging and tedious at times.

16. Dragon’s Dogma

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360.

Dragon’s Dogma is a thrilling new franchise that completely transforms the single-player Action-RPG genre. 

Furthermore, Dragon’s Dogma is set in a massive open-world area and delivers an intense and gratifying action combat game.

With the ability to explore and interact in a rich, living and breathing universe, developed by the team behind some of Capcom’s finest action games

In addition, Classic RPG questing gameplay and classes, unique flexible party combat using trainable AI companions known as Pawns, extreme customization of player characters and party companions. 

PlayStation Network integration that allows Pawn sharing, a dynamic in-game 24-hour day/night cycle, and post-launch content.

Dragon’s Dogma ie also one of the best games like dragon age inquisition.

17. Titan Quest

Platforms: Windows.

It is thought that there was a tremendous fight between the Titans and the Gods at the beginning of time. Humanity was born and stood with the Gods during this multi-century struggle. 

Furthermore, the Gods were triumphant at the end of the fight, and the Titans were banished to the Great Darkness.

Now that the Titans have fled, they have spread their evil over Greece’s ancient world (and beyond). 

Additionally, you  are a hero who has come to save the world by fighting the Titans and restoring peace to the earth.

18. Tales of Xillia

Platfotms: PlayStation 3.

Jude Mathis, a bright medical student in the capital city, and Milla Maxwell, a strange woman accompanied by four unknown beings, star in Tales of Xillia. 

At the start of their journey through the land of Rieze Maxia, where humans and spirits coexist in peace, players will be able to pick between Jude and Milla. 

Furthermore, Rashugal’s kingdom has been experimenting with a powerful source that has resulted in the world’s mana being drained.

Jude and Milla set out on a trip to destroy it and return the mana to the planet after realizing the havoc it is causing.

19. Bound By Flame

Platforms: for PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360

Last on our list of best games like dragon age inquisition. Is bound by flame. Bound by Flame is a heroic fantasy RPG developed by Spiders Studio.

When you’re in the demon’s grip, you have to choose between your humanity and the evil power within you. 

Additionally, if  you choose the latter option, you’ll have to fight demonic influence and gain genuinely heroic abilities. 

You’ll be tempted to give a little more of your soul to the devil who owns you to gain greater power as hazards and foes draw in on you, becoming more frightful and terrifying… 

Furthermore, your physical metamorphosis becomes increasingly visible as the demon gains more of your soul.

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