22 Must Play Games Like Nancy Drew

Games Like Nancy Drew

If you are a lover of Nancy drew, this article on some of the games like Nancy Drew is for you. The legendary Nancy Drew game raised at least one generation of kids.

Children born in the 1990s will undoubtedly remember many thrilling games from this series from when we all owned CDs.

For those unfamiliar, Nancy Drew is a quest game in which you must solve puzzles, collect puzzle pieces, uncover mysteries, and take in the story’s captivating arc.

The main character is Nancy Drew, a young detective who travels the world to assist people in unraveling complex paranormal mysteries.

Beginning with the first game, which had pretty basic graphics and took place in an American school, moved on to the ghost horse’s history on a wild west ranch, and ended with ghosts in a gests house in Japan with high-end animation and graphics.

Without further ado, let’s discuss some of the best games like nancy drew you should try. 

Life Is Strange: Episode 1

Action-Adventure, First-person, Exploration, and Single-player video game Life is Strange: Episode 1 was developed and released by Feral Interactive.

The story centers on photographer Max Caulfield, who learns she can turn back time and uses it to save her best friend, Chloe Price.

There are several missions in this episode. Each mission offers a different set of complex challenges that the player, acting as the protagonist, must complete to advance the plot.

According to the gameplay, the player can control the open-world setting by navigating the world from a third-person perspective.

The environment gives the player complete freedom to move around, engage with NPCs and objects, gather items, and carry out all necessary tasks for advancement.

Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy

Introducing a title from the venerable Nancy Drew series is Her Interactive. Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy is a single-player, adventure, point-and-click video game.

Also, only the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems support playing the game. In the game, the player takes control of sleuth Nancy Drew from the first-person perspective in a made-up world and attempts to unravel a series of mysteries by questioning the suspect, finding hints, and working puzzles.

Furthermore, there are two distinct levels—Master and Amateur—each with a unique set of puzzles, hints, and varying degrees of difficulty.

You can control a detective in Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy’s immersive gameplay, loosely based on the novel The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes. This is one of the best games likes nancy drew. 

L.A. Noire

Team Bondi creates Action-Adventure, Drama, and Third-person Shooter video game L.A. Noire. The protagonist, Cole Phelps, is controlled by the player in this Los Angeles-based video game.

As an investigator, the player is required by the plot to assist the police in solving various challenging cases.

He can carry out several tasks to advance the plot as a police officer by working in all departments and different police sectors.

Moreover, players must use their unique skills to solve cases in various categories and work to advance the plot. In an open-world setting, the player can use melee attacks, many guns, and various kinds of cars and trucks.

Heavy Rain

The action-adventure video game Heavy Rain was created by Quantic Dream and released by Sony Computer Entertainment.

It features interactive drama, exploration, action, and single-player gameplay. The PlayStation platform is the only one where you can play this game with four diverse protagonists.

The story’s main character is a serial killer who hunts down his victims when it rains. The game allows the player to assume his role, and enter the game’s world. Interact with its inhabitants (NPCs) and complete several objectives.

Furthermore, It offers gameplay that is both brisk and action-packed. The choices a player makes during the game will determine how it ends.

There are various scenes, and each one features four characters. Once the main character is killed off during the gameplay, you will alter the story’s conclusion.

Beyond Two Soul

Beyond Two Souls is a video game developed by Quantic Dream and released by Sony Computer Entertainment.

It features action-adventure, role-playing, interactive drama, single-player, and multiplayer modes. The game’s setting is a made-up universe, and Jodie Holmes is the main character in its narrative.

According to the narrative, the protagonist resides on a military base with her foster parents. Since birth, she has had a relationship with an enigmatic being called Aiden.

She can manipulate objects and take control of other people’s minds thanks to a mysterious being.

However, following an incident, the foster parents turned their daughter over to the USA Departments’ Cole Freeman and Nathan Dawkins.


The Syberia plot develops gradually but becomes more unexpected as it goes along. A purchase agreement for a former factory situated in the alpine valleys must be signed by a successful young attorney named Kate Walker. However, this journey will alter her entire life.

Passing every quest that the developers have prepared for you is your objective. By the way, Syberia features stunning 3D graphics that are excellent. The elements—characters, voiceover, and dialogue—are well-developed.

Furthermore, the game’s most outstanding quality is its enduring, authentic charm. Also, it still manages to be charming after all these years.

You’ll assume the role of the main character and work to unravel the mysteries of your past while visiting the strangest and most beautiful places.

Carol Reed Mysteries

The first Carol Reed Mysteries game from MDNA Games was released in 2004; as of 2021, there are currently 16 games in the franchise.

In this classic point-and-click game, players take control of Carol Reed. The episode’s main character, and solve various mysteries in Norrköping, Sweden.

To give the game a level of realism and attention to detail that surpasses Nancy Drew’s, the game’s creator, Mikael, goes to great lengths to take numerous photographs of this real-life location where he just so happens to live.

Throughout the game, the developer has made numerous updates. From minor adjustments to enable better user interfaces to a complete overhaul of the game’s engine for improved compatibility. This is one of the best games like nancy drew.

Dreamfall Chapters The Longest Journey

Action-Adventure, Point-and-Click, Puzzle, Third-person Exploration, and Single-player video game Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey was created by Red Thread Games and distributed by Deep Silver.

Also, it is a follow-up to the first game, Dreamfall Chapters, and it has a lot of fresh puzzles and new places to discover.

The game is set in two parallel universes, including Arcadia, a magical fantasy world, and Stark, a cyberpunk future Earth.

Furthermore, the game puts the player in control of Zoe Castillo, the main character of the series. However, she embarks on an adventure to learn more about the criminal plot that aimed to use dreams stolen from Arcadia to enslave both the Stark and Arcadia.

Also, the player can freely move around the game’s world, explore indoor and outdoor settings, and engage with objects and non-player characters to gather the information that will help him solve puzzles.

Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy

Action-Adventure and single-player video game Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy is created by Quantic Dream.

The overall game introduces the core gameplay and several new features, acting as a remake of the original title. The player controls Lucas Kane, the game’s protagonist, in a fictionalized version of New York City.

However, the player must aid the game’s protagonist to save a group of innocent people from a crazy man who is killing them. Once the murderer learns about you both and begins to stalk through the shadows, you must change the plot.

The Detail

The Detail is an episodic graphic adventure and action video game created by Rival Games Ltd. It begins with a fictional city that is overrun with crime.

You play the role of Reginald “Reggie” Moore, an investigator, in the game. Your main objective is to find Joseph “Joe” Miller, a former member of the CI who has turned to theft again and is in peril. Joseph provides the essential details about the specific robbers and criminals.

Furthermore, the main task is to investigate and look over crime scenes, collect clues and objects, and question them to get the necessary information.

Also, you can arm yourself with tools and weapons before the game begins. A fascinating and enjoyable video game to play is The Detail. This is one of the best games like nancy drew.

Until Dawn

Supermassive Games created the video game Until Dawn, which combines adventure, horror survival, interactive drama, and single-player gameplay.

The story is set in Western Canada and centers on a group of eight teenagers who, in response to the disappearance of twin sisters, decided to spend a night on vacation on the made-up mountain known as Blackwood.

After arriving, the group discovers itself in a strange location where a psychopath is attacking them. Also, to live as long as you can until sunrise is the ultimate goal.

To advance in the game, the player can choose one of eight characters. Also, the player can switch between the game’s eight protagonists at any time, and when the going gets tough, he can make important decisions that impact how the game turns out.


Pendulo Studios created the adventure, point-and-click, and single-player video game Yesterday. The game’s main character is a detective by the name of John Yesterday, who Henry White chooses to investigate the slayings of helpless and innocent people in the fictional city of New York.

Furthermore, the gang that abducted and burned the baggers is the main subject of the narrative. These incidents received little attention from the police and the media, and beggars rob people.

Henry White and his friend Cooper, who is in charge of a charitable organization, are the ones who first try to figure out what’s going on. This is one of the best games like Nancy drew.

The Wolf Among Us

Telltale Games created and released The Wolf Among Us, an interactive drama, third-person exploration, episodic, and single-player video game.

It is a graphic adventure game in which the player can assume the role of Bigby Wolf, the main character, who begins his adventure by looking into a woman’s murder.

Furthermore, the player can freely explore environments during gameplay, including bars and apartment buildings.

The player can discover various items that will aid in his investigation of the mysteries. The items can be kept by the player in his inventory for later use.

I Am Alive

Action-Adventure, Third-person Survival, and Single-player video game I am Alive developed by Darkworks and released by Ubisoft.

The game’s post-apocalyptic setting focuses on overcoming the ongoing insecurity of a dystopian, dangerous, hazardous, and humanity’s darkest tendencies toward materialism.

However, in this game, the player can assume the role of the main character and explore the vast world from a third-person perspective.

The player can use various survival strategies, such as sneaking up on enemies to surprise them and then using the bow to kill them to score points.

Furthermore, the game features thrilling climbing and exploration gameplay where players can explore dangerous areas and scale demolished buildings.

Each effort has a price, and the player must engage in entertaining activities like jumping and climbing to survive.

Tales From The Borderlands

For various platforms, Telltale Games created the single-player, graphic adventure video game Tales from the Borderlands.

The game’s action picks up immediately after the events of Borderlands 2, introducing an intriguing plot that centers on two Hyperion employees named Pandoran and Rhys as they join forces and set out on a grand quest to find and gain access to a vault.

It uses the same episodic structure that the creator employed for games like The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead, where the player’s decisions and actions significantly impact the plot.

Also, the player controls the environment while playing from a third-person perspective, and his primary goal is to finish various missions by achieving several goals to earn points.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Action-Adventure, Graphic Drama, Psychological Horror video game Condemned 2: Bloodshot. The player handles the game’s action and assumes control of the protagonist, an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Ethan Thomas, the protagonist, must complete all tasks by completing missions and objectives. In Metro City, the player can move around the environment, engage in combat with adversaries, and conquer them to prevent world destruction.

Furthermore, there are several challenging missions, each offering a particular task to complete. According to the tale, the FBI learns about Ethan and rehires him to help with Malcolm Vanhorn’s murder cases.

Also, the player’s job is to investigate the scene, find hints, and examine them. And then identify suspects to put the puzzle together. This is one of the best games like nancy drew.

Jurrasic Park: The Game

Telltale Games has released Jurassic Park: The Game, an episodic, graphic adventure, and single-player video game.

The game concentrates on the first and second Jurassic Park elements and lets you control the protagonist, who can freely travel the globe while analyzing various levels.

You can explore the virtual world, solve challenging puzzles, interact with AIs, and gather evidence and objects to unlock the Jurassic World’s mysteries with the aid of Jurassic Park: The Game.

Furthermore, the Game is a fantastic game to enjoy using four main Episodes, incredible circumstances, amazing graphics, a well-created story, and amazingly addictive gameplay.

The Last Of Us

Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment’s The Last of Us is a perfect mashup of Action-Adventure, Survival-Horror, and Single-player video games. The game’s protagonist, Joel, is in a breathtaking setting under the player’s control.

The story claims that a smuggler assigned the player the task of accompanying a teenage girl named Ellie across America.

During gameplay, the player moves around the environment from a third-person perspective and engages enemies with firearms and upgraded weapons.

The player can also defend against infected humans and unusual creatures using the stealth element. This is one of the best games like nancy drew.

Alan Wake

Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake is a third-person shooter, action-adventure, and entertaining drama video game. The game is defined by the made-up town of Bright Falls.

Additionally, the game’s story revolves around the lead character Alan Wake. A novelist by trade who immediately leaves his wife and embarks on a quest to learn the truth about her disappearance.

Furthermore, to fight the Taken, you can use various weapons and skills in the game. The 3D graphics, the open-world setting, and the captivating gameplay and narrative.

You should give it a try; you’ll enjoy everything this game has to offer. There is more than just horror in Alan Wake’s journey. Considering that a dark force is constantly pursuing you, it is also tactical.

Agatha Christie Video Games

Agatha Christie’s writing has always seemed to be the logical progression from Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew-style stories.

In contrast to Hardy Boys, Agatha Christie’s books take the mystery genre in a more gritty direction. It’s not so dark as depressing, but it ups the ante.

In video games, the Agatha Christie IP has changed hands numerous times. Beginning in 2005 and ending in 2007, AWE Productions created the first three games primarily for Windows and the Nintendo Wii.

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders was created by DreamCatcher in 2009 for the Nintendo DS. In 2016, Artefacts Studio created a game with the same name for all platforms except Nintendo (which saw a release in 2020), even featuring a release on the Play store. This is one of the best games like nancy drew


Michael Mateas created the interactive drama and single-player simulation Façade. The game features an intriguing plot and is set in a fictional setting.

Also, the protagonist, who is a friend of Grace and Trip, is portrayed by the player. Recently, the couple in question invited the protagonist to their imagined New York apartment for cocktails.

The player can speak to the couple to learn the secrets during the game and interact with NPCs, objects, and the world.

Furthermore, the main objective is to explore the apartment, overcome obstacles, carry out various quests, and gain experience points.

The first-person perspective is used throughout the game, and numerous dialogue options exist. To advance in the game, the player can walk behind the couple.


An action-adventure, third-person shooter, single-player, and multiplayer video game, Stranglehold was created and released by Midway Games.

In this video game, the player can assume the role of Tequila Yuan. The main character, embarks on an adventure to save the world from destruction. The player controls a police officer in a scene that takes place in the made-up city of Hong Kong.

Moreover, to compete against enemies and their bosses to earn points and restore peace. The player is said to move around the world from a third-person perspective. 

Furthermore, the player must explore every game area to gather information and clues to solve a series of cases. A series of missions make up the game’s gameplay, and each offers more challenging gameplay than the last.

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