21 Best GeoGuessr Alternatives

GeoGuessr Alternatives

This article will list the best free GeoGuessr alternatives you can play on your computer and mobile.

They all assess your geographic knowledge, just like GeoGuessr, but they are also either completely free or at least provide a free version with a limited feature set.

Alternatives to GeoGuessr will assist you in learning about nations based on their environments. Even though it is enjoyable, it allows you to keep up with new information.

Contrarily, GeoGuesser is a game that has gained popularity recently. If you sign up for this game, you can take yourself anywhere in the world, so try to figure out where you are now.

Even though it resembles geography quizzes, studying doesn’t feel like it is being done. This game was a freebie back then.

You must pay for subscriptions as the name becomes more well-known over time.

You can look at the list below if you’re looking for something with better features and more affordable pricing.

Here are some of the best GeoGuessr alternatives you can try out.

1. Get Lost

Geographic exploration game Get Lost. You will be randomly placed on a street-side map from various locations worldwide in the game.

However, you can quickly change the region where you’d like to compete. There will be five more rounds, each of which is held in a different city.

You will have to guess where you are on the world map; the game will evaluate your accuracy based on how close you are to the location and total your score, reaching a maximum of 5000 points. Test your geographic acumen and begin playing right away.

2. Goetastic

A browser-based geography test called Geotastic is available for free use. Geotastic can be started by an individual, a group of friends, or an online opponent.

Three game modes are available on Geotastic: Pinpoint, Landmark, and Country Streak. You will use the streetside map to try and guess the location in Pinpoint, the standard guessing mode. The accuracy of your guess will determine how many points you receive.

The renowned Landmark, which spans 314 nations, is focused on a well-known setting or building, such as the pyramids.

You can adjust the number of rounds, the time limit, and the level of difficulty to your liking, or you can try other players’ challenges with competitive settings. This is one of the best GeoGuessr alternatives.

3. City Guesser

City Guesser is an additional option and is another browser game based on geography. Begin by choosing the region of the nations or cities you wish to guess.

You can choose from anywhere in the world or just specific continents, like Europe. Instead of trying to guess the entire nation, City Guesser enables you to focus more on specific cities.

Different maps must show the exact location for various categories, such as fast food, busy areas, flags that can be seen, or a city like Tokyo!

While you can explore the world on your own, a multiplayer mode will make it more enjoyable to do so with friends. For double the fun, make a private server and invite them.

4. PlayGeogaphy

PlayGeography, as its name suggests, is another geography-based game similar to GeoGuessr. It comes from TeachMe, an educational game and app developer that caters to families.

It’s a fantastic game for learning more about geography worldwide, but unlike GeoGuessr, it doesn’t offer 3D maps or videos like City Guesser does.

You receive 2D maps in their place, on which you must guess the city, state, country, flags, etc. The game is more of a “map quiz” and very engaging. However, PlayGeography is free, and there are no limitations on how frequently you can use it daily.

Furthermore, Five different game modes are available in PlayGeography, including country, location, flags, capitals, and states/provinces.

For every game, there are various difficulty levels and levels. Each game has a timer; the quicker you respond, the more points you receive.

If your goal is to learn more about the world while having fun, PlayGeography is an excellent substitute for GeoGuessr.

You don’t have to log in or create an account to use it; it has more questions than GeoGuessr. Overall, we think it’s a great way to spend time with family and friends because it’s enjoyable and healthy.

5. Seterra

For users of rare languages in 2022, Seterra is among the best free GeoGuessr substitutes. It has enjoyable tests that can help you become more familiar with nations, capitals, flags, rivers, lakes, and notable geological features.

Nine distinct game modes will test you in various ways. Additionally, Seterra Online has a “voice” feature that teaches you how to pronounce the names of nations, cities, and other locations.

Also, the game offers more than 400 maps in more than 40 languages, which is relatively uncommon. Furthermore, Seterra offers mobile apps for iOS and Android and a web version for computers.

You can choose only the places you are interested in every map quiz. Also, the US, North and Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the World are among the regions that are accessible. Players can also distribute personalized tests to their friends, relatives, or students.

One of the top trivia and quiz sites for geography, Seterra also has an “Anatomy and Science” quiz that allows you to learn more about the human body. This is one of the best GeoGuessr alternatives.

6. Hide And Seek World

A fun geography trivia game with a strong focus on multiplayer, Hide & Seek World has a great concept.

There are a few turns in it, and during each turn, one hider chooses a location somewhere in the world, and during each turn, one to five seekers attempt to guess the location using Google Street View images.

Your objective as a hider is to choose a challenging location because the more accurately the seekers guess your location, the fewer points you receive. You score more as a seeker if your guesses are more accurate.

Furthermore, based on the well-known kids’ game, Hide & Seek World gives players access to a digital playground instead of the real world.

In light of this, the world as a whole has become your playground as opposed to just your backyard, closets, and attic.

Also, you can see each player’s guess and how close or far they were to the hiding place after each round. Street View and Satellite are the game’s two available game modes.

While in Satellite mode, your hiding spot is a randomly zoomed-in area, in Street View mode, you can choose a specific street view location.

7. Ducksters

A website called Ducksters typically offers various quizzes for various other topics. History, biography, and math. But it’s still a great substitute and entertaining website to play geography games!

As you play the game, Ducksters will cover a variety of global regions to increase your geographic knowledge.

However, you’ll be asked to locate a specific country in the game, and by clicking on the provided map, you’ll try to guess where it is.

Before moving on to other geography-related puzzles, like Crosswords and Word Searches, pick a continent and test your knowledge.

8. World Geography Games

Can you identify the locations of various nations on a map? Do you know the location of Luxembourg? Malaysia, how about it?

The World Geography Games website can assist with all those kinds of questions! It’s a fun game that will help you become more familiar with the countries on the world map.

Furthermore, there are quizzes on the website that cover not only countries but also their capitals and flags! Many different terrain and scenery include deserts, mountains, volcanoes, rivers, islands, seas, and lakes. When the game begins, it will display the number of attempts I have made.

9. Zoomtastic

Geogusser is yet another alternative game. Zoomtastic aims to teach geography and introduce you to nations you’ve probably never heard of before!

Zoomtastic adds interest by providing a random fact about the nation with each correct response. Also, you will have 30 seconds for each question to be answered.

A map will appear when the game starts and gradually zoom out. Also, it gets more intense as it zooms out because you will have less time and more information about that location, but it also gives you more clues.

For that question, there will be four options presented to you. Also, if you perform flawlessly, you will have the opportunity to appear on the leaderboard panel.

10. GuessWhere Challenge

An engaging geo-challenge game for Android devices is called GuessWhere Challenge. The game will teleport you to a random location on the planet as soon as you launch it.

You’ll see a panorama and need to make a map and guess where it is. You will receive more points for an accurate guess.

The goal of each session is to finish at the top of the leaderboard and unlock all achievements. Each session consists of five rounds played in five different locations.

Furthermore, One of the top GeoGuessr alternatives for Android is GuessWhere Challenge. Users can use it to test their geographic knowledge, virtually visit new places, and complete various geo-challenges.

Numerous location options, including cities, regions, etc., are available in different game modes. Finding well-known structures, landmarks, and distant locations on a map can be difficult.

Finally, a multiplayer mode enables you to compete against friends or random players. This mobile game is a must-try for those looking for a free game that is one of the best GeoGuessr alternatives.

11. Mapcrunch

Start your world exploration using Google Street View, then let Mapcrunch take you to random locations all over the planet. Enjoy the various images that Google has captured in numerous nations.

As Mapcrunch continuously adds the best photos taken by users worldwide, let the breathtaking scenery enthrall you!

You can view many stunning Street Views on your screen with just one mouse click. From the available panel or the map, you select the nations.

12. Random Streetview

Are you an avid traveler? Why not try traveling by using the website Random Street view? You are taken to a random location once you access the website. After that, you can navigate to the place you want to go.

It has a sizable database of geographical images from all over the world. Furthermore, you can explore the area by visiting your preferred tourist location. When you visit, you will be better prepared thanks to this.

Budget restrictions shouldn’t prevent you from traveling. Additionally, you can bookmark arbitrary views and post them on your social media channels.

13. Duckster

It is a geography-based trivia and quiz game that covers many areas of the globe, such as all the continents, all the capital cities, all the national flags, etc.

All 50 US states are covered, including state flags, capitals, and maps. This website also offers word searches, crossword puzzles, and mapping games.

The puzzles are available for active online play and a printable version that you can use in classrooms or at kid’s events.

14. Where Am I

Another location-guessing game I thought was interesting is Where Am I. In this relatively simple game, you are placed in a random location anywhere in the world.

You only have a Google Streetview image, which you can manipulate to determine where you are. You can click on the area you think the panoramic image is from on the world map in the inset by hovering over it to make it larger.

Also, the app will immediately let you know how close your guess was to the picture’s location. This is one of the best GeoGuessr alternatives.

15. LizardPoint

Lizardpoint’s geography tests are a fantastic GeoGuessr substitute that you ought to give a shot. You can test your knowledge of Earth’s nations, continents, and geographical features by taking one of the website’s many geography-related quizzes.

Some of the most well-liked quizzes are recommended on the home page for you to try. At the moment, it suggests European nations. There are other tests, though, one of which is about the US states (which can give you some FRIENDS feels).

You can use the convenient study mode to, well, study. This mode provides additional information on various nations and US states that can be useful for your coursework.

16. Instant Streetview

You will enjoy using Instant Street View’s user-friendly interface, which is one of the best. Enter a specific location and conduct a map search to find it. The auto-complete feature is one of its best attributes.

Just begin typing the address, and the Instant Street View platform will finish it for you. In that way, you can find new places. The platform accurately anticipates what you will search for and immediately provides the result.

Moreover, ensuring you can travel the world in minutes is ultra-first. The locations can also be bookmarked or shared with others on social media.

17. MapStreetView

Another excellent GeoGuessr alternative is map street view. You can look up different areas and nearby alternatives you might want to visit. It stands out among the top Geoguessr alternatives because of this.

Additionally, you can travel the globe from the comfort of your home to experience some tourist attractions. MapStreetView will direct you even if you are unsure what locations to visit in the area. Additionally, the map view provides directions for getting to a specific place.

18. StreetViewFun

Comparing Streetviewfun to other map websites, it differs slightly. Its user interface is very similar to a blog’s. You only need to click on a specific option, look at the image, and determine where the precise location is to use it.

Your interest will be piqued by the images that are interesting and entertaining. You can view impressive images that Google Maps has published through the platform.

Some pictures are so amusing to look at that you won’t be able to stop laughing. Various categories and a section called “the top 100” feature some of the best-rated and most popular pictures.

Even the freedom to upload images to the platform is yours. But nobody should feel threatened by it. Visit it to enjoy some entertainment. This is one of the best GeoGuessr alternatives.

19. Earth Scout

You can also use Earth Scout to look up roads, parks, and other locations. The specific area is then visible in street view.

You can quickly locate different locations, and it is available in over 38 countries. You can look for popular blogs, communities, and informational websites on the platform. When you need precise location views, use Earth Scout.

20. ShowmyStreet

One of the simplest websites to use to locate specific areas is ShowMyStreet. To navigate the various regions, you need a starting point. You can search for a particular location or navigate the map to use the platform.

Use the map’s pointer to navigate to various locations. You shouldn’t skip using this easy-to-use website if you enjoy discovering new places.

Furthermore, Street Views and satellite images are immediately visible on the screen. Your favorite places can be shared and saved for later viewing.

21. Google Street View

One of the most used Geoguessr alternatives ever is this. You can virtually travel the globe with a click—one of the most widely used street viewing services worldwide. Most street-view websites also use Google Street View as a data source.

As a result, it is a reliable website. You can also see famous landmarks, breathtaking natural features, parks, museums, transportation hubs, and much more. Get there in the comfort of your own home.

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