How Many Profiles Can You Have on Peacock?

How Many Profiles Can You Have on Peacock

Peacock has steadily grown in popularity as an entertainment streaming service. If you use it, you can now create personal profiles to separate your browsing data.

This user-profiles option is available in Peacock’s numerous apps to assist you in keeping your members sorted.

You don’t have to share your viewing history with other users any longer. But, how many profiles can you have on Peacock? Keep reading to know.

Peacock’s user Profiles and How they Work

Peacock’s user profiles can be compared to those created on other streaming platforms like Amazon prime and Netflix.

A user profile’s goal is to provide customized configurations and choices for numerous account users.

If you share your Peacock account with others, each of you can have your user account. What you watch in each profile stays in that profile.

Your search history isn’t shared with other Peacock accounts’ profiles.

This is a very handy tool because it allows you to create separate profiles for each member of your family.

Also, you can keep track of their unique browsing history and content recommendations. Their options will not conflict with yours.

Coming back to the question, how many profiles can you have on Peacock? Learn everything you need to know about doing multiple streaming in this article.

How to create a Peacock user profile?

Only the most recent version of the Peacock app for your gadgets has the user profiles function.

As a result, check sure you’re using the most recent version of the app before attempting to create a profile. If not, go to your application store and upgrade the app.

The updated software will then prompt you to establish an identity when you activate it. After you’ve gone over all of the options on your display, your profile will be established.

You can also create profiles for children. It will be available on the regular profile creation page.

How many Profiles can you have on Peacock?

You can have up to 6 profiles on your Peacock account. This answers the question of how many profiles can you have on Peacock?

Moving on, it can be a mix of kids and ordinary profiles. But you cannot create a kids profile for the main profile.

Also, you won’t be able to watch anything if you attempt to watch at the same time as 3 other people on your account.

In other words, you can only have a certain number of streams open at any given moment. This goes for both free and paid accounts.

Peacock only allows for 3 distinct streams. While this may not seem like much, there is no limit to the number of devices you can register to the account.

So if you’re sharing an account with more than 3 people, you’ll just have to arrange your routines.

Bottom Line

User profiles are a common feature in streaming services. It’s excellent that Peacock has finally implemented it for its subscribers. You can now be assured that other members in your account aren’t interfering with your customized Peacock content, thanks to these profiles.

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