What Is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon is a household name today, and they offer a variety of services that people of all ages find relevant.

Amongst the many amazon services is Amazon prime, which is a subscription-based service that gives members access to a wide range of Amazon perks.

Some of the benefits you enjoy when you subscribe to Amazon prime include exclusive access to Amazon prime video, Amazon black Friday deals, free 2-day shipping on all Amazon purchases, and a range of other Amazon-specific benefits.

The Amazon Prime membership costs only $119 a year and Amazon is believed to have at least 100 million members.

For many users, the Amazon Prime service is a complete no-brainer especially for the free shipping offer, mainly because black Friday 2019 is fast approaching.

However, you may be surprised to know that there is so much more to Amazon prime service than streaming services and free shipping.

One of the services you enjoy under Amazon prime is Amazon prime video, and that is what we will be focused on in this article.

What is the Amazon prime video?

The Amazon prime video is the video-streaming component of the Amazon Prime service. Just like Hulu and Netflix, Amazon Prime offers unlimited streaming of videos as a service to its millions of customers.

On Amazon prime video, you can watch whatever movies or TV shows you want. However, unlike Hulu and Netflix, which are two of Amazon Prime video’s major competitor, Amazon Prime video also do a la carte rentals as well as the purchase of its content.

If you also want to subscribe to only Prime videos, you can do so for $8.99 per month.

You can’t get bored with Amazon prime video as they have several original series, which include hits such as Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, and also The Man in The High Castle.

If users want to stream Old HBO shows like Eastbound and Down, Sopranos, and the very first season of Veep. New shows are added continuously to the services, just like Netflix does.

When you are on a prime membership, you are also given access to ala carte Amazon Channels subscriptions, which allows you to choose and pick the networks you prefer and avoid paying for things you do not watch.

Your subscription includes Starz, Showtime, PSS, Magnolia Selects, Masterpiece, Britbox, HBO, and Acron TV.

Can I use Amazon’s streaming video services without subscribing to Amazon Prime?

Yes, you may stream the videos you want without subscribing to Amazon Prime. However, you have to purchase or rent each specific content you would like to watch.

The price of the featured content usually varies from as low as $2 an individual TV episode to as much as $30 or higher for a full season if you would like to subscribe to Amazon prime video every month for only $8.99.

Will I get access to all of the videos available for streaming with an Amazon Prime subscription?

The answer is NO. Amazon Prime only offers specific content for unlimited streaming. For recently broadcast episodes of TV shows, and brand-new movies, for instance, you will be needed to pay for each content.

Unlimited streaming shows on Amazon are marked with an original graphic just across the upside of the box art; every other content is pay-as-you-go content.

On what devices can I watch amazon prime video?

You can watch Amazon prime instant video on Mac, PCs, and Linux computers. You can also enjoy them on different game consoles. Android users are not so lucky, as only iOS users can download the Amazon prime mobile application.

The only Android devices that allow you to watch the Amazon prime content are Fire TV devices and Kindle Fire tablets.

The information here is the best you can find on Amazon prime video, and we hope that you find them helpful. Please leave a comment below.

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