19 Best Interactive Movies on Netflix

Interactive Movies on Netflix

What are some of the interactive movies on Netflix? In 2017, Netflix took the first move toward adding genuine games to its roster of products when it began experimenting with interactive specials. This was the first step toward introducing VR games.

The first few interactive games released by the streaming service were geared at children, but with the advent of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch in 2018 and You vs. Wild in 2019, the company’s goals began to become more ambitious.

Despite the fact that interactive programs, which are basically tales similar to “Choose Your Own Adventure,” are among the unique products on Netflix, it seems like the streaming service is moving away from them.

Or, at the very least, it intends to move away from the narrative-driven and intellectual property-focused specialties with which it began and instead place its emphasis on skill-testing games such as Cat Burglar and Trivia Quest.

1. Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode is one of the famous interactive movies on Netflix. So far, Netflix’s choose-your-own-adventure offerings have all seemed more like interactive videos than games, but Minecraft: Story Mode is an exception.

Given that it was created in collaboration with Netflix and Telltale Games and was inspired by a game, this may not come as much of a surprise.

Consequently, does that make it better by definition? On the contrary, it makes you feel like you’re part of the plot and adds an element of interactivity. You’re not simply directing characters toward a decision; you’re really in the Minecraft world.

The Story Mode audience Is put in the role of game designer from the beginning since they are presented with two protagonists from whom to choose.

The options are plenty, and although not all of them significantly split the story in two, they let players tailor their experience. For example, you can make your character either a lovely guy or a jerk when it comes to competitors.

2. Escape the Undertaker

In Netflix’s crossover initiative with World Wrestling Entertainment, not only are there several possible outcomes, but viewer decisions also influence those outcomes. Given this, Escape the Undertaker stands out as one of Netflix’s most feature-rich interactives yet.

A key feature is that the player’s actions do not result in a game over screen; rather, they provide other perspectives on the story’s development.

As a result, finding new things is more important than making the “right” decisions in Escape the Undertaker.

The story follows three wrestlers as they go to Mark William Calaway’s (The Undertaker) creepy house in an attempt to steal the potent Urn. (It is this item that, according to WWE canon, grants him his abilities.) Users are given the option early on to follow any of three wrestlers, each with their unique perspective on Undertaker’s house and the mysterious relics he keeps there.

3. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Follow a young game designer determined to create an interactive game in this stand-alone episode of Black Mirror, which won an Emmy.

Meta, right? Bandersnatch’s gloomy, paranoia- and drug-fueled interrogation of the fourth wall comments more on the illusion of free choice than the medium itself, in contrast to Puss in Books’ positive approach.

But then again, Black Mirror wouldn’t provide anything less than the unexpected. While most of Bandersnatch’s options are minor, a few major ones might cause a dramatic plot twist.

Uniquely for a Netflix interactive experience, there are numerous meaningful ways the story might conclude.

There is no happy conclusion to Bandersnatch; in fact, all possible outcomes are bad for the main character.

On the other hand, it’s a little more complicated than the average special. If you are looking for the best interactive movies on Netflix, then Black Mirror is a great option for you.

4. Cat Burglar

Cat Burglar, a quiz game and also one of the best interactive movies on Netflix, is surprisingly entertaining. This is because so many possible plot twists and turns exist.

The player assumes the role of a cat attempting to steal precious artwork from a museum while evading the attention of a guard dog.

There are several possible outcomes for each of the six sections (entering the museum, distracting the guard, seeing the prehistoric display, viewing the ancient show, viewing the medieval exhibit, and stealing the artwork).

Some potential methods of breaking into the museum include tunneling under the fence or vaulting over the gate.

A player’s success in each section seems determined by their ability to rapidly and correctly answer a series of ridiculous trivia questions.

5. Puss in the Boots

Toys the adventurous feline hero of the Puss in Boots animated Netflix series (a spinoff of the Shrek movie franchise) inside a magical book where a mischievous narrator aims to keep him stuck so he may play out the events of many fairy tales in Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale.

Viewers are given the option of selecting from various scenarios (such as a Sinbad-Esque pirate tale or a Snow White pastiche) and then the ability to direct minor events as they unfold.

Overall, there are several possible conclusions in Puss in Books. You can choose which fairy tales to act out, and there are many ways to “break the rules.”

6. You vs. Wild

The first Bear Grylls interactive program was dull, but it still went on to become one of the most popular interactive movies on Netflix.

Each episode places Grylls in a new setting, and his exploits unfold like an episode of his program Man vs. Wild; only the player has some say in the choices Grylls makes to ensure his survival.

The problem is that almost all of your options lead directly to failure or direct you away from the “right” route.

As a result, the series isn’t that engaging, and it mostly functions as a pop quiz to see how well viewers know Grylls’ particular survival preferences.

7. Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile

The idea of Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile is rather basic. In the Buddy Thunderstruck stop-motion series, when stunt dog Buddy and his friend Darnell have to choose between many exciting options, they go through a bag of “maybe” ideas and settle on two.

The viewers get to decide which one they want to try. In this case, there is no overall storyline. Instead, the player may either down three espresso drinks or construct a pizza with every imaginable topping.

Buddy Thunderstruck is also one of the popular interactive movies on Netflix right now.

8. Battle Kitty

This is an odd example in which the presentation is well-made and entertaining, but your actions have no bearing on the final result.

In Battle Kitty, one of the interactive movies on Netflix, an intelligent and self-motivated cat strives to become the deadliest fighter on the island of Battle.

Along the way, he and his closest buddy Orc, a fashion designer, encounter other warriors and have to combat monsters.

In this Netflix interactive, the options are not shown in a separate menu. Instead, you’ll find a map with playback controls in each of the eight one-hour episodes.

It doesn’t matter what sequence you watch the parts in, but you need to watch all the lengthier ones to get the keys you need to complete the episode.

9. Kimmy vs. The Reverend

After the events of the final season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Daniel Radcliffe’s Prince Charming proposes to Kimmy in an interactive special.

But after finding a mystery book in her bag, she sets out to rescue the other women she believes the reverend who abducted her and confined her in a secret underground bunker for much of her life has hidden away someplace.

Among the interactive specials, Kimmy vs. The Reverend includes hilarious sequences and gags building up to the decision choices.

Rather than just listing the available alternatives or gazing expectantly at the audience, the actors engage in witty banter about the one they think the audience will choose.

10. Captain Underpants: Epic Choice-o-Rama

George Beard and Harold Hutchins, two elementary school cartoonists, star in Epic Choice-o-Rama, in which they attempt to prevent Principal Krupp from demolishing their cherished treehouse.

For this, they’ll have to talk to their next-door neighbor, who could well be a former Hollywood action hero.

There aren’t many significant options in the Captain Underpants special. In the beginning, when you have to make what appears like the first major decision, you’re presented with three possibilities, of which two are merely playouts of hypothetical events that you’ll have to choose from.

In many cases, there is an obvious correct answer, and picking the incorrect one leads you directly to the correct one.

For example, when Harold and George dispute about which movie to watch, most options are only there to play a new clip.

11. The Last Kids on Earth: Happy Apocalypse to You

The Last Kids on Earth: Happy Apocalypse to You is another interactive adventure based on a Netflix animation, this time following the survivors of the end of the world. Jack, the brave leader of the title’s last kids on earth, wants to throw a party for his crush June.

As a result of this, the four heroes go across the monster-filled wasteland where they reside in search of party components, including cake, balloons, and a nacho-cheese fountain.

Happy Apocalypse to You has several branching paths, but in the end, you’re still looking at Instant Failure or Success.

There are some minor effects of player decisions on the game’s final state, but they don’t alter the tale or its resolution in any significant way.

If you are looking for interactive movies on Netflix with a lot of adventure, The Last Kids on Earth is definitely a great choice.

12. Spirit Riding Free: Ride Along Adventure

Ride Along Adventure is an animated series and also one of the famous interactive movies on Netflix that follows a gang of courageous youngsters traveling across the country on horseback.

The series is based on Spirit Riding Free, inspired by the 2002 DreamWorks film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

Even though the setting of this program is the Wild West, you wouldn’t know it from the characters’ thoroughly contemporary fashion and demeanor.

Three of the four-horse girls plan to spend the day distracting the fourth’s horse while she throws a surprise celebration for her mount.

However, the girls’ ride quickly becomes perilous when their horse is abducted. In the end, Spirit Riding Free: Ride Along shares some problems with these lesser-rated specials.

13. Animals on the Loose: A You vs. Wild Movie

To give credit where credit is due, Bear Grylls’s second interactive Adventure is much more enjoyable than the first. Loosely speaking, Bear is tasked with fixing an electrical fence at a wildlife preserve after it inexplicably shut down and rounding up some escaping animals.

There are several quests for him to go on, and the outcomes depend on the sequence in which you choose them.

There’s a fork in the road just here! A few paths go directly to the game’s conclusion, although they only affect the current quest.

There’s more fun to be had with the options available than in the original You vs. Wild. This is one of the thrilling interactive movies on Netflix that will keep you entertained.

14. Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not to Steal

Indeed, the Carmen Sandiego interactive adventure isn’t the only game of its kind, but it’s one of the few that fans can easily access.

Throughout the game, Carmen must commit a series of heists to alleviate the criminal organization VILE, who abducted Carmen’s companions Ivy and Zack.

The animated series has some beautiful sequences, and the interactive Adventure is one of the most visually appealing on Netflix. However, it starts by abruptly directing viewers in a single direction.

The audience is given the option of helping Zack and Ivy or stealing from VILE. If the former occurs, the game is over immediately.

15. Ranveer vs. Wild With Bear Grylls

Ranveer Singh, a major celebrity in India, teams up with Bear Grylls for this one-hour program, which is ranked among the many interactive movies on Netflix.

Singh is on a mission to get a unique and rare flower from the wilds of Serbia for his wife as a glorious display of his love. Grylls’ survival expertise is essential to his obtaining it.

The first two major decisions upend the special’s whole trajectory, and some early ones also affect the ending in significant ways.

Whether you opt to rappel down the cliff or zipline over it, there may not be as many significant decisions to make in Ranveer vs. Wild compared to the finest of the Bear Grylls episodes.

16. You vs. Wild: Out Cold

This time, Bear Grylls’s team of thinkers nailed the brief. You vs. Wild is an interactive series that has dramatically improved with each installment; the third game is a true survival adventure where the player’s decisions have natural, canonical consequences.

After an aircraft accident, the protagonist of one of the best interactive movies on Netflix, played by Bear Grylls, comes to and has no memory of who he is or how he came to be there. It’s unclear what he’s meant to achieve, but he wants the audience’s help at every stage.

The first set of options (whether to find sustenance, safety, or rest) does fall into the familiar pattern of “if you select the incorrect decision, the tale instantly segues into the right one” (or “endgame”). However, as Grylls gathers the essentials for survival, he must go on a rescue expedition.

17. Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout

When their high-tech billionaire mentor betrays them and frames them for crimes, Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout chronicles the plight of three high school kids equipped with superhero suits.

The Flex Fighters have been called upon to defend the city from a breakout of villains and to bring down the actual evil behind it.

Viewers unfamiliar with the program will start at a disadvantage, but the tale will become clearer after just a few minutes of playing.

The Breakout works a lot like the Carmen Sandiego game in that it will redirect you to the right path if you choose the incorrect one.

However, unlike the Carmen Sandiego or Kimmy Schmidt episode, fewer of these poor decisions lead to certain doom. The Breakout, one of the best interactive movies on Netflix, is a great choice for kids to watch.

18. Johnny Test’s Ultimate Meatloaf Quest

When I played the Johnny Test game, I saw five possible endings before the game repeated itself. That’s especially noteworthy when you consider that many games that came before this one just provided other routes to endings that were otherwise quite similar.

Based on the hit Cartoon Network series Johnny Test, in which an overly active little boy called Johnny serves as a guinea pig for his brilliant older sisters’ scientific endeavors, comes Johnny Test’s Ultimate Meatloaf Quest.

In one of the Interactive movies on Netflix, Johnny Test’s Ultimate Meatloaf Quest, players assume the role of Johnny as he travels across other universes in search of a perfect meatloaf, saving himself and his brilliant sisters from having to eat their dad’s mediocre version every night.

19. Boss Baby: Get That Baby!

Nobody expected the Boss Baby interactive special to be a top 5 hit. But there is something that can be learned from Boss Baby: Get That Baby, one of the famous interactive movies on Netflix, that might benefit all these shows.

The presentation alone makes certain early endgames worthwhile, not because the special has more branching routes than some of the others.

Boss Baby is an interactive special where players may choose which division of Baby Corp best suits their skills and interests.

This implies that progress toward the endgame may be felt even in its early stages. You play as the elder brother of the Boss Baby, and your job is to help him and the Boss Baby stops three bad guys who are also looking for vengeance.

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