15 Best Magic Movies on Amazon Prime

Magic Movies on Amazon Prime

Did you know you can watch some magic movies on Amazon Prime? First of all, Magic is the rarest and purest thing in the world, and it’s also the most baffling, though part of its allure is its mystery.

No wonder magicians have been a source of fascination since ancient times, with people watching in awe as they performed their incredible illusions.

This post won’t go over what’s new at Prime and what’s happened, but instead, it covers some of the hottest magic movies on amazon prime and whether or not they’re worth watching.

Here are 15 magic movies on Amazon Prime you can watch.

1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)

Taking no. 1 spot on our list of magic movies on Amazon Prime, A spin-off and prequel to the Harry Potter series, revolves around Newt Scamander, a British wizard, and magizoologist who embarks on an adventurous hunt to search for magical creatures who escaped from his suitcase.

JK Rowling’s fantasy movie features Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterson, Dan Fogler, Carmen Ejogo, Ezra Miller, and Colin Farrell.

2. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

YouTube If there’s one filmmaker who has mastered the theme of fairy tales and myths and explored it entirely to his advantage, it is director Guillermo del Toro.

Pan’s Labyrinth is a fantasy movie featuring Ivana Baquero, Sergi Lopez, Maribel Verdu, Doug Jones, and Ariadna Gil.

Set in 1944 in Spain, the story revolves around a girl named Ofelia, who comes across a mythical world where she meets some strange magical creatures while living with her mother and step-father during the Spanish Civil War.

3. Highlander (1986)

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! If you’ve ever heard that phrase, this is where it comes from: an ’80s British action-fantasy movie about a bunch of immortal warriors waging battle across time, culminating in the magical Gathering during which the last man standing claims a mystical Prize, and which just so happens to be occurring in the middle of NYC! Where else! To enjoy this magic movie than on Amazon Prime.

4. Beowulf (1999)

An action-movie-flavored adaptation of the ancient story of the world’s most famous Geat using motion-capture technology to make Ray Winstone look like Chris Hemsworth and give Angelina Jolie a pointy devil tale must be seen to be believed.

It’s not great, but it is absolutely great-looking, a visually arresting, deeply shadowed, rain-drenched fantasy movie that’ll make you want to revel with your boys at the nearest mead hall.

5. Knights of Badassdom (2013)

In a bold but unintentional attempt to please their recently abandoned friend and former Dungeons and Dragons legend, Joe, two passionate Live Action Role Players – Eric, Grand Sorcerer in Build, and Hung, Master Rogue ancient.

Drag their frustrated friend to a massive LARP campaign in the middle of the forest. Soon, though, things will get out of hand, as the dark-skinned phrase from the pages of the seemingly innocent spellbook indirectly calls a demon destined to destroy.

Now, try to stop the killer with a few foam sticks and a handful of plastic swords.

6. Wish Upon a Star (1996)

Attractive and thoughtful high school jock Kyle Harding is the Wheaton sisters’ only crush. Airhead’s tall, stylish and popular older sister Alexia is dating him, but she can’t appreciate it, let alone consider a serious relationship.

Her nerdy little sister, Hayley, hates waste and envies her by thoughtlessly wishing that a shooting star was Alexia. To her astonishment, this happened the following day.

Forced to live each other’s lives but unable to do well by each other’s standards, they soon hate each other even more and screw it up on purpose. As they realize that they would both lose, they learn to value each other’s values ​​and reconsider their own.

Furthermore, They know that they would both only lose. So they learn to appreciate each other’s values ​​and review their own and sort out the affairs of a completely confused Kyle and new neighbor Simon, whose no more extended secret crush on Hayley is baffling. 

7. The Prestige (2006)

One of the best magic movies on Amazon Prime, The Prestige-In late 19th century London, Robert Angier, his loving wife Julia McCullough, and Alfred Borden are friends and assistants to a magician.

When Julia accidentally passes during a performance, Robert blames Alfred for her death, becoming enemies.

Additionally, Both become famous magicians and rivals who sabotage each other’s performances on stage. Robert obsessively unravels the competitor’s secret with tragic consequences when Alfred pulls off a successful trick.

8. The Sorcerer and the White Snake (2011)

Director Ching Siu-Tung directs this fictional film based on an ancient Chinese legend about a 1,000-year-old White Snake doctor who disguises himself as a woman. Jet Li plays the stars as a witch who discovers and fights to save a man’s soul.

9. Rise of the Guardians (2012)

Taking the ninth spot on our list of magic movies on Amazon Prime, Rise of the Guardians depicts Jack Frost, who wakes up in an icy lake with amnesia, and he disappears when he sees that no one can see or hear him.

As a Little Winter Spirit, Jack enjoys bringing snow days to school children three hundred years later but is upset that they don’t believe him.

At the North Pole, Man in the Moon warns Nicholas St. North that Pitch Black intimidates the world’s children with his nightmares. He calls E. Aster Bunnymund, Sandy, and Tooth to meet.

Furthermore, They were then told that Jack Frost had been appointed as the new caretaker. Jack visits the dental world. Each child’s Tooth contains memories of lost children, including Jack’s teeth.

However, Pitch raises the Tooth Home, captures every Tooth under him except Baby Tooth, and steals all the teeth, thus preventing Tooth from sharing Jack’s memories and undermining the children’s belief in Tooth. To thwart Pitch’s plan, the team collects children’s teeth.

10. Pinocchio (2019)

Next on our list of magic movies on Amazon Prime is Pinocchio. Roberto Benigni seems very attached to the story of Pinocchio. Nearly two decades ago, Benigni played the puppet live and directed his adaptation of Pinocchio.

For this most recent film, Benigni plays Pinocchio’s father/creator, Geppetto, and Federico Ielapi takes on the role of Pinocchio. This film is closer to Carlo Collodi’s original story than the famous Disney adaptation.

Poor Pinocchio wants to be a real boy, but he succumbs to temptation far more often than he does to stay on the right track. And when Pinocchio lies, we all know what happens to his nose.

11. The Man Who Fell to the Earth (1976)

Looking back, it is entirely believed that David Bowie came from another country. In his first starring role in the feature magic movies on Amazon Prime, Bowie played Thomas Jerome Newton, a.k.a. The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Thomas is an immigrant disguised as a man on an emergency mission to save his country by bringing water from Earth during his return journey.

However, Thomas proves to be more than suspicious. Caught in the act with a woman named Mary-Lou (Candy Clark), Thomas is hopelessly addicted to alcohol and TV. And when his secret comes out, Thomas discovers that he no longer has a defense or career.

12. Reign of Fire (2002)

In post-apocalyptic England, an American and British volunteer survivor teamed up to fight the swarms of fire-breathing dragons seeking to return to world domination after centuries of underground rest.

The Brit – who leads a group of survivors of the hunt for King of the Dragon – is in grave danger: His mother was killed by a dragon, but his love is still alive. Reign of Fire features Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey.

13. The Cool World (1992)

Audiences and critics were not yet ready for Cool World director Ralph Bakshi’s, a wild mix of animation and live-action. The human world and the Cool Cartoon World exist in different realities in this film.

For decades Detective Frank Harris (Brad Pitt) has been the only person living in the Cool World. In the real world, cartoonist Jack Deebs (Gabriel Byrne) believes he created Cool World and is often visited by the ideas of Holli Would (Kim Basinger), a “doodle” who wants to be human and run away from his place.

When Holli’s ambitions threaten both worlds, Frank and Jack are forced to meet to stop him.

14. Odd Thomas (2014)

Based on Dean Koontz’s 2003 book of the same name, Odd Thomas plays the late Anton Yelchin as the main character, Thomas, line chef and talented sangoma (imagine being given that CV).

When Thomas meets a man named Robert Robertson (Shuler Hensley), a man with a type of hair fungus, Odd’s clairvoyance completely kicks in the way of disturbing dreams that point to Robertson as a symbol of evil.

Thomas, the local sheriff (Willem Dafoe), and Thomas’ girlfriend (Addison Timlin) thwarted Robertson’s evil plan before it was too late.

A whimsical tour de force of the thrills and cold, Odd Thomas may not always stand on two feet, but Yelchin’s performance brings enough grit and power to move mountains.

15. Mortal (2020)

Finally, on our list of magic movies on Amazon Prime, we have Mortal-A dedicated division of Nordic mythology, author-and-director André Øvredal’s Mortal follows Eric (Nat Wolff), a young man in his twenties — and who lives on the edge of a Norwegian society with a miraculous ability to light fires, literally.

After local authorities pick Eric up, Christine (Iben Arklie), a psychologist, is drawn to him. Law enforcement wants to ask Eric about a series of murders years ago.

When Christine discovers that all the victims are members of Eric’s family, the symbolic line begins to recede from Eric’s fiery abilities to ancient Nordic mythology.

Nevertheless, It is part of a hero movie, a fairy tale. Mortal shoots star for its larger story than life but bring great powers and solid playsets.

In Conclusion, Browsing through the selection of movies offered by Amazon is a fun way to discover something new.

Above, we’ve provided the top 15 magic movies on Amazon Prime. With such a wide variety of magic-themed movies on Amazon Prime, we can confidently say that everyone will find something to serve their tastes.

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