Where Was Hidden Strike Filmed?

Where Was Hidden Strike Filmed

Have you ever wondered where the action-packed movie, Hidden Strike, was filmed? This thrilling film starring Jackie Chan and John Cena has captured the attention of audiences worldwide.

Getting to know the filming locations of this cinematic masterpiece not only adds to your viewing experience but also transports you to the captivating landscapes featured in the movie.

Hidden Strike was filmed entirely in China, taking advantage of the diverse and stunning locations that the country offers.

Some of the specific areas within China where the movie was shot include Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, and Beijing.

These remarkable settings play a significant role in immersing you into the high-stakes world that the characters navigate throughout the film.

As you explore the filming locations of Hidden Strike, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for not only the beautiful scenery but also the efforts that went into bringing this exciting action adventure to life.

So, sit back, enjoy the movie, and take in the breathtaking landscapes that make up the world of Hidden Strike.

Where Was Hidden Strike Filmed?

Netflix’s action-comedy movie Hidden Strike was filmed on location in China, which played a significant role in maintaining the film’s authenticity.

The capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Yinchuan, served as one of the primary filming sites.

Known for its cultural and economic ties with Arab countries, Yinchuan also hosts the permanent site for the Chinese Arab Expo.

Additionally, shootings took place in other Chinese provinces. The movie was filmed in Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, and Beijing.

Principal photography began in February 2018 under the working title Project X and concluded in early December of the same year.

By filming exclusively in China, the production team aimed to capture the unique atmosphere and sense of place.

As you watch Hidden Strike, the on-location filming adds to the overall enjoyment and immersive experience of the movie.

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