10 Marvel Cosplayers to Follow on Social Media

Marvel Cosplayers to Follow

There are so many Marvel cosplayers to follow on various social media platforms.

Marvel fans must check out these incredible cosplayers bringing everyone’s favorites to life on TikTok.

Cosplay is an incredible, joyful art form that combines skills like designing, costuming, and performance with the sheer passion of fandom.

From the comics to the movies and TV shows, Marvel is one of the biggest franchises, with exciting new drops happening regularly, like She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, now on Disney+.

The talented Marvel fans who become Marvel cosplayers have taken to TikTok and other social media platforms to share their fantastic dedication and likenesses with the world, and any true Marvel fan should check them out.

1. @siberiathequeen

Siberia’s account is fun to follow because it delivers a bit of everything and then some.

This artist does an incredible drag queen, Scarlet Witch, that is absolutely stunning, and the costume has even had a makeover to reflect the version from Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness.

There are plenty of versions of Wanda on Siberia’s page, and Marvel fans will find variations of Spider-Man, both Peter Parker himself and a drag version. @Siberiathequeen is one of the popular Marvel cosplayers to follow right now.

It’s an excellent page for fans who like to see the behind-the-scenes of how the costumes are made or want to learn some tips. Siberia’s lip sync work is always outstanding too.

2. @aarongaines

@aarongaines is also our number two pick on the list of Marvel cosplayers to follow right now.

Aaron’s account is where all the Sebastian Stan stans should find themselves since he has an incredible Winter Soldier cosplay.

The look works thanks to the long hair, and the costume is intricate and detailed.

Fans who follow this account may notice that Aaron does videos with other marvel cosplayers, as any famous cosplayers do.

In addition to Bucky, Aaron can also be found in Thor, Spider-Man, and other Marvel character cosplays.

3. @hobbitparty

The Disney+ Marvel TV shows have been some of the most successful Marvel media lately, and creators like @hobbitparty are here for the fans who cannot get enough of the lovable characters these shows introduced.

On this account, fans can see incredible cosplays for fan-favorite characters like Agatha Harkness from WandaVision and Sylie from Loki. @hobbitparty is a great addition to the list of Marvel cosplayers to follow.

The costumes and makeup are so beautifully and expertly thought out and executed. In addition, many of the TikToks feature collaborations with other Marvel cosplayers or brilliant photo shoots showcasing craftsmanship.

4. @thatjakeryan

When looking at cosplay accounts, it’s fun to think about what inspired the person to get into it.

For people like @thatjakeryan, one of the popular Marvel cosplayers to follow, it probably originates with people telling them they look like the character or actor.

No matter what got this cosplayer into the game, the page contains Captain America content and even features other Marvel characters like Mr. Fantastic and Spider-man.

5. @tomhiddlestwin

There’s looking like celebrities, and then there’s being on the level of @tomhiddlestwin and how much he looks like Tom Hiddleston and therefore had to claim one of the best handles ever.

The content lives up to the name by a long shot, making it one of the trending Marvel cosplayers to follow on social media platforms like TikTok.

Although this account doesn’t currently post a lot of cosplay content, it’s worth it to scroll down and enjoy all the Loki content, particularly around the show’s out.

It’s very satisfying to see someone who looks this much like the original actor paying homage to one of the most iconic Marvel characters of all time.

6. @novembercosplay

This TikTok account is run by a cosplayer, Carla, who dabbles in multiple Marvel characters, including Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and Scarlet Witch. This is one of numerous Marvel cosplayers to follow currently.

The Captain Marvel cosplay is particularly impressive and does not seem to be one of the Marvel characters that are done a lot, so it’s nice to see Carla do Carol Danvers justice.

7. @thewizardtailor

Doctor Strange fans everywhere need to be following @thewizardtailor with no hesitation.

While this cosplayer also dabbles in other characters here and there, the page is very well dedicated to Doctor Strange content that is here to impress.

The costume work is fantastic, and when it’s not being shown off in action, lots of videos show the pieces up close in detail and talk about the crafting process.

This account may not be run by Stephen Strange himself, but it does prove that cosplay is some sorcery.

8. @jedimanda

It’s always amazing when artists like cosplayers get inspiration from less popular characters.

But, of course, there are always chances of this happening with every new movie, show, or piece of inspiration that comes out.

This is the exact type of inspiration that seems to have hit @jedimanda, one of the best Marvel cosplayers to follow, after seeing Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness and sticking around for the credits.

This talented artist has just finished up a Clea cosplay. The video above is from when the wig arrived, but the costume has now been completed, and Marvel fans must check it out. It’s gorgeous and impressive, considering how little Clea has been released.

9. @frisoscosplay

@frisoscosplay with a Moon Knight costume looks stellar. On this page, fans will find plenty of TikToks featuring the costume to enjoy.

The list of Marvel cosplayers to follow would have been incomplete without @frisoscosplay.

A lot of this cosplayer’s personality comes across in the content, such as this video that seems intended to gas up the rest of the TikTok cosplay community, which is an incredible support to provide fellow artists.

There’s also Deadpool, Ant-Man, and Loki content for Marvel fans to enjoy.

10. @littlemissscarletwitch

Like Sibera, @littlemissscarletwitch also seems to be a die-hard Scarlet Witch/WandaMaximoff fan.

In this case, this TikToker is recreating a lot of Wanda’s looks across shows and movies like WandaVision and the recent Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness.

The WandaVision content, in particular, is off-the-charts. There are black and white videos that perfectly capture the look and feel of the series’ first two episodes and several others that feature Wanda’s outfits apart from being the Scarlet Witch.

Talented artists like this deserve all the world’s support so they can continue making content for other fans.

So it is no surprise that they are among the popular Marvel cosplayers to follow currently.

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