16 Most Popular Black Female Anime Characters

Black Female Anime Characters

If you grew up watching anime, you are probably known to show like Sailor Moon, Yuyu Hakusho, and Dragon Ball Z.

However, we’ve always longed to see black female anime characters in one of those shows. It’s only reasonable to want to see a diverse range of people in something you enjoy.

However, when it comes to accurately portraying other races, anime does not always get the point. After all, Japan is mostly a Japanese country with “few” outsiders.

Alternatively, ethnic minorities. It’s impressive if you can come up with even a couple. Because there aren’t many black female anime characters.

Thankfully, since we were children, the depiction of Black characters in anime has vastly improved. Incredibly, there are now more black female anime characters.

Even though there aren’t many of them, fans are nevertheless ecstatic anytime they see a Black lady character in an anime they adore.

Courtesy to shows like Carole & Tuesday, Michiko to Hatchin, and Hunter x Hunter, black female anime characters are well-represented.

There are also anime produced and created by Black people, such as Cannon Busters. In this show, the majority of the characters are Black.

As a result, fans are hopeful that the portrayal of black female anime characters will improve in the future.

1. Canary – HunterXHunter

Canary is a young teenage girl who is also a brutal bodyguard/servant for the Zoldyck family in Hunter x Hunter.

They are a fearsome and formidable assassin family. She possesses tremendous combat moves, but she also has a sensitive and caring heart.

It’s admirable how sweet she is to the people she loves. She is even seen going against directions if it means assisting them.

2. Carole – Carole & Tuesday

Carole’s life was never comfortable, but it has never stopped her. She is the title character in the Carole & Tuesday series and is part of the musical team.

Carole’s resolve to make her aspirations turn into reality is what fans admire most about her. Aside from this, she has trendy looks, self-discipline, and musical abilities.

3. Atsuko Jackson – Michiko to Hatchin

Atsuko cannot be described in any other manner but as a savage. She’s tenacious and committed to achieving her objective.

Her delicate connection with Michiko, the primary character, is also fascinating. She’s Afro-Brazilian because it represents Afro-Latinx people and their achievements.

4. Coffee – Cowboy Bebop

First of all, how good is her name? When Coffee debuts in Cowboy Bebop, we don’t get much time with her, but she casts a shadow.

Her 70s Blaxploitation look and mannerisms are what fans admire the most about her. However, because fetishization is serious and disgusting, some people objected to her being named after coffee.

5. Casca – Berserk

Casca is possibly one of the first anime characters to feature a Black woman. She is one of the fiercest and most competent leaders in the mercenary band.

Although reviewers have been critical of the route her character has taken over the years, she has a significant place in the show.

People adore her because she is a terrific leader to her comrades. Nobody questions her solid vision and tactics.

6. Yoruichi Shihoin – Bleach

Yoruichi is a name that needs no introduction. But, in case you didn’t know, she’s one of many characters from the anime series Bleach.

Yoruichi’s role stands out among the few black female anime characters that exist. And the part she plays in Bleach is important, forceful, and hard to overlook.

She’s a fan favorite in general.

7. Michiko Malandro – Michiko to Hatchin

Michiko is another Afro-Latina who appears in Michiko to Hatchin as one of the eponymous characters. She’s got the attitude, the moves, and she’s not going to take any crap.

What people admire most about her is that she has a golden heart beneath her stern demeanor. She is a stunning character.

8. Hilda – Eureka Seven

Hilda is one of Eureka Seven’s supporting characters. A mecha series with a mystery theme and holy messages. She’s a touch demanding and doesn’t take nonsense from anyone.

She’s one of the first to speak publicly when she sees something she doesn’t like. And she is one of the strong black female anime characters from start to finish.

9. Sister Krone – The Promised Neverland

One of the personalities who appears halfway through the anime is Sister Krone. She’s a supporting character who is initially shown as “the adversary.”

She’s energetic, powerful, and capable of handling the kids. Also, she appears to be well-suited to high-stress situations.

Her hair is a characteristic black woman’s feature.

10. Caldina – Magic Knight Rayearth

Caldina is one of the numerous characters from the classic Magic Knight Rayearth series. In the “dubbed” version of the show, she has a distinct accent.

Overall, she’s one of Magic Knight Rayearth’s most fascinating characters. The way she’s presented is popular.

11. Gidget – Eureka Seven

In Eureka Seven, Gidget is a bit of a ditzy support character. She also doesn’t get nearly as much screen time as some of the other characters.

That’s a bummer. However, in the anime’s more “comfortable” moments and episodes, she’s still a useful addition. Gidget is all about beauty and has a great sense of fashion.

She is, in fact, the anime’s best-dressed character. Even if her writing style is unusual for a Mecha/military story.

12. Urd – Oh My Goddess

Urd is one of the muses in the Oh My Goddess sappy romance. She is the sister of Bell-dandy, the lead character. As a sister, she is always on the lookout for her.

Urd is an intriguing character with a lot of insight, intelligence, and humor. Her sardonic, often antagonizing actions that appear to be negative at first but always turn out to be positive.

13. Hild – Oh My Goddess

From Oh My Goddess, Hild is Urd’s mother. She has a skin color that is even darker than Urd’s. Hild is a fearsome demon, unlike Urd, who is a goddess in the Heaven realm.

They’re the opposites of each other. She is one of the most loved black female anime characters.

14. Yao Ro Dushi – GATE

Yao Ro Dushi is a future character in the military drama GATE. She’s a dark elf with supernatural powers and a strong will to succeed.

The kind of lady who will go to any length to accomplish something, even if it’s unpopular or ugly. She isn’t a particularly positive character, but she is deserving of a spot on this list.

15. Miyuki Ayukawa – Basquash

In the Basquash series, Mikyuki is a cheery character. If the man she loves is in a romance with somebody else, she is the sort of person who will back off. She will not interfere or be selfish. She is a very positive character.

16. Nadia – Nadia: The Secret of The Blue Water

Nadia is the main character in the show Nadia: The Blue Water’s Secret. She’s the kind of person that likes to accessorize with a lot of jewelry.

She’s also easily frustrated by items and other individuals as a teenager. She’s uncomfortable in social situations, which is relatable to many viewers.

She is, however, very responsible in terms of her wellness and fitness.

Bottom Line

These characters will all have a special place in the hearts of anime fans. And there are now more black female anime characters than there have ever been before. That isn’t to argue that representation will always be flawless, but it does change things for the better.

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