How to Get Your Phone Out Of PUBG Mobile Ban?

PUBG Mobile Ban

PUBG‘s battle royale game is coursing through the entire globe, unlike anything we have ever seen before.

This upsurge in the game’s usage has caused a lot of communities to spring up.

These communities further boost the game’s current status, and they give out instructions, updates, walkthroughs amongst other things that make your gaming experience pleasurable.

Being part of their community gives you access to tricks and tips to keep in mind while you are playing, but take note that some of this stuff is against the policy of the game, and it can cause the most severe of bans that can last up to 10 years.

Below are the ways you can prevent yourself from getting a ban on PUBG and if you are ban already, this process can also get you out.

1. Do not use external apps

Using external apps helps to facilitate your game in ways that are prohibited by the creators of the game, and it will get your account deactivated or a temporary ban.

There are apps that allow you to play the game with the help of a keyboard and mouse, an app like Octopus, does this.

But if the creators get a hint that your account is using it, you will get banned from playing the game. One can alter the graphics by the use of some GFX tools.

Changing the FPS and deleting some turfs to see enemies better. These are plainly against the policies of the game and it is tagged cheating. Installing and using these apps will cause a permanent or temporary ban without notice.

2. VPNs are a no-no

It has been reported that Tencent has been banning users who indulge in using VPNs to play PUBG. The primary reason to use VPNs is to obtain unique personalization and skins that are not available in a certain region.

The proxy servers will help to enhance whatever you are looking for, but if you get caught, your account will get banned permanently or temporarily.

3. Reactivating

The severity of the ban depends on the restriction. Some users are banned for a short period while some are banned for several years without any notice.

However, if your account has been disabled, and you have done anything to provoke a ban, then you can always write to Tencent and state your problem and why they should remove the ban on your account.

To revoke a ban, you can plead and admit your mistake if you made any, and then ask for forgiveness. Tencent customer service is usually receptive and revokes a ban in cases of low-term restriction. But serious cases of violations, the user will have to wait out the ban, if you have the patience to.

You can send your grievance to them via their mail at

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