What Is Slingbox?


Has television ever made you feel a bit trapped? Many shows can only be viewed on your large TV in the living room, mainly when it comes to live events.

Slingbox is a product made by Sling Media, which seeks to solve this problem by placing television content on different screens in your home as well as remotely.

The technology is also known for the somewhat outdated term “places of movement,” which transfers the same content to different places via mobile devices.

How does the Slingbox work?

There are different generations of Slingbox devices, but they follow the same concept: connect them to your TV and DVR systems, and then broadcast TV content on other screens with an Internet connection.

These include smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, work computers, and laptops.

As long as your Slingbox is functioning and you have one of these devices (they both need a quality internet connection), the Sling box can watch live TV wherever you are, except that you can control the channels you’re watching.

You can also set up a Slingbox to enjoy the stored DVR content and display the events you may have missed when you want. There is no monthly charge for this other than what you already pay for the cable.

These are the characteristics of starting Slingbox. The product line has become much more sophisticated in future generations. Adding more decoder and wireless compatibility functions until it can offer a wide range of tasks for all types of viewers. These features include:

Access to applications and streaming video content: as Slingbox progressed, it adopted the latest video streaming applications as well as traditional television.

This indicates that you can also use Slingbox to stream Netflix, YouTube, and many other video apps to further devices via the Slingbox interface.

  • Sports Features: The Slingbox offers several unique sports features and access to live sports scores for games that might not be on your TV.
  • Integrated interfaces: Slingbox proffers integrated interfaces for devices like the iPad that give suggestions for movies and shows and work with social media to share their choices or ask for opinions.
  • Compatibility with other decoders: the Slingbox works well with Roku, Apple TV, and other decoders, allowing you to share them for maximum content and accessibility.

Benefits of Slingbox

Watch your free Slingbox programming on any laptop / PC using a browser or SlingPlayer application (the application costs $ 14.99) on your mobile phone, tablet, Kindle, etc.

The same remote control you use for your DVR appears on your laptop / PC to watch and pause live TV and access recorded content from the DVR, including widgets from your cable provider.
You can view your live TV or recorded content from anywhere in the world.

If your TV and your recorded shows use 1080 HD, your shows will have the same quality.
There is no monthly fee to access TV content. You can give guest access to your Slingbox so that a family member/friend can access their content

It is advantageous to transfer your photos from your smartphone (and soon your tablet!) To your TV using SlingProjector.

Cons of Slingbox

Buying a SlingPlayer on your mobile devices is a bit expensive to see the content of your Slingbox
Only one person can use the SlingPlayer application/software at a time (called change of location, this prevents copy violations)

Only one person can use the SlingPlayer application/software at a time, this means:

  1. I can use the Slingbox from my computer while someone is watching the family room in the family room where the Slingbox is located, but we both have control over the TV, so you better kiss the program to watch it in advance!
  2. I cannot use the Slingbox app on my iPad or other mobile devices if someone watches TV on a computer or other mobile device.

Slingbox Products

If you’re interested in Slingbox features, it’s good to browse the Slingbox store and take a closer look at current devices. In the fifth generation, there are two main options, the Slingbox 500 and the Slingbox M1.

The Slingbox 500 is the Slingbox’s flagship model, with full compatibility, additional sports features, high definition viewing, and other features that Sling Media can offer.

It also provides Wi-Fi connections, which means you don’t have to be physically connected to a router to operate. This model starts at $299.99.

The Slingbox M1 is a smaller and cheaper version. It doesn’t include all of the same HDMI features or additional sports features as the 500, but the basic features are still there, and the price is much lower, this time starting at $149.99.

Sling TV

The latest addition to Slingbox is the Sling TV, specially designed to help those who don’t want to pay for cable. Instead of permanently giving up live events, users can use Sling TV to access significant channels like ESPN, TNT, and CNN, with all content live and without cable subscription.

Other supported channels include HGTV, Food Channel, and TBS. Currently, the price is $20 per month. You can get more information and know-how to register on the sling site.


If you’re looking for an alternative to Slingbox, keep in mind that numerous mobile devices offer apps for other direct streaming options.

You may not be able to view live TV, but you can watch recorded shows for networks like Fox, ABC, NBC, CW, etc. Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, and others also offer their apps on mobile devices, and even ESPN has its streaming service, although you have to pay for it.

If necessary, they can take up space for the Slingbox.

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