The Three Best Reality TV Series to Binge Watch

Three Best Reality TV Series to Binge Watch

We live in an age where many of the greatest television shows in history wait for us at the touch of a button.

From deep dramas to breathtaking science fiction, programming choice is not something lacking in the modern age.

Yet, at the end of a hard day, many people want to switch off and watch something that does not require concentration.

People do not always want sprawling epic series but instead, prefer easy-to-digest bite-sized television. Enter the reality TV show.

Love Island

Love Island initially started as a British celebrity dating game show. With only two seasons in 2005 and 2006, it was then later reinvented with a new format that saw members of the public featured as of 2015.

Since then, it has run for eight series, garnering a cult following in the UK. However, the appeal is being felt internationally.

As it stands, there are now 22 different versions of Love Island that can be streamed from around the globe. These include places as far and wide as Australia to the US.

Major broadcasters are also responsible for streaming it, from RTL in Germany to Paramount in the US.

Due to the franchise’s popularity, there are ludicrous merchandising deals that now see Love Island plastered on everything from bingo games made from the show’s iconic catchphrases to water bottles (like the ones donned in the house).

The show’s format involves placing contestants, named “islanders,” inside a plush isolated villa. They must couple up with a person to avoid elimination.

As the series goes on, they have to decide if they will stay with their partner or couple up with someone else. The couple left in the end wins a prize of £50,000.

A lot of the show’s popularity has come from the controversy it whipped up. A certain demographic of contestants exists on the show, the young and beautiful.

In the second UK series, the first person was removed from the villa by producers after an altercation. Another contestant had their title of Ms. Great Britain stripped from them because of their behavior.

Queer Eye

Queer Eye is a refreshing take on the reality TV genre. While many choose to utilize conflict and drama to attract viewers, Queer Eye treads a different path.

It provides love and warmth to transform the lives of the public. The concept of the program came after the Bravo network had huge success with a marathon of its series Gay Weddings. Running at the same time as the Super Bowl, resulting in further planned programming of a similar ilk.

The show starts with five experts talking about their clients, going through their belongings, and talking to family members to build a picture of their life.

Fashion, food, culture, interior design, and personal grooming are their given forte. They then meet the client and prepare to overhaul them in preparation for an upcoming event.

Numerous geographical variations have taken place, from Norwegian to Chilean versions. However, the chemistry of the American team remains strong, and spin-offs rarely reach the five series that the original format set.

The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off should not have been such a success. When it arrived, it followed a tired formula whereby members of the public were given a task to complete, in this case, baking, with the least successful being voted off. The one left at the end takes the prize. 

On its release, something hit a nerve with the British public, and the show became a huge runaway success. It may have been the setup, which placed bakers in a traditional village fete-style tent.

The chemistry between the judges, cast, and presenters also gave the show a natural flow lacking in many other reality contests at the time. 

After the seventh series, the show moved from its BBC slot to rival Channel Four. Despite most of the judges and presenters changing, the series carried on as popular as ever.

While there has been controversy involving undercooked cakes, Japanese baking, and many innuendo remarks, it remains one of the most popular shows on British television.

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