Top 15 Best NFT Games for Android to Earn Money in 2022

NFT Games for Android

Consider the possibility of earning money while playing daring activities in the exact location. Today, we’ll take a look at the top 15 best NFT Games on Android. 

Furthermore, in the NFT gaming market, a play-to-earn strategy game is in high demand. Here, gamers can make a passive income by playing for money.

The popularity of NFT games is due to the minimal initial investment and a subsequent valid return. 

Many NFT games for Android let others earn a reward with other players. These are drawn from various gaming genres, including action, strategy, hyper-casual, etc. 

However, if you’ve ever wanted to make money, here is the place to be. The top 15 best NFT Games for Android are all discussed in this article.

These NFT games take gaming to an entirely new level.

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity NFT Games for Android

This game is one of the main reasons for NFT’s increasing popularity. Axie Infinity is another game built on Ethereum’s Blockchain technology.  

Furthermore, this game is known for its charming, minor, and fluffy characteristics known as access, and these lovely animals will be one-of-a-kind and differ in many ways, such as strength, jeans, etc. 

In 2018, Axie infinite made its debut. Here’s how to make money using cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the objective of this game is to create as many axes as possible, and you can now trade them with other people on the marketplace. That sounds promising. 

2. Splinterlands


Splinterlands is one of the top NFT games for Android. The following company is Splinterlands, which offers NFT gaming solutions based on card games.

Essentially, this NFT-based card game is for individuals who are tired of card games that require a significant financial investment to play.  

However, this game begins with a limited number of cards, but as you win more rounds and gain more of them in a short period, the number of cards increases.  

Additionally, the most intriguing aspect of this game is how you may acquire tokens — you can win the DEC token by competing in the weekly season final. 

3. Forest Knight

Forest Knight NFT Games for Android

Then there’s a strategy game that transports you to a great fantasy realm. It’s a turn-based strategy game with a full-fledged in-game economy based on token standards.  

Furthermore, the game features a large area with various places, creatures, and entertaining stuff to discover. Your goal is to progress through the levels, crash ministers, and gain as much experience as you can. 

However, you’ll be able to participate in PvPs with real users after you achieve the sixth level. As a reward for completing each assignment, you will receive NFT and helpful things.

The game has over 100 objects, with more to come for the time being. You also get to assemble a team of knights with various powers and fighting styles. 

In addition, you’ll also have the opportunity to create your city and manage its economy. You must ensure that your citizens have enough food, equipment, and other necessities.

Besides, you’ll need enough armor and weaponry to defend your city from monsters and dragons, so stock up. 

4. Delta Time

Delta Time best NFT game

Delta time is also one of the top NFT games for Android. Are you a die-hard Formula One supporter? Here is a baptist gaming platform specifically built for Formula One fans. As athletes, we have the luxury of time.  

However, one of the fascinating characteristics of this game is that it allows players to race through Grand Prix mode, which is similar to a typical Blockchain-based game.

This game has an ERC 20 shock, which can be used as REVV in-game money. The currency’s unique moniker, which is intriguing. 

5. League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms

The mechanics are simple: you own and control a piece of the game’s map. As a result, you have complete control over what happens next: you can build the economy, turn alliances against one other and start a war, or do anything else that comes to mind.  

The most important thing here is to choose a strategy that you’ll stick to. As you might guess, the game’s supplies are limited, so you’ll need to make sure you replenish all of your stockpiles promptly.  

Furthermore, your methods will be influenced by time, distance, and any other factors that may exist in real life. You may also invite your friends to play and form an ally with them. 

6. Merge Cats: Earn Crypto Reward

Crypto Kitties is one of the top NFT games for Android. They allow users to gather and pre-order gorgeous virtual kittens that live on the Ethereum Blockchain.

This game is well-known for its adorable kittens, and it is one of the first Ethereum Blockchain games available.  

Additionally, players in crypto-cats can sell their virtual kittens on the market or the central N. F. T marketplace. In 2017, dapper Labs created the Game of Crypto Kitties on Ethereum.  

However, you may get Crypto Kitties in one of two ways: buy them on the market or breed them together. It’s worth noting that breeding allows gamers to unlock rare traits. 

7. Skyweaver TCG

Skyweaver TCG

It’s a higher-level card game in which skill determines how many cards you can acquire. 

It’s a novel card game with vibrant, complex graphics and a large selection of cards to choose from. Here you can play all of the base 500+ cards for free to level up your matching levels. 

Although your gaming techniques and experience will determine the entirety of the gaming procedure, you will be playing the game competitively to climb the leaderboards. You can, however, win transferable silver to acquire new gold every week. 

8. Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis is also one of the best NFT games for Android. The game features a fantastic backdrop and numerous epic battles to keep you entertained.

All of his gaming work for the scenario, from the level layout to card design, and everything else, needs to be said. In the land of Askian, your journey begins. To obtain the magical abilities, you must join a squad and defeat all your opponents.

You usually start with a basic card deck, which you will gradually enhance.  

Once you’ve gotten the hang of the game, you’ll be able to combine the cards to form unique and powerful combinations. All the cards have unique properties that might aid you in tournaments, so consider intelligently before putting together your deck.

Additionally, there are currently around 300 cards to collect, so you will not be bored. The tiers are the same — there are more than two tournaments to complete.  

Aside from that, the game’s economy is based on tokens, which you may earn and trade for cards. There is also actual money merchandise available, although it is optional. 

9. SorareData


Football is an excellent game for someone who has a habit of playing it. Here’s a treat for you: Sorare is a Blockchain game founded in Algeria that allows players to play football and earn cryptocurrency simultaneously.  

Furthermore, you will be able to design your virtual squad out of various digital cards NFTS here. These cards are also officially licensed, which is a fun fact.  

In addition, these cards will represent a real-life footballer for a specific season. When you purchase just one of these automobiles, you will get full ownership and will be able to sell it to other people, also insane. 

10. Crazy Kings

Crazy Kings

Crazy kings are also one of the best NFT games for Android. This NFT-based role-playing game serves as a model for role-playing and strategy games.  

Additionally, this game allows you to consider several strategies to win NFT Tokens, which you can use to increase the power of your heroes. 

However, you’ll acquire a unique collection of cards and armies to engage in the conflict in this role-playing game. Currently, there are roughly 90 collective and individual cards, each with its own set of abilities. Let’s get started. 

11. Bitcoin Food Fight

Bitcoin Food Fight NFT android game

As the game’s name implies, the player must battle a variety of animals. The player will be assigned three enemies to fight against in the beginning: humans, elves, and dwarfs.  

However, to win the game, the player must carefully select their opponent and be well-versed in the gaming style of each race.

Similar to cryptocurrencies, the players must first win the race. After each triumph, monetary prizes will be awarded.  

One of the game’s primary distinguishing features is roughly 40 distinct talents, resulting in nearly 50,000 specific configurations.

While participating in special tournaments, players can employ to conquer the game. Encrypt battles. 

12. War of Crypta

It’s a PvP fantasy game where you compete for rewards with other players. Because the game is based on NFT technology, all in-game characters can be traded.  

According to the game’s anons, you start with your hero’s basic form and work your way up through the levels to develop his abilities.

The more tournaments you enter, the faster your hero’s experience will increase. Additionally, for each combat, you get to choose four heroes.

As a result, you must realize that each of the heroes has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses that must be evaluated.  

However, on the other hand, the heroes are all fantasy dragons and creatures of some sort. You begin with a baby creature and raise it to become a gorgeous beast. It is also one of the best NFT games for Android users.  

13. Town Star – Farm

Town Star - Farm best NFT Games for Android

Gala Network supports town stars, and players can earn gala tokens and mind box money while having fun with the game. Do you enjoy gardening and farming?

Here’s something special for you. By playing the game, you can turn it into a farming game. 

You can enjoy farming while simultaneously improving your trade abilities. I want to buy a full-fledged work. However, according to Town Star, the actual cost of completely packed working corpses is approximately $10,000, based on the current Bitcoin price. 

However, before you can begin playing Town Star, you must first make an accessible gala wall. This wall works in the same way as any other Blockchain wallet.

The only difference between the gala and the others is that it will not reveal the private key unless you provide your password. 

14. Lost Survivors

Lost Survivors

Lost Survivors is one of the best NFT games for Android. They were one of the first Blockchain games to apply the technology of Blockchain so readily, as an action and adventure game with Blockchain objects that the players can earn.  

What can you hear as a player? You can not only make Kryptos in this game, but you can also delight yourself by cooking, woodcutting, mining, defeating your adversaries, and much more.  

Although the game is still in its early stages, there is plenty to appreciate here, and Lost Survivors is widely regarded as a considerably superior game to some fully developed titles. 

15. Upland

Upland NFT Games for Android

Finally, Upland is one of the best NFT games for Android. This board game will keep your mind occupied for quite some time. 

This is the game for you if you like Monopoly. It’s a real-world property trading game based on real addresses and localities all over the world.  

However, you’ll use the game’s NFT to trade real estate and earn incentives for your actions. To add variety to the game, you can go on a treasure hunt and conduct other entertaining activities in addition to exchanging properties. 

Furthermore, if you collect a group of properties with the same style, your earnings will instantly increase. There are plenty of other tactics like this, so make sure to read the tutorial before playing. 

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