14 of the Best the Walking Dead Video Game Characters

Walking Dead Video Game Characters

Despite the fact that the show has had its fair share of heroes and villains come and go, some of the best Walking Dead video game characters continue to captivate video game viewers.

Consider The Walking Dead game series spawned a slew of memorable characters with unique personalities and extraordinary survival abilities in a world gone insane.

The popular zombie show The Walking Dead premiered in October 2010, and Telltale Games followed up with an episodic adventure game of the same name in April 2012. The game was also a huge hit, resulting in a cult following.

Telltale released telltale’s The Walking Dead game’s last season in 2018. And it has since been hailed as one of the best video games, winning over 70 accolades.

Many fans remark on how well-developed and lovable the characters are in the games.

Please read on as we discuss some of the best walking dead video game characters.

1. Violet

Violet makes her appearance in the game’s last season, season four. As one of the ten surviving pupils from Ericson’s Boarding School. Violet is a lone wolf who reacts badly and impulsively to conflict.

But fans adore her for her loyalty, survival skills, and resemblance to the game’s main heroine, Clementine.

Violet is especially popular with fans because she is the first openly gay character in the game. And the player is one of the most popular walking dead video game characters.

Furthermore, players can also choose whether or not Clementine pursues a love connection, which has received positive feedback from fans.

Violet’s death, on the other hand, is determined by the player’s choices during the game.

2. Louis

Another Ericson’s Boarding School pupil, Louis, makes an appearance alongside Violet in season four. One of the popular walking dead video game characters.

Louis is well-liked by fans due to his antics and upbeat demeanor. Despite his role as comedic relief, he steals viewers’ hearts with his care for each member of his gang.

Furthermore, players can also pursue a romantic relationship with Louis. In which case he will play the piano and sing for Clementine.

Louis is the lone musician in the series, and he frequently plays the piano to keep the boarding school’s music alive. Louis’ death, like Violet’s, is determined by the player’s choices during the game.

3. Ben

Everyone believes Kenny has lost everything, but Ben has also lost his family and pals from school. All of these individuals would be very close to him.

Ben is a poorly conceived and implausible character who serves to advance the plot till his demise. He strives to save the group but makes a mistake like any other human.

Others love Kenny for his numerous errors and claim it’s only because he’s human, but Ben does the same, and people despise him. Ben also stands by you no matter what, whereas Kenny only cares about himself and his family.

4. Javier Garcia

Season three’s primary character is Javier, also known as Javi. As a former professional baseball player. He struggles with the fractured ties he caused in his family before and after the apocalypse.

Despite this, he makes every effort to restore relations. Particularly with his niece and nephew, Gabe and Mariana, who travels throughout the game.

However, fans reacted negatively to Javier’s character due to Clementine’s reduced screen time. And the fact that the game is now played through his eyes rather than hers, as it was in season two.

On the other hand, fans laud his character for being more advanced in battle than most characters. As well as the fact that he has a likable demeanor and a natural history with which players can identify.

5. Mark

He was a terrific guy who should have lasted the entire season and beyond. Excellent at eliciting pity was as good as Kenny but poorly scripted and had a great death scene.

In episode 2, more than half of the people helped him and provided him food, demonstrating how much he could accomplish with so little.

6. Luke

Luke is the leader of a group that Clementine joins in season two. Fans adore Luke’s attitude since he was Clementine’s first father figure after the death of the main character, Lee Everett, and one of the group’s most level-headed members.

Luke’s character happens to be one of the best Walking dead video game characters.

Fans have remarked on Luke’s genuine admiration for Clementine and her viewpoints, even when everyone appears to be against her.

Luke also takes extraordinary measures to ensure Clementine’s safety. Even pleading with her not to approach him when he falls through the ice into a cold lake.

Whether or not the player chooses to assist Luke. He drowns in the lake, leaving an emotional and physical void in the group.

7. Christa

Christa, Omid’s girlfriend, is considerably more serious than her lover, although fans nonetheless adore her.

When it comes to Clementine, Christa is more independent, colder to strangers, and always on high alert, yet she is pretty comparable to some of the best video game moms.

She sincerely cares for her and does whatever she can to protect her. After Omid’s death in season two, Christa is pregnant and left alone with Clementine.

Christa vanishes after another confrontation with an opposing group, forcing Clementine to flee from her. Christa’s fate remains unclear, and admirers on sites like Reddit are still perplexed and seeking justice for how she was dismissed.

8. Lilly

Lilly is a fantastic character with a lot of promise. She is misunderstood, although she does have some good ideas. If she had lived as long as Kenny, I believe more people would have sided with her.

She is, I think, still alive and will appear in season two. She made one mistake when she killed Carley/Doug, but we will forgive her if she explains and apologizes.

9. Omid

Omid, who initially appeared in the game’s first two seasons, has a personality similar to that of the previous entry, Louis.

Omid’s comic relief and affection for his band and girlfriend, Christa, won out fans. He’s also well-liked for his fundamental weaknesses, such as his tendency to freeze up in life-or-death situations.

Omid is one of the most popular Walking Dead video game characters. Furthermore, In a tragic turn of events.

Omid is shot and dies at the start of season two while attempting to defend Clementine. His startling and unexpected death grieved fans on the Telltale Community page in The Walking Dead game.

Still, upon more contemplation, they noted that it portrayed how real and dramatic apocalyptic scenarios would be and that Omid deserved to die to accelerate Clementine’s quest.

10. Alvin Jnr.

AJ, the game’s youngest character, was born in season two and quickly became a fan favorite in season four at the age of five. AJ is still infantile.

Yet his lack of awareness of the actual world owing to his age allows him to be merciless. Clementine takes on the role of his mother and does everything she can to assist him in these situations.

Furthermore, Fans adore AJ, and some want to make him as happy as possible through Clementine’s acts during Season 4.

Also, the dynamic duo brings back memories of Clementine and Lee for fans and reminds players that the series has come full circle.

11. Kenny

Kenny is a stubborn and combative family guy from Florida who was a primary group member in season one before disappearing and reappearing in season two.

Before the apocalypse, Kenny was a commercial fisherman with a 10-year-old kid, Duck, and his wife, Katjaa.

Many people admire Kenny for his willingness to go to any length to defend the group’s children, his friendship with Clementine and Lee, and his frequent wisecracks.

Because of how much time the player spends with him. Even though he becomes increasingly hostile and a liability to the group. Several players struggle to decide whether to shoot him or let another character, Jane, died after an altercation.

12. Carley

One of Season 1’s most badass characters deserves a lot more love than she gets. She was always willing to help and trusted Lee and the rest of the group.

She seemed to be the best shot in the first season. Hence she was probably one of the most valuable characters.

Carley is the most helpful member of the gang (excluding Lee). Carley is witty, intelligent (she gives the most acceptable counsel), entirely on Lee’s side, gorgeous, and has the most Walker kills of any survivor in the game. She’s also the only one with a romantic interest.

13. Lee Everett

Lee Everett, the main protagonist of the first season, became a mainstay of The Walking Dead games. The first season follows Lee, a former University of Georgia professor who was on his way to prison after being convicted of murder when the apocalypse began.

Fans adore Lee Everett, who demonstrates his soft-spoken, compassionate attitude by caring for Clementine and serving as the group’s moral compass.

However, at the end of the first season, Lee’s death was tragic, and even well-known YouTubers such as Pewdiepie were moved to tears by his passing. His death is still a topic of conversation today.

14. Clementine

For all four seasons, Clementine is the primary character of Telltale’s The Walking Dead. She begins as an eight-year-old, and the player watches her grow up over the seasons as she makes herself difficult.

Life-changing decisions until she reaches the age of sixteen at the end of the fourth season.

Clementine is one of the franchise’s most known characters, and Reddit users have disputed whether she is one of the best video game characters.

Fans adored her so much that Skybound Entertainment decided to produce a comic series around her, which will debut in June 2022.

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