19 Most Hated Video Game Characters

Most Hated Video Game Characters

This article will walk you through some of the most hated video game characters. Some characters stand out because gamers adore them, have tattoos, tell their children about them, and play with their best friends and family members as protagonists.

Others stand out because they are obnoxious, disgusting, and deplorable additions to an otherwise gorgeous game with excellent gameplay.

On the other hand, unpleasant characters that deserve to be loathed inevitably destroy what may have been fantastic video games.

Sometimes a character is so irritating that just being around them is intolerable. Or they could be an opponent that is so frustratingly difficult to defeat that you lose faith in yourself and begin to second-guess your life choices.

It might, of course, be as simple as poor characterization or writing. Please read on as we discuss some of the most hated video games characters.

1. Codsworth (FallOut 4)

Mister Handy Codsworth is a domestic model (a robot butler before Fallout 4) that first appeared in Fallout 4.

Fallout is a fantastic game with stunning graphics, entertaining gameplay, and intelligent writing. Everything in the game is epic, from the protagonist (Sole Survivor) to the resource gathering and enemy killing.

Furthermore, When we first began playing, we were motivated by Codsworth. Yes, he is the sole reason most of us started playing.

I was interested in playing the game because of the charming robot buddy and the nostalgic soundtrack.

That was a colossal blunder. Huge. Codsworth is one of the most unpleasant companions I’ve ever had the displeasure of playing with, even if he starts beneficial at the beginning of the game.

2. General Shepherd (CoD- Modern Warfare 2)

General Shepherd, who commands the Marines, Rangers, and the famed Task Force 141 strike group, is a true soldier. He oversees Captains and the rest of the gang’s actions in Modern Warfare.

After Russia attacked the United States, he served in a series of wars before being designated Commander-in-Chief Forces. He later became one of the most hated video game characters.

Unfortunately, he became dissatisfied with his role as a decent soldier and went rogue. Shepherd provoked a war between Russia and the United States, formed his private army called “Shadow Company,” and did everything he could to present himself as a national hero at the expense of others’ lives, prolonging the conflict in the name of personal vengeance.

However, an accurate knife throw to the eye ended the general’s tumultuous career.

3. Skeleton Mobs (Minecraft)

So, while skeletons are valuable since they drop materials that may be used in-game, they are annoying when they show up in a mob with all of their dead skeleton companions.

When they travel in mobs, they tend to all shoot arrows simultaneously, making it hard to evade, fight, or flee at the same time.

Also, It’s always arrows coming from every conceivable direction, and it’s annoying, making it one of the most hated video game characters.

4. Sarah Palmer (Halo)

Sarah Palmer is quite cool. She is a female Spartan commander who has ascended to the top of the Spartan hierarchy. She appears to be fantastic at first glimpse, or so I thought.

However, a few significant features of her portrayal irritate me. Her irritation stems primarily from the fact that she lacks a strong personality. 

Furthermore, She’s a bland and a little dull character, especially given that she is a woman and a commander who has the potential to be an outstanding figure.

5. Preston Garvey (FallOut 4)

Preston is enamored with assisting the settlers, which, while intended as a gameplay advantage for an RPG, has turned into a real curse in this game.

Also, Preston Garvey’s quests were mainly produced at random and began to overwhelm players, proving excessively repetitious with the now-famous dialogue formula: “Another settlement requires our assistance.”

The repeated repetition of the same mission was tedious and monotonous. “Will Preston ever shut up?” players wondered on message boards.

Furthermore, the number of memes mocking this NPC’s statements was the focus of a Kotaku story, and a patch to disable Garvey’s quests immediately appeared in the mod section.

Preston was both despised and adored on the internet. So, we had no choice but to add it among some of the most hated video game characters.

6. Ashley Graham (Resident Evil 4)

The name Ashley Graham, daughter of the US President, has become a curse among Resident Evil 4 fans. President John F. Kennedy appointed Leon S. Kennedy to discover and return her when horrific religious extremists kidnapped her.

We’ve all seen how that turns out. Ashley becomes a liability the moment Leon discovers her. Also, her most valuable skill is the capacity to do nothing and be out of the way.

That would be ideal if she didn’t have a habit of being separated, necessitating Leon’s repeated efforts to save her.

7. Teemo (League of Legends)

League of Legends is a strategy game featuring cute champions you have played or wish to play if you like pretty champions.

The game features some insanely attractive foes and champions, fantastic battles, and challenging gameplay. Teemo irritates. He’s a con artist who can make himself invisible, blind you, and poison you.

Also, if you step on his mushroom and die if you try to chase him or escape his deadly grip, behind that adorable exterior, his abilities are impressive and lethal.

To make matters worse, his laugh is irritating. If he weren’t so cute, I’d despise him much more than now. We are left with no choice but to add him to the list of some of the most hated video game characters despite his cute outfit.

8. Zeke (Infamous)

There’s a case to be made that the inFamous series is riddled with universally reviled titles (or at the very least divisive). On the other hand, Zeke is a prime example of a character who can turn things around for himself.

He’s an irritating, petty, sluggish annoyance in inFamous 1, and you’d be excused for not caring about him if you’ve only played the first game in the series. 

Furthermore, Zeke becomes a more sympathetic character over time thanks to some genuine character development. While there are still many fans of the game who aren’t wild about him, we believe he deserves far more love than he gets. 

9. Edgar Ross (Red Dead Redemption)

When you first start playing Red Dead Redemption, it’s not immediately apparent that Edgar Ross will be the character you despise the most.

Hero, John Marston, is dispatched on Ross’s orders to assassinate an old gang member. As the game proceeds, it becomes evident that Edgar Ross is the ultimate villain, culminating in a betrayal that murders John despite him maintaining his end of the contract.

Furthermore, Edgar Ross embodies all the people who perceive the government as ruthless, cold, calculated, and, of course, a massive hypocrite.

Ross exploits his authority to force others to do his will, including John, and he does so without remorse. He is one of the most hated video game characters.

10. Roma Bellic (Grand Theft Auto 4)

A great example of a character who isn’t incredibly annoying but has developed a poor reputation due to a meme. Roman Bellic is a die-hard bowler who will go to any length to persuade you to join him.

Niko could be in the middle of a high-speed police chase, a fierce shootout, or casual contact with someone else. It doesn’t matter. Whatever the case may be, Roman Bellic will contact him and invite him to bowl with him.

Yes, it can be aggravating. He wants to spend time with his cousin, though. What’s the big deal about that? Who doesn’t like bowling?

11. Dog (Duck Hunt)

The Duck Hunt Dog is primarily regarded as one of the first video game characters to be truly despised. On the surface, he appears to live up to the expectations of man’s best friend.

He dives immediately in and joyfully catches whatever ducks you toss, supporting you in your mission to massacre as many innocent ducks as possible. That’s some good old-fashioned family entertainment.

However, if you fail, he will become unpleasant. Like trigger-happy middle management, missing the targets brings out the worst in him.

Duck Hunt Dog appears to exist to mock your current ineptness. The fact that he’s supposed to be on your side only adds to the misery.

12. Shao Khan (Mortal Combat)

Shao Kahn is one of the Mortal Kombat series’ most well-known and identifiable characters. Outworld is ruled by this famous villain, who spends the first three games aiming to invade Earthrealm via the Mortal Kombat tournament.

Shao Kahn must be one of the most demanding and challenging bosses in any video game ever developed. Thus, it’s a miracle he failed. He’s making the list of one of the most hated video game characters.

Furthermore, this legendary villain was created during a period when video games were supposed to be as harsh as possible to entice players to spend endless quarters on arcade machines.

However, you can fight this man for hours and lose every time. It’ll make you want to punch a hole in the nearby wall.

13. The Catalyst (Mass Effect)

As revealed at the end of Mass Effect 3, the Catalyst is the true mastermind behind the Reaper invasion and harvesting of all sophisticated biological life in the galaxy.

Commander Shepard has a brief talk with the intriguing A.I. after reaching the Citadel’s pinnacle after being forced to pick which course the universe would go in the future.

Has there ever been a more hated video game character than The Catalyst? His entrance in the final five minutes of Mass Effect 3 and the following conclusion sparked a massive nerd fury.

14. The Calypso Twins (Borderlands 3)

Troy and Tyreen are obsessed with streaming and disliking others, and they enjoy being loud and in the spotlight.

The Calypso Twins were created to challenge the allure of the last game’s nemesis, Handsome Jack, but did the creators succeed? Players are irritated by the mere mention of Troy and Tyreen, who are odd people.

Furthermore, Troy and Tyreen Calypso are the most obnoxious because of their temperament. They’re obnoxious, shout at one other, interrupt each other, and generally don’t say anything profound.

They don’t appear particularly frightening as villains, and they purposefully clumsily wrote their words. We want to get rid of them because we’re impatient, not because we want to preserve the earth.

15. Tom Nook (Animal Crossing: New Horizon)

Tom Nook, the loan shark-turned-ruthless businessman (business raccoon? ), has outraged many Animal Crossing fans over the years.

Why shouldn’t people despise him if he keeps pulling you into huge debts and forcing you to work long hours, either directly or indirectly? If you think about it, he’s pretty forgiving with his loans.

He is the backbone of the Animal Crossing community, never setting deadlines or soliciting interest.

16. Dutch Van der Linde (Red dead Redemption)

Given that he’s responsible for the deaths of not one but two beloved Red Dead Redemption protagonists, it’s easy to see why many despise Dutch van der Linde.

He is, after all, the antagonist, and many fans of the series are incensed by his breach of trust in almost everyone in his group (especially Arthur).

Furthermore, Dutch was a guy of convictions before Micah came along, a man who valued loyalty above all else, a man who would go to any length for one of his gang members.

But that doesn’t change the fact that he was exactly the father figure many in his gang had seen him as for a long time.

However, being a principle man doesn’t warrant him not being on the list of one of the most hated video game characters.

17. Micah Bell (Red Dead Redemption II)

The main antagonist of Red Dead Redemption II is a vicious Wild West outlaw. He began his criminal career alongside his father, and after saving Dutch’s life at a Crenshaw Hill bar accidentally, he became a full member of the gang.

Because the rest of the gang, commanded by Hosea and Arthur Morgan, did not sympathize with him, the leader of this group was usually the only one who did.

Micah, they believed, was selfish, thoughtless, unpredictable, and combative in general – not a particularly pleasant guy.

Furthermore, Micha’s plan to attack the Blackwater ferry resulted in Pinkerton Agents tracking down the gang, one of RDR II’s main plotlines.

18. Philippa Eilhart (Witcher)

Phillippa has gone through a lot in her life. She had gouged out her eyes, and I can’t picture it getting much worse. I sympathize with her and respect her bravery, but how she handles Geralt, Yennifer, and Fringilla irritates and frustrates me.

19. Cliff Racer (The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind)

Cliff racers are evil, borderline-possessed monsters who first appeared in Morrowind and have since been a staple of The Elder Scrolls franchise.

They are aggressive, tenacious, and difficult to defeat. Their ferocious hostility irritates me. It’s aggravating how difficult it is to beat them. Easily this character is one of the most hated video game characters. 

  1. Bro where is adam smasher from cyberpunk.
    After edgerunners he’s one of the most hated anime/game characters in history

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