11 Best Books for 8 Year Olds

Best Books for 8 Year Olds

Books are invaluable possessions and can be a great source of inspiration, entertainment, and education.

They help us understand the world around us, which is what an 8-year old needs most. But what if you have no idea where to start? What if you don’t know which book is suitable for your child?

Here is a list of the best books for 8 year olds that both book-lovers and reluctant readers will appreciate.

1. Bear Grylls Adventures Series

Written by Bear Grylls

At this age, children love all things adventure and everything that stirs up the adrenaline in their system.

They also enjoy the idea of magic even though they cannot assertively say that magic exists. This is a great series for kids who are looking for literary entertainment.

In this breathtaking story, Harry gets stuck in a scary cave with all sorts of creepiness, from bats to chilly drops.

Bear Grylls comes to Harry’s rescue and guides him out. A magical compass leads the way from a scary cave to a beautiful place.

2. The Chronicles of Narnia

Written by C.S. Lewis

It’s an exciting story about four sisters who discover a secret universe and are ready to protect it at whatever cost. Because of their soft spot for fantasy, 8-year-olds will definitely love this tale by C.S. Lewis.

The best part is that Chronicles of Narnia is a book series of fantasy stories, so your child will have lots of fun transiting from one tale to the other. There are talking animals, mythical creatures, and magic to crown it all.

3. Stella Diaz Has Something To Say

Written by Angela Dominguez

Third graders can be overly talkative or quiet, depending on how they feel about themselves and the people around them. These behaviors significantly affect their growth curve.

Stella was born in Mexico, but they moved to Chicago through a green card, where she joined her new school. Her anxiety makes it difficult to blend in, and she’s mostly quiet during English and Spanish lessons.

Finally, through a fish project, Stella finds her voice and confidence. If your child is shy or suffering from social anxiety, this heart-warming story will help them find a voice.

4. The Mystery of The Clockwork Sparrow

Written by Katherine Woodfine

Sophie finds herself in a challenging situation when her father dies. She has no money to live on, and the only viable option is getting a job. Sophie lands a job in one of the largest department stores in London, and she makes friends with Lil and Billy.

Just before the store’s official opening, a priceless clockwork sparrow is stolen, and Sophie becomes the prime suspect.

Billy and Lil are determined to bail Sophie out by helping her solve the mystery of the missing sparrow. This book is packed with adventure and suspense to keep your 8-year-old turning the pages. 

5. Dragons in a Bag

Written by Zetta Elliot

This is one of the best chapter books for children aged eight to eleven. It’s a perfect blend of mystery, adventures, and myths.

Jax’s mother drops him off to an old lady, Ma. Shortly after, Jax discovers that Ma isn’t your regular kind of lady; she helps magical dragons and other animals travel through worlds.

It’s all fun and games until a mishap happens, and Ma needs Jax’s help to come back to real-time, and the dragons need transportation too.

Dragons in a bag is one of the best books for 8 year olds trying to better their character development reading skills.

6. Amelia Bedelia

Written by Peggy Parish

8-year-olds have a sense of humor, too, and they will definitely appreciate this comic book by Peggy Parish.

Also, kids understand things differently due to their varied comprehension levels and individual orientations, so your child will easily relate to the main character in this tale.

Amelia often finds herself in hilarious and awkward situations because she takes everything literally. This book will keep your young one entertained even as they learn a thing or two from Amelia’s experiences. 

7. Who Would Win? Whale vs. Giant Squid

Written by Jerry Pallotta

Third graders can actually comprehend some of these seemingly complex books. It’s all about determination and motivation to learn. In this story, Jerry Pallotta presents two water carnivores, the sperm whale and a giant squid.

Your child has a lot to learn from this book, including animal names, habitation, and feeding habits.

The fun culminates when the two marine heavy-weights decide to face it off, and the reader has to keep guessing who wins, eventually. The colorful illustrations by Rob Bolster add flavor to the reading.

8. When Stars are Scattered

Written by Omar Mohamed and Victoria Jamieson

Once in a while, your child needs an awakening story to remind them of the various life dynamics and what it means to be less privileged.

8-year-olds are old enough to understand life struggles and the different seasons people go through. In this passionate story, two brothers Hassan and Omar, find themselves in a refugee camp.

Even though life is as challenging as it would be in such a setting, a stranger takes care of them, and they have something to smile about. Amidst all the struggle, the two brothers still look forward to great times at the camp.

9. Zoo Camp Puzzle

Written by Gail Herman

Your young one will love and learn from this mysterious zoo story. It’s about keeping animals safe, and the puzzles used to unravel the mysteries will give your child a good brain jog. Two sister elephants Ava and Rosi, aren’t excited about moving to the zoo for summer.

The elephants have noticed some suspicious activities and are scared for themselves and the entire animal family.

Not knowing what to do, their brother Ethan comes into the picture, and together they are ready to tackle the zoo camp puzzle.

10. Cat Kid Comic Club

Written by Dav Pilkey

Cat Kid Comic Club is the home of comedy and silliness. It happens mainly in a classroom setting where Cat kid tries teaching a group of tadpoles to write their comic books.

Everything is dull, and the tadpoles seem disinterested until a strange wave of excitement has them drawing and writing.

This funny book will leave your kid in stitches as the story builds up from indifferent to erratic tadpoles who seem to have suddenly gotten the inspiration to write and draw. It’s too much silliness in one book, and 8-year-olds are here for it.

11. Little Leaders: Bold Women In Black History

Written by Vashti Harrison

Your 8-year-old girl isn’t too young to learn from the great black leaders. In fact, this book is a perfect read for black history month. Vashti serves us factual information about various women who have made the black community proud.

These inspirational stories are good for women in all age groups, and your third-grader isn’t an exception.

As you educate your kids in school, remember to expose them to the real-life experiences of those who went ahead of them. There’s a lot to learn from these bold black icons, such as courage, resilience, and dreaming.

Take Away

There’s a lot to be said about books, but most importantly, there’s one for everyone. If you don’t trust your book choices, try the above list and top it up with book recommendations from other trusted sources. Also, always consider your child’s reading level in your search for the best books for 8 year olds.

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