19 Books Like Making Bombs

Books Like Making Bombs

Have you read making bombs for Hitler, and now you are looking for more books like making bombs for Hitler? Well, you have come to the right place.

Another book by Marsha Forchuk Srypuch is Making Bombs for Hitler. Scholastic editions published it. 

This book follows Lida when she is kidnapped by the Nazis and forced to work in detention camps until she escapes. This is similar to the author’s previous work, Stolen Child, which Is also lovely.

Some of the similar books like making bombs for Hitler are: 

1. The Enemy Above: a Novel of World War II

By Michael P. Spradlin 

The summary of the enemy above is as follows. The Germans are getting closer. Anton, twelve, understands that his family will not outrun them. 

Additionally, a maze of underground tunnels appears to be the ideal hiding spot. However, danger lurks beneath the surface. The Gestapo’s ruthless Major Karl Von Deusen has made it his mission to apprehend every Jew in the Ukrainian countryside. 

Furthermore, if his society is discovered, Anton knows they will be transported to work camps…or worse. Anton makes a bold move when a surprise invasion catches them off guard. 

However, he isn’t going to run any longer. And he’s not going to hide. He’ll stop being the hunted and start hunting for himself. 

2. Zomboy

By Richard Scrimger: 

Zomboy is one of the books you should read, like making bombs for Hitler. The narrative of a young zombie who is integrated into a regular classroom in southern Ontario comes from the mind of one of Canada’s funniest writers. 

Furthermore, in this exhilarating and surprisingly touching tale, clashes, heroics, and laughter occur as the community’s tolerance for difference—and narrator Bob’s tolerance for an undead rival—is tested to the limit. 

3. Projekt 1065: a Novel of World War II

By Alan Gratz 

World War II is in full swing. Michael O’Shaughnessy, a native of Ireland, lives with his parents in Nazi Germany. Additionally, Michael is a member of the Hitler Youth, much like the other guys at his school. Michael, on the other hand, has a secret. He and his parents are both spies. 

Additionally, Michael despises the Nazis and everything they stand for. But, to get insider knowledge, he participates in the Hitler Youth’s gruesome games and book burnings. 

When Michael learns about Projekt 1065, a top-secret Nazi war mission, Things become even more tricky. Additionally, he must prove his allegiance to the Hitler Youth at all costs, even if it means jeopardizing his entire life. Including, of course, his own life. 

4. Ortega

By Maureen Fergus 

Ortega by Maureen Fergus is one of the books like making a bomb for Hitler you should read. He traced the trail of a stray raindrop that had landed near the corner of his eye and dripped down his cheek with a thick finger. 

And he thought to himself that gorillas didn’t know how to cry, which was probably a good thing. 

Ortega, raised in a laboratory, may appear virtually human to his scientist-caregivers, but a talking gorilla is nothing more than a freak to the kids at his new school. 

On the other hand, Ortega will have to change people’s thoughts unless he wants to spend the rest of his life in a cage. 

5. Prisoner B-3087

By Alan Gratz 

There are ten concentration camps. You’ll be hungry, tortured, and slaved ruthlessly in ten different locations. No one could conceive of surviving such a situation. 

Yanek Gruener, on the other hand, has to deal with it. Yanek is a Jewish youngster in Poland in the 1930s who is at the mercy of the Nazis who have gained power. 

Everything he has and everyone he cares about has been taken from him. Furthermore, Yanek is taken prisoner, with PRISONER B-3087 tattooed on his arm. 

As World War II rages all around him, he is forced to move from one dreadful concentration camp to another. 

Additionally, he finds evil he could never have imagined during the tragedy, but he also discovers an unexpected glimmer of hope. He almost avoids death, to face it again seconds later. 

In addition, can Yanek survive the nightmare without losing his faith, his determination, and, most importantly, his sense of who he is on the inside? 

6. Resistance

By Jennifer A. Nielsen 

Next on our list of books like making bombs for Hitler, you should read Resistance. Chaya Lindner is a Polish adolescent living in Nazi-occupied territory. 

Additionally, she is in danger of being slaughtered or sent to the camps because she is Jewish. Chaya is determined to make a difference after her younger sister is taken away, her younger brother vanishes, and her parents all but give up hope. 

In addition, Chaya becomes a courier and travels between the Jewish ghettos of Poland, smuggling food, papers, and sometimes people, using false documents and her fair features. 

Chaya soon joins a resistance cell that conducts raids on Nazi supply lines. Chaya’s network, however, is shattered after a mission goes wrong. 

7. Oak Island Revenge

By Cynthia D’ Entremont 

In 1958, Jonah was 14 years old and lived in a town on Canada’s east coast. He and his best friend, Beaz, have devised a plan to reach the fabled Oak Island, searching for treasure. 

Meanwhile, they couldn’t believe their luck when they discovered a gold locket down one of the treasure shafts. Until they realize the locket isn’t pirate booty but credible evidence in a current murder case, which Jonah already knows more about than he can handle. 

Additionally, Jonah hides the secret because Beaz is in danger from his abusive mother if she finds out he’s gone to Oak Island, even though a killer is on the loose in his tiny hamlet. 

8. The Cat At The Wall

By Deborah Ellis 

A cat sneaks into a modest Palestinian house on Israel’s West Bank that two Israeli troops have just seized. The house appears to be vacant until the cat notices a small boy hidden beneath the floorboards. 

Should she lend a hand to him? She is, after all, just a cat. Is she, or is she not? Additionally, this particular cat, it turns out, isn’t used to thinking about anyone but herself. 

Furthermore, she used to be a typical North American adolescent who had to cope with specific middle-school issues like remaining under the radar of the instructors, harassing her sister and the unpopular kids at school, and outwitting her stupid parents. 

The cat at the wall is also one of the books like making bombs for Hitler you should read.  

9. A Night Divided

By Jennifer A. Nielsen 

With the fall of the Berlin Wall, Gerta, a twelve-year-old girl, finds her family torn apart. She, her mother, and her brother Fritz live in the Soviet-controlled eastern half of the country. 

Additionally, her father and middle brother, who had fled to the West searching for a job, cannot return. 

However, Gerta is well aware that watching the wall and thinking prohibited thoughts of freedom is harmful, but she can’t help herself. 

Nevertheless, she sees East German soldiers trained on their people; her family, neighbors, and friends are all held captive in their city. 

However, one day on her way to school, Gerta notices her father pantomiming a strange dance on a viewing platform on the western side. 

Gerta connects the dots when she receives a mystery drawing and deduces that her father wants Gerta and Fritz to dig through the wall and out of East Berlin. 

If they are apprehended, however, the repercussions will be fatal. No one can be relied upon. Will Gerta and her family be able to reach their goal of freedom? 

10. The Broken Blade

By William Durbin 

Pierre La Page, then 13 years old, never believed he’d be leaving Montreal to paddle 2,400 miles. It was something his father and other older men did. 

Furthermore, when Pierre’s father is killed in an accident, he drops out of school and joins the North West Company as a voyageur to help his family get through the winter. 

Pierre has a difficult time because he is the youngest in the brigade. Pierre is miserable, from the dangerous waters and cruel teasing to his aching and wounded hands. However, he still has no choice but to make the journey to Grand Portage and back. 

11. The Beak of the Finch: A Story of Evolution in Our Time

By Jonathan Weiner 

The finch’s beak is also one of the books like making bombs for Hitler. Two scientists, Peter and Rosemary Grant, have spent twenty years establishing that Darwin did not know the power of his hypothesis on a desert island in the Galapagos archipelago. 

Where Darwin had his first inklings of the idea of evolution, natural selection is neither rare nor slow among Daphne Major’s finches: it happens by the hour, and we can see it. 

Jonathan Weiner follows these scientists observing Darwin’s finches and developing a new concept of life in this gripping account of crucial scientific research. 

Furthermore, in the style of Stephen Jay Gould, The Beak of the Finch is a beautifully written and captivating masterwork of theory and exposition. 

12. Prisoner of War

By Michael P. Spradlin 

Survive the conflict. Outlast your adversary. Continue to live. That is precisely what Henry Forrest must do. Henry never imagines he’ll face anything worse than his own father’s harshness when he lies about his age to join the Marines. 

His unit, however, is sent to the Philippines, where the heat is terrible, the conditions are harsh, and Henry’s fantasies of carefree wandering are shattered. 

Additionally, the Japanese invaded the islands, forcing the US forces to surrender. As a prisoner of war, Henry is subjected to horrors. 

Despite this, he finds sympathy, respect, and even kinship among his fellow hostages. Amid the darkness, there is a ray of hope. 

13. Sink or Swim: A Novel of World War II

By Steve Watkins 

Sink or Swim is also one of the books like making bombs for Hitler to read. Steve Watkins weaves a story of heroism in the face of peril and hope in the face of defeat, based on the true story of the youngest boy who served in World War II. 

Additionally, a month has passed since the attack of Pearl Harbor. Everyone wants to help because America is officially at war with Germany and Japan. 

Colton, twelve years old, will have to step up at home once his elder brother, Danny, joins the navy. However, the brothers are fishing on the Atlantic Ocean before Danny goes for boot camp when Danny’s boat is capsized by a Nazi U-boat, nearly killing him. 

In addition, Colton discovers how close the enemy is to American shores as more U-boats attack the next day. With Danny’s life in jeopardy, Colton does the only thing he can think of to assist his family and country: he steals his brother’s enlistment papers and enters the army instead. 

Daring Colton’s decision leads to a dangerous adventure. Even if he manages to conceal his age and make it through boot camp, he’ll have to contend with Hitler’s deadly submarines. 

But the longer Colton is at sea, the less confident he is that he and his shipmates will be able to stop such a tenacious foe. 

14. Code of Honor

By Alan Gratz 

Kamran Smith is a whole package. He’s the football team star, dating the most popular girl, and is eager to join the army like Darius’s older brother. 

Furthermore, Kamran has always felt entirely American, although his mother is Iranian. Then everything comes crashing down. 

Additionally, Darius has been charged with being a terrorist. Kamran, on the other hand, refuses to believe it. However, Darius has been caught on camera making threats against his own country, implying that a fatal strike is on the way. Everyone in Kamran’s life turns against him and his family all of a sudden. 

Kamran is well aware that it is his responsibility to clear his brother’s identity. Kamran must piece together a succession of clues and codes in a race against time to find Darius—and the truth. Is it, however, a fact Kamran is willing to accept? Is he putting his own life in danger? 

15. Refugee

By Alan Gratz 

ESCAPE is their common goal. Josef is a Jewish youngster growing up in Nazi Germany in the 1930s. He and his family board a ship destined for the other side of the world as their fear of concentration camps looms… 

In 1994, Isabel was a Cuban girl. With riots and upheaval raging across her country, she and her family boarded a raft in the hopes of finding safety and freedom in the United States… 

Additionally, in 2015, Mahmoud was a Syrian boy. With his homeland ravaged by violence and ruin, he and his family set out on a lengthy journey to Europe… 

Each of the three young individuals will embark on dangerous expeditions, searching for safety. Everyone will be exposed to unfathomable hazards, such as drownings, explosions, and betrayals. However, there is always the possibility of failure for every one of them. The refugee is also one of the books like making bombs for Hitler.  

16. Words on Fire

By Jennifer A. Nielsen 

Audra’s family farm in Lithuania is never distant from danger. She avoids the occupying Russian Cossack warriors at all costs, who demand that everyone become Russian. And also have outlawed Lithuanian publications, religion, culture, and even the language. 

Additionally, on the other hand, Audra is aware that her parents are participating in a dangerous and hidden plot. 

Audra’s parents urge that she evacuate when Cossacks come at their door, carrying with her an essential box and instructions about where to give it. 

However, fleeing would mean abandoning her parents to a horrible fate. Audra faces unfathomable dangers as she sets out on a mission to deliver the strange box. 

And she quickly finds herself caught up in a burgeoning resistance movement. Can Audra save herself by joining an underground network of book smugglers? 

17. The Boy Who Dared

By Susan Campbell Bartoletti 

In Nazi Germany, a young man confesses the truth about Hitler. Bartoletti has expanded on one of the episodes from her Newbery Honor Book, Hitler Youth, into an entire novel. 

When 16-year-old Helmut Hubner listens to BBC news on an illegal short-wave radio, he rapidly realizes that Germany is deceiving the public. However, he is charged with treason when he uses leaflets to disclose the truth. 

Helmut’s tale emerges in a sequence of flashbacks that demonstrate his maturation from a naive boy caught up in the patriotism of the moment to a sensitive and sophisticated young man who thinks for himself—in comparison, being sentenced to death and languishing in a detention cell. 

18. Conspiracy

By Andy Marino 

Based on a true story about a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler, this thrilling trilogy pits two brave children against one of history’s greatest monsters. November 1943, Berlin. 

Meanwhile, the city is enveloped by explosions as bombing attacks begin. During the raids, Gerta and Max Hoffmann have a strangely carefree childhood. Berlin is a city that goes about its business despite being bombed virtually every night. 

However, the air raid sirens sound one night, and the Hoffmanns’ neighborhood is bombed. A mortally injured guy knocks on their door and begs to be admitted. Karl Hoffmann, their father, is the person he seeks. 

Gerta and Max stand by and watch as Karl makes futile attempts to save the man’s life. 

19. The War That Saved My Life

By Kimberly Brubaker Bradley 

Last on our list of books like making bombs for Hitler you should read is the war that saved my life by Kimberly. Ada has never left her one-room apartment since she was ten years old. 

Furthermore, Ada’s mother is too embarrassed by her daughter’s twisted foot to let her out. So when Ada’s younger brother Jamie is taken out of London to flee the war, she doesn’t waste any time joining him. 

So begins Ada’s new adventure and Susan Smith’s, compelled to take in the two children. Ada begins to trust Susan as she learns to ride a pony, reads, and keeps an eye out for German spies. 

Additionally, Susan, in turn, begins to love Ada and Jamie. However, will their bond be strong enough to keep them together during the war? Or will Ada and her brother be dragged back into the clutches of their tormentors? 

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