8 Best Cooking Games for Mac in 2022

Cooking Games for Mac

There are so many cooking games on the App Store that deciding which ones are the best may be difficult whether you’re trying to improve your digital chef abilities or find a fun app for your kids.

Below are the best cooking games for Mac.

1. My Kingdom for the Princess 3

My Kingdom for the Princess 3 is one of the best cooking games for mac with a fantastic life simulation and virtual world game that immerses you in the role of Arthur, the brave Knight who helped rebuild the entire kingdom.

After 25 years, the Kingdom still requires your guts and courage. You must defeat the traitors, repel the attacks, and save the country to rebuild it and restore prosperity.

To achieve the objectives, you’ll also need to solve some of the most difficult puzzles and activities.

In addition, enjoy being “The One”, a Successful and Brave Knight that rescues the kingdoms and lives the life of your dreams.

2. Cooking stars

In Cooking Stars, you may make burgers, sushi, pizza, cupcakes, ice cream, and other tasty dishes using worldwide recipes.

Become a cook as well as a waiter. Also, maintain your kitchen, reap the rewards, make changes, and remember to design your restaurant to attract more customers.

Surveillance of the waiter for timely completion of tasks and client patience. To optimize your profits, use boosters at the correct time.

Discover diverse restaurants and cafés, like Star Burgers, Café Fresh, Sushi Bar, Pizzeria, and many more.

In addition, each restaurant provides a one-of-a-kind gourmet experience with dozens of one-of-a-kind dishes!

3. Stand O’ Food

G5 Games developed and released Stand O’ Food, one of the best cooking games for mac.

It is a sequel to the previous edition, featuring new levels, cafés, and other features.

The player takes on the role of Ronnie, a protagonist who is riding a wave of prosperity in his hometown.

During the game, the player may prepare delicious burgers and deliver them to his clients to fulfill their hunger.

Billed services can unlock hidden recipes to improve the burger’s taste and more.

The game also has an intriguing plot in which the player meets Mr. Clarence and Nikki to stop the enemy, Mr. Tong, from carrying out his vengeance scheme.

The player must open restaurants around his nation and battle to provide nutritious and speedy meals to his consumers in over twenty-five eateries under his supervision.

Seventy-five levels, 12 bonus levels, twenty-five cafés, thirty-three unlockable achievements, and more are included in Stand O’ Food.

4. Burger Shop

Burger Shop is one of the best cooking games on mac. In this game, the player is a cook tasked with serving customers burgers and shakes.

The player can begin making amazing food and opening a restaurant after obtaining a batch of letters.

The game includes mini-games where the player must fulfill daily tasks. Burger Shop is a fantastic game with unlimited playability.

There are different modes, over eighty narrative stages, eight distinct restaurants, over sixty different meals, and ninety-six trophies to acquire in this game.

With very addicting gameplay, pleasant background music, stunning visuals, and excellent physics Burger Shop are one of the games that you may play and have fun with.

5. Cake Mania

Sandlot Games developed and released Cake Mania, a single-player, strategy, browser-based, and time-management video game.

The game is set in a gorgeous setting, and it gives you the chance to create your ideal restaurant.

According to the plot, Jill Evans, the female heroine, enrolls at a cooking school to learn how to prepare delectable meals after being inspired by her Baker grandmother.

When the heroine returns home from school, she learns that her grandparents’ bakery, Evans’ Bakery, has closed.

She decides to establish her bakery and acquire enough money to buy her grandparents’ business.  

The protagonist will have to learn how to cope with difficult consumers.

The player can take on the role of Jill, the protagonist, whose major goal is to deal with clients, make their preferred dishes, and feed them to collect money.

Compete against her competition and defeat them by providing the finest services and keeping her clients satisfied.

Cake Mania is one of the best cooking games for mac to play and enjoy, with fantastic gameplay, a well-written plot, and excellent mechanics.

6. Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2

Cook, Serve, and Enjoy! Vertigo Gaming’s 2 is a single-player and multiplayer restaurant simulation for several platforms that was created and released by Vertigo Gaming.

The game is a sequel to Cook, Serve, Delicious, and it places the player in the position of a chef and the primary operator of a small restaurant, like in the first title.

Throughout the game, the player is required to prepare requested orders while simultaneously cleaning and hyphenizing.

Most of them need the player to press specific buttons to follow cooking or cleaning instructions.

To win the hearts of the customers, become a chef, show your inner skills, and then make exquisite cuisine.

There are numerous stages, and to progress through the game, the player must satisfy the requirements of each customer.

It has a unique set of gameplay features that distinguish it apart from the main title.

The game allows the player to decorate and upgrade his restaurant with a set of art, furniture, and wallpapers, and there are more than thirty delicious foods to prepare.

7. Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals

Peta2 has created and published Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals, an action, first-person perspective, education, and single-player simulation game.

The game provides a fantastic gameplay experience that the user has never had before.

The game consists of a series of mini-games in which the player must cook a turkey.

The player must fulfill several goals: plucking the bird’s feathers, removing organs, gathering ingredients, placing them, chopping the head, and preparing it to serve.

There are several levels to choose from, each with its own set of challenges and expertise.

The game grows more difficult to play as the player progresses, and additional levels are unlocked.

The player must get the greatest point total and challenge his teammates to do so.

The game awards the player with tasty extras if he completes the level on time.

Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals is the finest game to play and enjoy, with significant features, engaging gameplay, and superb mechanics.

8. Jack of All Tribes Deluxe

G5 Games created and released Jack of All Tribes Deluxe, an engaging Time Management, Puzzle, and Strategy video game for many platforms.

Assume the role of the protagonist and explore the prehistoric tribe to assist the tribesmen in need.

It takes place in an exciting universe where you must assist the residents in establishing their houses and establishing prosperous settlements.

The main goal is to keep the villagers happy by providing them with beverages and food and protecting them from calamities and barbarians.

There are up to forty stages in the game, and there are twelve different types of buildings to use to create a lovely village.

The game begins with an empty piece of land, and you aim to develop it into a town so that you may accomplish tasks and earn money and points.

Discover new technology and get the opportunity to become friends with the chef’s adorable daughter.

The protagonist, Jack, is stranded on a foreign island and needs your assistance in locating an item from the future as well as a means of returning to his home.

The basic elements of Jack of All Tribes Deluxe include a fascinating story, eighteen artifacts to collect, forty levels, and more.

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