10 Anime Like Golden Time

Anime Like Golden Time

Golden Time is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yuyuko Takemiya. The anime debuted on October 3, 2013, and it ended on March 27, 2014, in Japan. There are lots of anime like Golden Time.

The opening theme for the first 12 episodes is “Golden Time,” while the closing theme is “Sweet & Sweet Cherry.” The story’s main character is Banri Tada, a man who just got into a private law school in Tokyo. 

It shows how the main characters try to find a balance between love and friendship rather than how their relationship grows.

These anime are similar to Golden Time in terms of plotlines as well as other characteristics such as characters and themes.

1. Relife (2016)

Relife is a good example of an anime like Golden Time. The plot centers on Arata Kaizaki, a 27-year-old NEET. Arata Kaizaki hasn’t had a job for a long time, even though he’s been telling people he does. 

One day, a mystery man named Ry Yoake approaches him and offers him a job. Kaizaki must first become a test subject for ReLife, a scientific experiment.

The experiment will make him seem 10 years younger and send him back in time as a high school student.

The goal of the Relife experiment is to let the person go back to his or her childhood. At the same time, they correct any problems in the person’s life.

The main distinction is the setting—college as opposed to high school—and Golden Time’s drama seems more “in-depth.”

2. Plastic Memories (2015)

Plastic Memories is set in a city in the near future, where people coexist with androids. These androids look just like humans and possess human feelings and memories.

Like every other anime like Golden Time, Plastic Memories is also a good watch. In the anime, SAI Corp is the industry leader in creating androids.

SAI Corp says that the Giftia is an advanced android model with the most human-like traits of any model. It is a good example of an anime like Golden Anime. 

The plot revolves around the work and lives of a team at SAI Corp’s Terminal Service. The team consists of Tsukasa Mizugaki, the human protagonist, and Isla, a Giftia. Their friendship develops, and they both gradually fall in love.

3. One Week Friends (2014)

One Week Friends is a good example of an anime like Golden Time. Like every other anime like Golden Time, it is equally thrilling and filled with love.

The plot revolves around a boy and a girl who is locked in a circle of friendship that never ends.

Yūki Hase, a high school student, notes that his pretty classmate Kaori Fujimiya is often alone and appears to have no friends.

Kaori Fujimiya is in a strange predicament. She tends to forget everything, except her family, at the end of each week.

Yūki Hase is adamant about becoming her friend despite going through the same situation every week.

While Yūki merely wants to be as close to Kaori as possible, Kaori doesn’t want to offend anyone. She is afraid of hurting someone with her forgetful nature.

4. The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat (2013)

The anime’s plot revolves around Yōto Yokodera, a second-year high school student. Yōto Yokodera is undoubtedly the school’s biggest pervert. His main issue is that he is not good at expressing his true emotions. 

One day, his equally perverse best friend entirely turns and rids himself of his “impure thoughts.” His friend ascribes the power of the “Stony Cat” statue to rid him of his dirty thoughts.

The plot is largely grounded, despite the small amount of magic that may be there. The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat explore the significance of memory, a theme that runs throughout Golden Time. It is a good example of an anime like Golden Time.

5. Red Data Girl (2013)

The story’s subject is 15-year-old Izumiko Suzuhara, who was born and raised at Tamakura Shrine. Izumiko Suzuhara has the ability to destroy whatever electrical gadget she comes into contact with. Despite Izumiko’s shyness, she wants to live in the city.

YukimasaSagara, her guardian, suggests that she enroll at Hōjō High School in Tokyo, along with his son, Miyuki Sagara. YukimasaSagara forces his son to be Izumiko’s guardian for the rest of her life, no matter where she is.

From there, the classic scenario of two individuals who can’t stand each other being forced together is developed. 

Izumiko and her unusual gift are what make this story, despite its otherworldly undertones, feel like Golden Time. Red Data Girl is a classic example of an anime like Golden Time.

6. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (2012 – 2013)

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou is unquestionably a magnificent example of an anime like Golden Time. The anime is about a group of troubled teenagers living together in a hostel.

Sorata Kanda believes the home is already insane enough – until Mashiro Shiina moves there. Mashiro Shiina appears innocent at first glance.

However, she turns out to be just the perfect person to enter this crazy student home. The hero Kanda in the anime reminded us of Golden Time.

Kanda’s timidity and awkward yet honest nature look similar to Tada’s in The Pet Girl of Sakurasou. Shiina’s relationship is as erratic as the one in Golden Time. It is a classic example of an anime like Golden Time.

7. Charlotte (2015)

The story takes place in a parallel universe where some kids get superpowers as they get closer to becoming teenagers.

An emphasis is placed on Yuu Otosaka, a high school student. Yuu Otosaka awakens the capacity to possess people, drawing Nao Tomori’s attention briefly.

Nao Tomori is the president of the student council at Hoshinoumi Academy. Hoshinoumi Academy is a school established as a refuge for kids with such powers. Yuu Otosaka is compelled to join the student council at Hoshinoumi Academy.

The anime received accolades for its unpredictable nature and emotive moments. However, its structure and tempo have drawn criticism for needing to be more effective. 

8. Tsuredure Children (2017)

The anime recounts various love stories about young kids in an omnibus format. Especially young kids attending the same high school.

It shows how difficult it is for them to declare their feelings for one another. Tsuredure Children is a good example of an anime like Golden Time.

For those of you who have never been able to express “I love you,” Tsuredure Children is for them. This story of youth and romance will demonstrate how high school kids enjoy their golden years.

Even if the young kids’ plans don’t always work out, they always manage to make the most of the circumstances. Just like in Golden Time, we see how Banri and Kouko Kaga strive to find a balance between love and friendship.

9. Toradora (2008 – 2009)

Ryuuji and Taiga are the focus of this high school romance. Even though Ryuuji is a nice guy, everyone mistakenly believes he is a troublemaker. People think Ryuuji is dangerous because he looks scary, which he got from his mafia father.

However, Taiga, despite her diminutive stature, is feared by all. This is because Taiga has never allowed anyone to stand up to her.

They grew closer as they helped each other get acknowledged by their crushes. Their crushes, however, did not accept them as time passed.

It’s a good example of an anime like Golden Time. The two main characters end up falling in love. Toradora, like Golden Time, contains drama and high school romance, and the characters each have their own difficulties in dealing with.

10. A Town Where You Live (2013)

Haruto lives in the countryside, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. But his world was turned upside down when Yuzuki, a city girl, came to stay with her family for a bit. They have several beautiful memories together, and then she vanishes from Haruto’s life.

Following his goal, Haruto moves to the city to live with his sister. But, deep down, he hoped to see Yuzuki again because he now lived in the same place she did. Both anime have their differences, although they share many plot elements.

Banri and Haruto, like many others, moved from the countryside to the city in search of a better life. In addition, both anime include a passionate romance that runs throughout the story. A Town Where You Live is a good example of an anime like Golden Time.

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