7 Best Easter Movies on Hulu

Easter Movies on Hulu

Here are some fantastic Easter movies on Hulu. It would help if you watched it on Easter weekend. At an Easter egg hunt, you’re likely to spoil your most excellent Sunday clothing with grass stains.  

Easter, on the other hand, comes a little early this year. The holiday falls on Sunday, which means that if you live in a snowy area, you’re in for another frigid weekend.  

So, if you’d rather stay in your warm home this Easter, here are a few movies you can watch on Hulu to get in the mood—from Jesus’ biopics to vaguely “spring-themed.” (Please note that there are significantly fewer Easter-themed films than there are Christmas-themed films.)

1. Son of God (2014)

From his humble birth to his teachings, crucifixion, and ultimate resurrection, the life narrative of Jesus is told. Additionally, Son of God is a Christopher Spencer-directed epic biblical film produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. 

Some cast members include Joe Wredden, Diogo Morgado, Greg Hicks, Adrian Schiller, Darwin Shaw, Sebastian Knapp.  

2. Mary Magdalene (2018)

Mary Magdalene is one of the best Easter movies on Hulu right now. In the first century, Mary Magdalene, a free-spirited woman, leaves her family’s arranged marriage, finding sanctuary and a sense of purpose in a radical new movement founded by Jesus.  

Additionally, Mary, the only woman among Jesus’ followers, confronts patriarchal stereotypes as she undergoes a profound spiritual awakening and finds herself at the Centre of a world-shaking historical event.

The top cast includes Tahar Rahim, Rooney Mara, Joaquin Phoenix, Chiwetel Ejiofor. 

3. Hop (2011)

Hop presents the humorous story of Fred, an out-of-work lazy who accidentally injures the Easter Bunny and has to take him in while he heals, combining state-of-the-art animation with live-action.  

Both Fred and the world’s worst houseguest will learn what it takes to eventually grow up as Fred battles with the world’s worst houseguest.

The top cast includes Russell Brand, Kaley Cuoco, Hank Azaria, Gary Cole, Elizabeth Perkins, David Hasselhoff, Chelsea Handler, and Hugh Laurie. 

4. Noah (2014)

Noah is also one of the best Easter movies on Hulu. There was nothing in the beginning.” As the rising floodwaters cleansed the globe of humanity’s wrongdoing, so begins this version of the story centered on Noah, the man entrusted by God to safeguard the innocent animals of Earth.  

Furthermore, we discover how Adam and Eve’s transgressions were carried down through the centuries through their sons Cain and Abel and how the descendants of their virtuous sibling Seth were charged with defending creation as the story progresses.  

Additionally, Noah, a descendant of Seth, sees his father killed by a descendant of Cain while foraging in the country. Noah’s birthright is taken from him in the process.

Noah stars include Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, and Anthony Hopkins,  

5. The Miracle Maker (2000)

Jesus of Nazareth is a talented carpenter with a vast network of contacts in the trade. But he decides to give up everything and become an itinerant preacher and faith healer, preaching the word of God.  

Additionally, he attracts a diverse group of followers who see him differently. Judas Iscariot fantasizes about a bloody Jewish uprising against the Roman Empire.  

Furthermore, he sees Jesus as a possible revolution leader and liberator of the Jews. Mary Magdalene is a deranged woman who has been seeing hallucinations for some time.  

However, she sees Jesus as the one who can provide her relief from her pain. Simon Peter is a frustrated fisherman who protests loudly about unfair taxation and tax collector misconduct. For him, Jesus delivers a reason to believe.  

Matthew is a crooked tax collector with a criminal record. Some of the top cast, including Ralph Fiennes, Julie Christie, Richard E. Grant, Ian Holm, and Michael Bryant, are among the film’s cast members. 

6. Rise of The Guardian (2012)

Rose of the Guardian is next on our list of best Easter movies on Hulu. An evil spirit known as Pitch throws down the gauntlet to take over the globe.  

Furthermore, the immortal Guardians must band together for the first time to preserve the world’s children’s hopes, beliefs, and imaginations. Some of the top cast are Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Jude Law, Isla Fisher, and Hugh Jackman feature in the film. 

7. All Dogs Go to Heavens (1989)

With the help of his trusty friend Itchy, a nervously hyperactive dachshund, Charlie B. Barkin, a rogue German Shepherd with a dark past, escapes from the New Orleans Dog Pound.

However, he goes back to his gambling casino partner Carface Malone. A shady pitbull who is planning a treacherous and potentially lethal double-cross.  

Charlie finds himself at the Pearly Gates, confronted with the Heavenly Whippet. Charlie finds a method to return to Earth and reunites with Itchy.

He plots his vengeance against Carface and enlists the aid of a little girl named Anne-Marie in the process.  

Furthermore, Charlie and Anne Marie’s life are on the line after a series of devious plans, close calls, and incredible experiences. Only one person is capable of doing so. 

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