17 Best Fitness Games for VR

Best fitness games for VR

VR fitness games are fun to get in shape and keep fit, and they can also be a great way to socialize with friends and family!

Whether you want to use VR fitness games as a supplement to your regular workout routine or want something more active and engaging, there’s something for everyone on this list of the best fitness games for VR.

Supernatural VR

Supernatural VR is a fitness game that lets you take on the role of Sam and Dean Winchester, brothers who hunt monsters. 

As such, it has a large variety of monsters to fight, with each one requiring different strategies and tactics. This gives you plenty of opportunities to run around and punch things while also burning calories. This is one of the best fitness games for VR.

The game is available on all major VR platforms: Oculus Quest and Rift S (Oculus Rift), PSVR, Vive Focus/Pro (Vive), Oculus Go/Quest Mobile (Go), Gear VR (Samsung Gear), or Google Daydream View 2nd Gen or 3rd gen or 4th gen (Google Daydream).


TRIPP is one of the best fitness games for VR that you can play on your own, but it’s also fun to play with friends. So if you like competition and the feeling of working out in a group, this is a great option for you. 

It’s easy to learn and inexpensive, so it won’t break the bank even if you’re on a budget! TRIPP will get your heart rate up while improving coordination skills at the same time.

The game uses simple controls so anyone can pick it up easily, but there are advanced levels, too, if you want more of a challenge.


FitXR is one of the best fitness games for VR because it uses your body as a controller. It’s a game that lets you exercise your body in fun ways, no matter how old or fit you are.

FitXR is an addictive and easy-to-play game that allows players to get fit differently. Whether it be dodging asteroids or swinging from monkey bars, FitXR will keep people occupied and working out for hours on end!


If you’re looking for a full-body workout that doesn’t require much time, VZfit is a great option. The app uses simulated environments like mountains and parks, so it’s not the most exciting game in the world. 

However, it provides a good opportunity to practice your fitness skills. This is another good addition to our list of best fitness games for VR.

VZfit offers several different types of workouts, including HIIT (high-intensity interval training), cardio, yoga, and stretching. 

You can also use this app without any VR equipment if you prefer! Since VZfit gives you access to hundreds of exercises and programs on your phone screen or computer monitor, it is easy to get started with VR fitness without having any expensive hardware like an Oculus Rift!


Holofit is one of the best fitness games for VR that uses a virtual reality headset to help you exercise and lose weight. 

It’s designed to be easy to use and fun, so it’s not just for serious athletes. This technology allows users to train in impossible or dangerous ways in real life—like rock climbing with no ropes or using guns during battle simulations. 

A major advantage of Holofit over other training methods is that it does not require any special equipment except for the VR headset itself (a basic VR setup costs around $900). This means users won’t have to worry about things like buying weights or running shoes before they start training with Holofit!


The game isn’t just about the calories you burn; it’s also about the muscle mass you build. If you want to tone up your body and sculpt a perfect six-pack, this is the perfect game for that.

You’ll get a full-body workout in 30 minutes or less as your virtual trainer pushes you through intense cardio sessions and strength training exercises like squats and lunges. 

It’s all supported by an onscreen coach who keeps track of your progress and gives advice on how best to improve your performance over time.

OhShape has been designed specifically for VR, so it really does feel like you have an actual personal trainer right there with you doing their best at pushing yourself further than ever before!

Phantom: Covert Ops

Phantom: Covert Ops is one of the best fitness games for VR that will help you train your reflexes and improve your reaction time.

It’s great for beginners, so if you’re not sure if you want to invest in a more expensive game or just see what fitness games are like on the Vive, this is a good option.

It’s free to download and easy to play—it only takes about 15 minutes! You can even play with family members or friends—you just need two controllers and two headsets. This can be a great way to get started with VR fitness if you’ve never tried anything like this before.

Until You Fall

Until You Fall is a first-person ninja arcade game with an aesthetic reminiscent of the classic games many people grew up on.

It’s one of the best fitness games for VR that has you jumping, dodging, and slashing your way through levels, but it also allows you to use power-ups to help you out as well.

You can play it with either an Xbox One controller or HTC Vive motion controller for PC, making it easy for anyone who already owns one of these devices to get started immediately.

There are also leaderboards where you can compare scores with other players worldwide, creating additional motivation to keep playing and improving your skills!

The Thrill Of The Fight

The best part: there’s a way to play with a friend. If you have two VR headsets and two controllers, you can use them in the boxing ring at once.

You and another player can fight against each other, or one of you can use your controller while the other uses their hands, or both of you could use your hands for a more intense workout.

If you don’t have access to multiple VR headsets, that’s okay! There are plenty of options for playing The Thrill Of The Fight without virtual reality.

You can play either on a screen (like on an iPad) or with a controller instead of using your hands like in VR versions of the game—it’s just as fun either way!

The Climb 2

If you’re looking for a new way to get your heart racing and work up a sweat, The Climb 2 is the perfect game.

The Climb 2 is a climbing game that puts you in the shoes of a mountain climber who is scaling some of the world’s most dangerous peaks.

Along the way, you’ll encounter avalanches, lightning storms, slippery rocks, and more as you climb higher and higher up these mountains.

The game was developed by Crytek and released on February 28th, 2019, for both PC/Mac and PS4, with Oculus Rift support coming soon. So if your PC supports VR with an Oculus Rift headset, this will be an easy addition to your library!

Carve Snowboarding

You’ve probably played a few virtual reality games that have you snowboarding down the side of a mountain. But if you’re looking for something realistic, Carve Snowboarding is your game.

In this game, you do not just board down the mountain like in other sports games; you actually carve and turn as a real snowboarder would. You can choose different riding styles and customize your avatar before hitting the slopes!

Carve Snowboarding is also great because you don’t need any motion controls to play it—just use your hands on the Oculus Quest controller to control your border as he glides downhill through trees and over bumps in his path!

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is one of the best fitness games for VR and one of the best on the market. It’s a rhythm-based game that requires you to slash orbs as they approach you. The orbs are color-coded and correspond with the beat of the song playing in the background. 

For example, if a yellow orb approaches your right hand, it will be accompanied by an orange or red orb in your left hand. Slashing these orbs as they pass through their respective gates rewards you with points and makes for great arm workouts!

Beat Saber also works out your core and legs as well since all movements are done in place without ever needing to move around much at all (other than dodging obstacles).

If I had to recommend only one game from this list for someone looking for a fun way to get fit while playing video games, it would definitely be Beat Saber!

Audio Trip

Audio Trip is one of the best fitness games for VR that will have you working up a sweat while having fun. This is a great choice if you’re looking for an immersive experience that will get your heart rate up and blood pumping.

Players are tasked with listening to the song’s beat as they play through levels and rack up points. The more beats per minute (BPM) in each level, the more difficult it becomes to keep track of everything going on at once—so this game will challenge even experienced musicians!

The best part about Audio Trip? It’s free! If you want something with some crazy visuals but don’t want to spend any money on VR games or equipment, then Audio Trip might just be what you’re looking for.

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip is one of the best fitness games for VR, where you defend your castle from invaders by shooting them with a laser pistol. The game has been described as “the most fun you can have with a VR gun,” and it’s easy to see why: 

The gameplay has been designed to be intuitive, so the player feels like they’re holding a laser pistol. You can use the pistol to shoot enemies, but you can also use it to bounce bullets off of walls, ricochet them around corners, and even use it to deflect incoming missiles.

In addition to feeling real-world physics-based mechanics at work in every shot fired (you must account for gravity’s effects on your own trajectory), there are plenty of unique situations where these mechanics come into play—for example when jumping onto an enemy platform while firing at another enemy below will cause your bullet to crash through the first platform before hitting its intended target. 

This level of situational awareness makes shooting feel excitingly dynamic rather than static; there is never just one way or the best way for something like this game mechanic would work out when applied in other contexts!

Racket Nx

Racket Nx is one of the best fitness games for VR that lets you play tennis in a virtual environment. It is a simulator that offers a realistic experience of playing tennis in a virtual environment. 

The game has the ability to make you feel like you are actually on the court playing tennis with your friends and family members. It’s fun, exciting, and allows you to improve your skills and compete against other players worldwide!

Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer is a fast-paced, arcade-style VR shooter built for motion controllers. The game requires you to dodge and weave between incoming fire, duck behind cover, and blast away at flying robots with your blasters. It’s a great workout that’s fun to play.

The best thing about Space Pirate Trainer is that it can be played with others in the same room on the same PC (or PS4). 

So if you have friends who are interested in trying out VR for the first time or want to show off how awesome your setup looks inside an empty living room, this is one of my favorite games for doing so!

Ninja Legends

Ninja Legends is one of the best fitness games for VR that focuses on swordplay and the mastery of ninjutsu. 

You will be training to become a ninja master, who must learn how to use various weapons, including the katana and shuriken (throwing stars).

As you progress through your training, you’ll be able to compete with other players from around the world in online tournaments with multiple stages and varying locations.

In addition to its multiplayer mode, Ninja Legends also features an arcade mode where you can hone your skills against AI opponents. 

For those who want something more relaxing, there’s “Sparring Mode.” This feature allows you to practice with a friend or two outside of any competition setting; it lets players spar with one another using various swords and throwing stars—and even play music together!

So there you have a comprehensive list of the best fitness games for Oculus Quest. Whether you prefer an arcade experience or something more action-driven, there’s something here for everyone.

If we had to pick one game out of all these options, though, we would go with Supernatural VR by Vertigo Games because it offers the most realistic workout experience and has the potential to make you work harder than ever before!

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