Top 10 PPSSPP Zombie Games

PPSSPP Zombie Games

Zombie games have been one of the epitomes of thrill, spice, and high stakes in a game. Zombies are natural villains; they don’t need a back story.

All they need is to be sick and they can make any game fun. You can crush as much as you can and feel the thrill of the game.

Are you wondering if there’s some sick titles for your PSP? Well, they are! Here are our Top 10 PPSSPP Zombie games.

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1. Dead Head Fred

We start off with a very classic, released in 2007 Dead Head Fred is a game that allows players to take on the character of an unhinged detective Fred Neuman.

Murdered and resurrected by a very crazy scientific experiment, now? Fred doesn’t have a head.

Players now have to play as Fred and go and collect various items and switch out different heads as he has to fight through zombies, gangsters and mutants for his revenge.

This is our No.1 pick because of its unique storyline and the daring episodes it immerses players into.

2. Silent Hill

Silent Hill is a renowned survival and horror game that brings a whole new meaning and experience to PSP games.

In this horrific game players take on the role of a truck driver who gets trapped in the silent hill while trying to deliver some products.

Alone, players must now overcome and avoid the horror that has wreaked havoc on that hill since a long time ago.

The uniqueness of this game and the awesome system hardware of the PSP allow players to enjoy the ultimate zombie plus horror experience which makes the game even more enjoyable.

3. The 3rd Birthday

The 3rd birthday gives another twist and story to zombie games. As it immerses us into a world where zombie-like creatures descend on Manhattan.

An investigatory team is quickly formed to figure out who or what   creatures are, but only one girl can actually stop them. Aya Brea awakens from a lost past on this – her third birth.

4. Obscure: The Aftermath

Obscure: The Aftermath is a survival horror game that crosses an even totally new boundary with PPSSPP zombie games by adding the multiplayer co-op game play.

This game has the ability to drop a second player in and out of action anytime.

Players can now work together to smash hideous looking zombies and enjoy super interesting dialogs and a whole lot of other fun in-game features that make the game not just a cliche zombie game, but a unique one in fact.

5. Infected

Okay, imagine this, it’s Christmas in New York City and all of a sudden a strange virus strikes city wide, turning regular people into insane violent zombies.

This madness struck faster than anything, rapidly turning people into something else, but there’s an officer called Stevens, who was one of the first victims, was totally immune.

It was later discovered that Officer Stevens’ blood could have been used to destroy the zombies. When you blast those creatures out of the blood of Officer Stevens, they violently explode.

Featuring an engrossing single-player campaign with an amount of thrill and interesting story line, not only that infected unlocks the multiplayer features allowing multiple players together (both locally and online modes).

6. MediEvil: Resurrection

MediEvil: Resurrection was a launch title for PSP back in the good old 2005; this game specifically was such a treasure back in the day because of it’s stunning visuals, graphics, mechanics and a plethora of zombies to battle.

The game also contains a little sprinkle of horror in the mix, allowing players to be fully immersed in the game’s play. With in-game objects  like skeletons and gargoyles to overcome.

MediEvil: Resurrection is the remake of the 1998 action-adventure original title; MediEvil.

7. OMG-Z

OMG-Z is very thrilling and weird in a good way; the game takes you to the city of Redfield which just got hit by an outbreak of exploding zombies.

These zombies explode badly when you shoot their ugly-looking faces off, making the entire gaming scene blood-filled and thrilling.

Your mission is to arrive at zombie territories and shoot them till your thumbs are sore, armies, and police force have all tried and failed leaving only you to handle these creatures.

Using chain reaction skills to kill 80+ waves of zombies across 32 different environments keeping the game fresh, thrilling and fun to play.

8. Undead Knights

In Undead Knights, you’re playing as the anti-hero, rage through the wrath of fearless enemies while building a very powerful army to back you up.

You will have to rage through zombies as you embark on your journey of vengeance and revenge to defeat the king.

This game provides a different feel to zombie games, has; it consists of different game mechanics, storyline, dialogs, and even soundtracks. You cannot get bored with Undead Knights.

9. Zombie Tycoon

This game is a strategy zombie game developed and published by Frima Studios and it was released in 2009. Although this game might feel a little cliche, with the name, it’s actually extremely fun once you get yourself fully immersed in the gameplay.

10. Resident Evil

Talking about saving the best for last, this game is such a phenomenon it almost doesn’t need a description.

Resident Evil is a classic game; it has super smart controls and very rich and vivid voice acting. This game quite literally gave birth to other zombie games with a mix of other in-game elements.

It was developed by Capcom and released in 2009, with the implementation of boss battles bringing a whole new meaning to zombie games.

With other versions of Resident Evil, the option for multiplayer is readily available; you can play it on PSP and it is available to download on your devices with PPSSPP.

So here is our list of Zombie games you can play on PSP with the PPSSPP emulator; all of these games are unique and fun in their own way, and they’re all available for download now.

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