22 Best Flight Simulator Games for PC

Best Flight Simulator Games for PC

Read this article on some of the best flight simulator games for PC if you are a flight enthusiast. This is challenging for travel and aviation enthusiasts, as worldwide travel has substantially decreased.

Fortunately, flight simulators allow you to have a small taste of the thrills of aviation from the comfort of your own home.

Flight simulators are the ideal solution for aviation enthusiasts who cannot leave their homes. You can fly in and out of popular airports, traverse real-life weather models, and see highly accurate 3D graphics while controlling your favorite jet with true-to-life cockpits.

There are numerous flight simulators available on the market. Some simulators are pretty detailed and realistic, with a steep learning curve, while others are simple to get started with.

We’ve compiled a shortlist of some of the best plane games on PC, with a representative from each niche to help you organize your thoughts and pick something that suits your tastes.

Also, there’s something for everyone, whether you want to fly beautifully through the air for hours on end, settle in for a comfortable evening of piloting a vast jet from LA to Las Vegas or enjoy a gruesome WW2 dogfight.

Please read on as we discuss some of the best Flight simulator games for PC.

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1. War Thunder

War Thunder now includes tank and naval engagements. Still, it began as one of the best free flight simulators games for PS4, as seen by its flight dynamics, a large selection of authentic aircraft, and accurate ballistics modeling.

In the seven years following the game’s release, Gaijin has continued revising and updating. And expand the game’s plane list, which now features planes from eight different countries and six distinct classes. 

Furthermore, to survive these multiplayer clashes, you’ll need to apply actual dogfight tactics and maneuvers and perfect your Split to get the upper hand on any newcomers.

Also, War Thunder is so strong at vehicular combat that it made our list of some of the best flight simulator games for PC.

2. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Microsoft’s long-awaited flight simulator sequel finally arrived in 2020, and it received a lot of positive feedback.

Despite the slow loading times and several crashes in the review build, “none of it has dulled the game’s splendor or chipped away at the awe induced by the things I’ve planned, done, and seen in-between them,” according to our own Microsoft Flight Simulator review.

3. X-Plane 11

X-Plane 11 is one of the most excellent solutions for seeking a modern and highly realistic flight simulator. The game features a clean UI, true-to-life cockpits, and incredible worldwide landscapes for amazingly immersive play!

You’re in for a magnificent flight that’s likely to deliver for daily gamers and enthusiasts alike. Thanks to great 3D models and excellent user ratings.

4. Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition

The award-winning Microsoft Flight Simulator X, first launched in 2006, has been completely revamped and re-issued for modern play. Get into the cockpit of your favorite plane and travel to over 24,000 different destinations across the world.

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Whether you prefer tiny Cessnas or giant 747s, there’s a fantastic craft ready for you to pilot. Also, this is one of the best simulator games for PC, with many immersive missions and sandbox gameplay. 

5. Aerofly FS

Aerofly FS is a realistic flight simulator that prioritizes accurate flying dynamics, detailed aircraft and terrain, and smooth frame rates.

You may fly into 200 different airports in the game, using planes like the Robin DR-400 for sightseeing, the Extra 330 for aerobatic talents, and the F-18 for high-speed flight.

6. Rise Of Flight

Rise of Aviation is a very detailed flight simulator set during World War One. As you might expect, this isn’t a game where you have a leisurely trip in your Cessna. In Rise of Flight, you dogfight in early twentieth-century wooden planes.

Furthermore, this flying simulation game features breathtaking graphics, realistic mechanics, and historically accurate plane models.

This game isn’t as dazzling as the others on this list because it lacks aircraft and modern weapons. However, it would help if you relied more on your piloting talents to be effective.

7. Prepar3D

This game is opposed to War Thunder. This is more of a simulation than a game, and it’s also one of the most realistic flight simulators on the market.

Lockheed Martin used the Microsoft Flight Simulator ESP platform to create it, so you can expect it to be incredibly accurate. This is one of the best flight simulator games for PS4.

The issue with Prepar3D is its price tag. This is not a cheap game, and you may get a sticker shock when you see how much it costs. Furthermore, this is the Adobe Photoshop of flight simulators in terms of quality and affordability.

8. DCS World

The only option for players to get closer to piloting real combat jets is to join their native country’s military.

Nearly 30 of the world’s most famous combat planes from today and yesterday, and Digital Combat Simulator World has painstakingly reconstructed missions and whole campaigns.

Furthermore, DCS World is not for the faint of heart, with entirely realistic 3D cockpits. And so much realism that even taking off is a tremendous feat.

Also, there is no more realistic combat flight sim anywhere in the digital world for those willing to put in the effort and spend a lot of time watching YouTube tutorials.

9. ARMA 3

Unlike most combat plane games, Arma 3 allows you to step into the cockpit of a jet fighter and assist on the battlefield by strafing heavy tanks and doing airstrikes.

However, the flight physics and mechanics aren’t as advanced as some of the other challenging flying games on this list.

There’s still plenty of room for expertise. No doubt this is one of the best flight simulator games for PC, Air-to-air warfare is primarily about maintaining your position while firing various missiles against targets high above the battlefield.

Air-to-ground aircraft play an important role with contemporary technology, such as laser-guided missiles. And anti-armor weapons-making experienced pilots indispensable on the battlefield. Also, if you become tired of flying, many helicopters are available.

10. Superflight

Even though Superflight lacks planes, we include it on the list: flying around in it is a blast. Superflight is one of the most relaxing games available.

It is surprising since it involves flying down a dangerous mountain in a wingsuit while collecting as many points as possible by flying near rock formations.

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Furthermore, every level is procedurally produced, giving a constant sense of exploration. And if you find a seed you like, you can store it and challenge friends to beat your score.

11. Battle of Britain 2: Wings Of Victory

Dogfighting is the purest form of air combat for many enthusiasts, and none do it better than Wings of Victory for those who prefer their simulations to be of the WW2 sort.

The prize was nothing less than the survival of the United Kingdom, as the air war was supposed to be a warm-up for the German invasion of the home islands.

This is one of the best flight simulator games for PC. Furthermore, the planes and battles they fought are accurately simulated in the game.

A dynamic campaign mode immerses players in the drama. Ever-changing settings while conveying the story of what transpired in the air over land and the English Channel. Also, this is not a show to be missed.

12. Wings Over Flanders Field

This is the game to play for virtual pilots who wish for the days when air combat meant a battle between two pilots with only guns to win the day.

Also, players will travel through the entirety of World War I on the Western Front, thanks to one of the best dynamic campaign generators (which functions as a form of Fighter Pilot Career Mode).

Furthermore, the game considers morale, distance from the home nation, and exhaustion when judging the skill of AI pilots, adding to the realism. You should get some rest.

13. Rogue Sky

Few plane games abandon reality with as much zeal as Sky Rogue. A neon-lit arcade fighter jet game that appears straightforward at first but hides a surprising amount of intricacy. You’ll choose your plane and customize the weapons system.

And slap on a livery that brings out your inner Tom Cruise before barreling around the level and blowing everything to kingdom come ahead of each procedurally generated mission.

Furthermore, with 12 aircraft and over 30 weaponry to pick from. Shredding enemy aces, battleships, and tanks will keep you busy for a long time.

14. Bomber Crew

Bomber Crew puts you in control of recruiting and managing a crew for a World War II bomber, sending it out on bombing missions, and returning with as few losses as possible.

You’ll need to keep track of each crew member’s position during each mission. Battle enemy fighter planes, and make sure you’re flying in the right direction and at the right height — too high, and your crew will perish. Too low and will shoot you out of the sky. This is one of the best flight simulator games for PC.

15. Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons is an arcade-style flying game that features tough dogfighting, enormous galactic battles, and plenty of humor.

Taking down your enemies gracefully and maintaining your power distribution feels impressive. And while Squadrons is simple to pick up, it has a relatively high skill ceiling.

The short but tasty narrative is entertaining from beginning to end. But the multiplayer action will have you playing for months.

It’s just a shame that EA’s post-launch plans are limited to cosmetics. Nonetheless, it’s one of the best Star Wars games in years and a fantastic flying game.

16. Take On Helicopter

Take a ride in zee choppa! In Take on Helicopters, players take on the role of a helicopter pilot tasked with reviving a floundering aviation company. Accept new contracts, participate in missions, and expand your aircraft empire!

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There’s always more to explore in the game’s magnificent open-world areas, modeled after real-world topography and environments.

17. Fly inside

FlyInside is a newish entrant in the genre built for VR and works on desktop computers. The emphasis is on cockpit realism, with players being closer than ever to the controls, dials, and displays that keep them in the air. This is one of the best flight simulator games for PC.

Furthermore, the game uses a unique approach to gather scenery data from various sources, resulting in some fantastic virtual-Earth panoramas.

FlyInside is also cutting-edge technology, taking advantage of multi-threaded CPUs and even allowing players to design (and sell) their simulator add-ons.

18. Flight Gear

Flight Gear is a free, open-source flight simulator with more than 20,000 real-world airports and many aircraft models. The platform is frequently lauded for its realism, overall flight controls, and even minor elements like illumination.

Furthermore, FlightGear’s time-of-day modeling is exact, with the sun, moon, and stars. And planets are appropriately set for the specified time and date.

This is accomplished by keeping track of the time on your computer to assign objects to their correct locations on the planet.

Also, because the application is open-source, users have complete control over the game and can make whatever improvements they choose.

19. YSFlight

YSFlight is a good alternative if you don’t have a computer capable of handling some of the more advanced products on our list or prefer something less daunting. It’s also free!

Furthermore, The graphics aren’t as impressive as those found in other non-free simulators. However, there are still over 70 aircraft to fly and a wide range of maps covering a variety of well-known regions from around the world. A HUB provides in-flight speeds, elevation, direction, and other vital data details.

20. World Of Warplanes

World of Warplanes is a combat simulator that pits players against one another in massive battles. Allowing them to fly everything from WWI wooden biplanes to current jet fighters.

The controls are a little more basic and less involved than some of the other alternatives on this list. But the learning curve is much lower for those searching for a fun airplane combat experience.

21. Digital Combat Simulator World

There’s a prevalent misconception that helicopters can’t fly, and if you ever want to find out where that belief comes from, load up DCS and take a ride in a UH-1.

After a few minutes of wrangling its conflicting forces into something like sustained flight, the only logical conclusion is that the little pods hung by whirling blades have always been a big fraud.

Despite its advanced years, DCS accomplishes much more than rotor-blade flight, giving one of the most detailed combat flight sim experiences (the original version dates back to 2008). 

22. The Crew 2

Is it possible to teach an aspiring pilot how to navigate an airplane cockpit? In a million years, no way. In truth, a significant amount of The Crew 2 takes place on the ground, in a car, far from a jet engine or wing.

Still, when it comes to virtual tourism, it’s right up there with Flight Simulator 2020, in my opinion. Furthermore, the Crew 2’s truncated version of America is a blast to fly around in, especially with a few friends in co-op.

Take in the sights, do a few loop-de-loops, sprint to this or that landmark, and then morph into vehicles or boats at the touch of a button when you grow bored. It’s one-of-a-kind, flaws and all, but it’s still a fascinating find.

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