11 Best GTA 5 Cars to Try

Best GTA 5 Cars

Grand Theft Auto 5 is still an extremely successful game with a large player base thanks to the constant addition of new content.

New vehicles are one of the several ongoing improvements in GTA 5. Due to the fact that they are so costly, most people just own a few supercars.

Grand Theft Auto allows players to purchase a variety of flashy, modern cars of various sizes and shapes, as the title suggests.

On the other hand, owning a supercar in GTA 5 will open up a world of possibilities and allow players to use their own cars to complete quests.

It’s not unheard of for anyone to own the majority of the game’s fastest cars. A single car will cost over $1 million, and a standard heist can net you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As we look at some of the best GTA 5 cars, we took into account vehicle efficiency, style, and cost.

1. Annis S80RR

Annis S80RR
Image credit: GTABASE

The Grand Theft Auto Online update “Diamond Casino & Resort” added a few new vehicles to the game for players to try out.

The Annis S80 RR is a lightning-fast supercar that is also the class’s best endurance racer.

The Annis is based on a Nissan R90C with tweaked Jaguar parts and has a top speed that can compete with any supercar.

The Annis’ superior handling, which blows other vehicles away at high speeds and makes it one of the most valuable vehicles from the 2019 update, is where it really shines.

2. Ocelot XA-21

Ocelot XA-21
Image credit: GTA fandom

The body of the Ocelot XA-21 resembles that of a hypercar, but it is actually a supercar. The car is one of the most costly in Grand Theft Auto V, costing $2,375,000 to purchase.

To get this vehicle, you’ll need to complete many online heists or hundreds of routine missions. Some people will want to buy the car using microtransactions; the cost may be justified.

The Jaguar C-X75 is most likely the inspiration for the Ocelot XA-21. It has a reputation to live up to, bearing similarities to vehicles like the McLaren P1 and the Koenigsegg Regera.

The Ocelot XA-21 is not only attractive, but it will also cause problems for opponents in a race.

3. Pegassi Infernus

Pegassi Infernus
Image credit: GTABASE

Since Grand Theft Auto 3, the Infernus has appeared in Grand Theft Auto games. The Infernus was one of the top vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in terms of speed and handling.

It’s worth noting that a Lamborghini style inspires the Infernus.

The Infernus is also one of the most coveted cars in Grand Theft Auto V. In previous Grand Theft Auto games, the Infernus and the Cheetah battled for first place.

The rivalry between the two cars continues to this day.

4. Emperor ETR1

Emperor ETR1
Image credit: GTA fandom

Emperor ETR1 has a maximum speed of 195 MPH, a weight of 1,400 KG, and can be ordered for $1,995,000, according to the website gtabase.com. Exceptional stats, but not the greatest value for money.

The Emperor ETR1’s concept was probably influenced by cars like the Lexus LF Lc Vision Gran Turismo, the Gazoo Racing Lexus LFA, and possibly the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3.

If the car’s massive rear spoiler doesn’t wow you, the carbon-plated underside might. The vehicle is more than capable of meeting your regular GTA V requirements.

5. Entity XF

Entity XF
Image credit: GTA fandom

The Entity XF isn’t the fastest hypercar, but it has excellent handling for the speeds it can achieve. Take the Entity XF for a spin if you want to ride one of the smoothest cars in the game.

The cars in the Grand Theft Auto games are based on actual cars but have made-up names. Without a doubt, the Entity XF is inspired by the Koenigsegg CCX concept. The Grand Theft Auto edition received a few tweaks, but the Entity XF is still a desirable car.

6. Grotti Turismo R

Grotti Turismo R
Image credit: GTA fandom

The designers of Grand Theft Auto V are becoming more and more innovative with vehicle design. Rockstar has taken a different approach to their vehicles than just copying the style of a real vehicle.

By combining automotive designs with other designs, a line of electric cars emerges that is breathtakingly brilliant.

The architecture of the Grotti Turismo R was strongly influenced by the McLaren P1 and the Ferrari LaFerrari.

Some of the vehicle’s features may have been influenced by the Lamborgini Sesto Elemento and the Arash AF8. It’s surreal to drive this car in the first person.

7. Progen Itali GTB Custom

Progen Itali GTB
Image credit: GTA fandom

While previous Grand Theft Auto games only had a few supercars, Rockstar North has expanded the game to include a large number of them.

Grand Theft Auto V has fewer cars than Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios’ open-world racing game Forza Horizon, but it’s not far behind.

As part of the Import/Export upgrade, the Progen Itali GTB Custom, which costs $495,000, was introduced. Several supercars, sports cars, and other vehicles were included in the update.

The Itali GTB Custom’s architecture seems to have been influenced by a number of McLarens.

8. Pegassi Zentorno

Pegassi Zentorno
Image credit: GTA fandom

As part of the High Life Update, this spectacular hypercar was unveiled. The Dewbauchee Massacro, Enus Huntley S, Vapid Dominator, and, of course, the Pegassi Zentorno were all included in the High Life Update.

An Acura NSX may have inspired the headlights on Zentorno’s car. We’re reminded of the Lamborgini Veneno by its elegant style.

This car has above-average handling and can cause problems in racing for most other hypercars. In Grand Theft Auto V, Zentorno is another high-powered Pegassi product.

9. Grotti X80 Proto

Grotti X80 Proto
Image credit: GTA fandom

This hypercar concept is so quick that it couldn’t possibly be road legal. Grand Theft Auto V defies all expectations to have a unique gaming experience.

For certain players, spending $2,700,000 on the Grotti X80 Proto is a reasonable investment.

The Ferrari F80 Concept and probably the Lamborghini Veneno were likely inspirations for the Grotti X90 Proto’s design. Although its top speed is lower than that of other supercars, it appears that this car can only be used for display.

10. Vapid FMJ

Vapid FMJ
Image credit: GTA fandom

It is not the fastest car in the game, but it is one of the most expensive. The Vapid FMJ would set you back $1,750,000.

When I think of the Vapid FMJ, a few vehicles come to mind. The Vapid FMJ’s architecture was definitely inspired by cars like the 2017 Ford GT and the Aston Martin Vulcan.

This car has a sleek look and a rear spoiler, making it perfect for racing. Grand Theft Auto V’s output value is out of this world. It has one of the most diverse vehicle lineups we’ve ever seen.

11. Dewbauchee Vagner

Dewbauchee Vagner
Image credit: GTA fandom

In Grand Theft Auto V, the Dewbauchee Vagner is the fastest car. Almost everybody will want to own this car unless they aren’t into fast hypercars.

Purchasing this vehicle necessitates patience and commitment. The Vagner has a style that is heavily inspired by the Aston Martin Valkyrie and costs $1,535,000.

Alternatively, rather than raising $1.5 million, the car could be purchased by microtransactions.

Thankfully, Grand Theft Auto V handles microtransactions correctly, allowing you to increase your bank account without limiting your gameplay.

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