17 Best Zombie Games for Nintendo Switch

Best Zombie Games for Nintendo Switch

This article discusses some of the best Zombie games for Nintendo Switch. Few opponents are more recognizable than the zombie.

The undead has crept onto our screens and into our hearts since the dawn of 3D gaming. They’ve been shuffling toward our hearts, or rather, shambling toward our hearts.

Every generation and console has had its share of zombie games, and the Nintendo Switch is no exception.

The ten games listed here are the best zombie games on the Nintendo Switch, ranging from digital one-offs to cult classics passed down from generation to generation.

Also, you can take your brain-eating on the go or enjoy it from the comfort of your couch, thanks to the Switch.

Pay great attention to the items on this list. On the Nintendo Store, there are some truly poor zombie games hidden behind some fairly excellent listing graphics.

Let’s Proceed; these are some of the best zombie games for Nintendo Switch.

Resident Evil

The Evil Within, Outlast, Parasite, and Dead Space, the last of which is essentially Resident Evil in space, would not exist if it weren’t for the terrifying, crumbling, yet gorgeous mansion.

You are a visitor to the Spencer Mansion in Resident Evil. Since you’ve only arrived after being chased through the woods by a band of zombified hounds, ‘guest’ could be a stretch. Still, that should give you a perfect idea of what you’re in for. 

Furthermore, there are puzzles to complete, stuff to find, a tale to uncover, and a slew of zombies to dispatch. Each of the game’s two campaigns features Chris or Jill, two of horror’s most well-known protagonists.

Dying Light

A virus has infected Harran, and you’ve become stranded there. During the day, undead haunt the streets while heinous abominations prowl the streets at night.

It’s a zombie fanatic’s dream come true. The open environment is a joy to explore, and it’s filled with decaying buildings, vile monsters (and humans), and other dangers, all while putting your moral compass to the test.

Of course, in such a cruel environment, we can’t blame you for any actions you take, but be aware that there are consequences – some of which are so severe that a night outside in this decaying city feels like a trip to Disneyland.

I, Zombie

It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to rise from the dead and wreak havoc on the earth. I, Zombie, take things a step further by putting you in the shoes of the undead.

Survive and infect your human prey to assemble an army of the undead to unleash on the Earth. I, Zombie, combine squad command features to give you complete control over the shamblers you make.

Furthermore, the tactical gameplay forces players to consider how they want to use their horde to infect the globe. Fantastic Game Studio could have easily given a superficial experience and walked away.

Still, the tactical gameplay forces players to think about how they want to use their horde to infect the world. This is one of the best zombie games for Nintendo Switch.

Grandpa and the Zombie

Grandpa has numerous anecdotes to tell about his long and prosperous life. On the other hand, his previous encounters are likely to pale in contrast to when he went toe-to-toe with several hordes of the undead.

Grandpa and the Zombies is a funny puzzle game that follows a tenacious older man who has the stamina to work his way through 120 zombie-infested stages.

Roll Grandpa through four worlds in his wheelchair, but beware of zombies. However, he’ll keep moving until he hits a solid object because he doesn’t have brakes, especially if it has gnashing teeth and a voracious appetite for brains.

Grandpa and the Zombies is an excellent example of the Switch’s handheld mode, as it’s the kind of game you’d play on a road trip or while waiting for class to begin.

Zombie Army Trilogy

Hitler succeeded in resurrecting the dead, so reversing the tides of World War II in his favor. Players will blast down hordes of Nazi zombies with period-specific weaponry across all three zombie-filled missions.

Three full campaigns, playable alone or with up to three additional players, and a four-player horde mode are included in Zombie Army Trilogy.

Choose your hero, select your loadout, and enter a terrifying realm. It’s the zombie-slaying action you’ve been waiting for, set against the horrors of World War II.

Furthermore, Remasters of the first two games and the full version of Zombie Army 3 are included in the trilogy.

Into The Dead 2: Zombie Survival

Into the Dead 2 isn’t a technical masterpiece, but once you start exploring the undead environment, I’m sure you’ll be fascinated. In this unusual zombie FPS, it’s all about pushing ahead.

However, all you have to worry about is avoiding rotting flesh by dodging the approaching swarm and timing combat and ranged assaults.

Furthermore, From 60 story levels to several endings, Into the Dead 2 is jam-packed with the material. On your forward-moving drive through the walking dead, you’ll employ 25 different weapons, explore numerous stories, and use animal allies.

Stubbs The Zombie In Rebel Without A Pulse

Let’s face it, no list about zombie games would be complete without mentioning Stubbs.

This zombie is one of my favorites; he’s just a misunderstood person trying to live his best zombie life, and I’m here to support him.

You don’t play as a strong-willed survivor fighting against the odds in this bombastic game; instead, you play as Stubbs the Zombie, and your primary goal is to kill humans and feast on their brains. This restores your health and transforms your victim into a zombie.

However, If that isn’t enough to pique your interest, consider that Stubbs can drive a car. It’s grand theft zombie season, you all.

Zombie Night Terror

Without proper direction, a zombie horde becomes a chaotic mess. That’s when you enter the picture.

You can steer the apocalypse in your favor by directing the undead and ensuring that they spread their virus to expand your numbers.

To stand up to the much brighter, well-equipped humans, use mutations to produce even deadlier, brain-hungry monstrosities.

Furthermore, Zombie Night Terror is a fun, graphically appealing game that challenges you to use all of your resources to advance your horde. Imagine Lemmings with more blood and guts.

Do you need to get your zombies across a chasm? If only you had a zombie who could move them forward, things would be easier.


Standing up and punching a demon zombie in the face is one of the first things you do in Doom. The slow-moving fiends resemble typical undead images, even though they are demons at heart. They’re close enough, and killing them is also fun.

Doom puts your patience to the test with various progressively challenging demons, but the undead will always succumb under the weight of your armament. Chainsawing, shotgunning, and all-around eviscerating these lesser devils never gets old.

Furthermore, Killing zombies is almost therapeutic, in addition to the health and ammo pickups they drop – which is essential in a game like Doom.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a series of single-player zombie games that you should check out. Start with season one to have an easy and enjoyable time playing The Walking Dead. This video game is based on the comic book series “The Walking Dead.”

It takes place in a hypothetical universe following the outbreak of zombies in Georgia. The game is played from the perspective of a third-person character. You must assume the role of protagonist Lee Everett and cooperate with your team to kill zombies and survive.

Rather than simply fighting and killing zombies, this game focuses on the development of characters and tales. The game’s story is influenced by the decisions you make. This is one of the best zombie games for Nintendo Switch.

World War Z

This is a fantastic third-person zombie shooter game. In World War Z, groups of humanity fight to survive zombie attacks in several cities worldwide.

In World War Z., Up to four players could participate in the game. Also, depending on your play and different style, you can choose from seven different classes when playing World War Z.

Furthermore, you must respond quickly because the game allows up to 1000 attackers to appear on the screen simultaneously. You must also perform numerous objectives when playing this game, such as escorting survivors.

After finishing each game level, players will get a “supply,” which they can use to unlock new attachments and improve weaponry. This is one of the best zombie games for Nintendo Switch.

Plants Vs. Zombies

It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom in a zombie game. Plants vs. Zombies proves that it can be a colorful, exciting, and humorous ride.

I’m a massive fan of this series, to the point that I have the platinum on the original PS4 version, which is something I’ll always be proud of. The title says it all: you choose whether to play as plants or zombies and go to war. 

Furthermore, I honestly can’t recommend this game enough if you’re competitive and enjoy online gaming to the point where I don’t care what platform you play it on. As long as you join the battle for the neighborhood, we’re all good.

Dark Souls Remastered

Yes, there are a variety of enemies to fight in Dark Souls Remastered’s dismal kingdom of Lordran, but the Hollow is the first to welcome players.

They’re easy to take out independently and don’t offer much danger. On the other hand, the Hollow can be a serious threat to even the most experienced adventurers when they travel in groups.

However, throughout your adventure through the deteriorating world, the Hollow will appear regularly. The zombie-like Hollow is a problem you can’t seem to get rid of, from the Undead Asylum to the Undead Parish and the New Londo Ruins. Their perseverance can be annoying, but it’s also great practice if you’re feeling rusty.

Resident Evil Origins Collection

The Origins Collection, which includes two classic Resident Evil games, takes gamers back to the franchise’s beginning.

We experienced a night of horrible terrors in the mountains around Raccoon City before we truly understood the enormity of Umbrella’s wickedness.

Also, Resident Evil Zero and the remake of the original, both of which were published on the GameCube, are visually stunning games with excellent sound and lighting.

First, follow Rebecca Chambers, a rookie S.T.A.R.S. member, as she battles a suspected war criminal and mutates leaches.

Then, investigate the Spencer Mansion to learn the truth behind the recent spate of deaths in the little community.

Zero is nearly identical to the REmake in terms of gameplay, albeit the plot is weaker and tells the story before the previous game’s events. Furthermore, This is one of the best zombie games for Nintendo Switch.

Bloody Zombies

The goal of this beautiful game is to save London from zombie attacks. To fight zombies, you must work together with other lone survivors.

Bloody Zombies is a four-player cooperative multiplayer video game with a large map. You can play this game online or offline in all different play styles.

Furthermore, Bloody Zombie also supports all controller settings. Also, you must work together with other survivors to combat swarms of zombies, or you will perish.

Players can fight in the renowned ruins of London while exploring over 20 different environments in this game. Also, to defeat Zombies, you must choose one of four playable anti-heroes and battle as a team.

Dying Lights

The Dying Light is a massively multiplayer online survival game that may accommodate up to five players. You must traverse a heavily infested area while ensuring that you do all necessary to stay alive. The game takes place in Harran, which is an open-world environment.

As a result, you must acquire fighting abilities and use various weapons to eliminate zombies and assist other survivors.

In addition, Sliding, jumping between roofs, leaping from edges, and zip-lining are just a few of the significant moves available in the game.

Players can also scavenge and find resources to create new weapons. You can play dying Light locally or online with others. This is one of the best zombie games for Nintendo Switch.

Zombie Driver

This is a fantastic video game about a vehicle manufacturer in a zombie-infested environment. People became zombies after a chemical mishap in a top-secret government project. Kill zombies, save unaffected humans, and unlock vehicles are your objectives.

Explosions, zombies, blood, and speed are all present in this game. When competing in the Blood Race tournament, you can crush whatever is in your path.

Players can choose between story mode, blood racing mode, and massacre mode when playing the Zombie Driver game.

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