20 Best Halloween Movies on Shudder

Best Halloween Movies on Shudder

Did I hear that the “spooky season” is around the corner? So, are playing costumes, bobbing for apples, story tales, and trick or treat not enough?  

Well, the activities can fall short when uber streaming services like Shudder exist. Shudder has a classic collection of horror movies.

The great thing is that the vast range of scary movies covers ghost movies, revenge movies, werewolf movies, shark movies, and slasher movies. 

Halloween and films on Shudder go hand in hand. Therefore, exploring the best Halloween movies on Shudder is given this year.

You better be ready for the chills and thrills. However, you don’t need to worry about reading reviews and adding movies to your watchlist. 

Now, the work has become easy for you. We have already listed the 20 best Halloween movies on Shudder. 

Bone Chilling Halloween Movies on Shudder

The spooky spirits haunting the world ain’t enough. You have to go and watch Shudder’s extreme terrifying collection if you also do not get satisfied with the generic scary movies.

So, that’s enough waiting!

1. Impetigore (2019)

We are starting the list with this sickening masterpiece. We have kept the list of best Halloween movies on Shudder dreadful and alarming. Hence, you better expect more!

Are you a fan of frightening Indonesian tales too? Then, this horror film can be your cup of tea. The strong performances of Tara Basro, Marissa Anita, Asmara Abigail, Christine Hakim, and Ario Bayu will leave you a fan.

It is a ghost movie that revolves around an abandoned girl. The main character is on the venture to get her part in the inheritance. Still, fate has something else in store for her. 

The unsettling theme of the film makes her unleash the darkest secrets of the cursed puppets in the village. How will she save her life?

2. Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

It is another tragic movie that leaves you anxious and restless. Little Shop of Horrors is about the workers at a floral shop. 

The shop locates in the lower areas of NYC. Seymour and Audrey are worried about sales. Thus, they try different strategies to attract more visitors.

They prepare their deathbed when they decide to place Seymour’s odd-looking plants (in the shop). Who would have known that those devouring plants live off human blood?

3. Dogs Don’t Wear Pants (2019)

This movie is one of the best creations of modern horror films. This addition to the list of best Halloween movies on Shudder targets sadism and masochistic relationships.

The story is about a dominatrix who pushes her urges to extreme limits. Dogs Don’t Wear Pant is a Finnish artistic short film that defines psychological struggles. 

Among other elevated horror films on a shudder, the movie perfectly portrays actress Krista Kosonen as a victim and victimizer.

4. Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror (2019)

It is an eye-opening exploration of the horror genre as the movie serves a great cause. The film in the list of best Halloween movies on Shudder deserves essential viewing.

Horror Noire is a documentary by Xavier Burgin that puts a full stop to only White horror movies. The film breaks racial stereotypes and shifts the light of prototypical victims to the greatest heroes for Black people.

5. Knife+Heart (2019)

Knife+Heart is a tragedy and a slasher movie. The deadly weapon used in the scary film is absurd. The enchanting and terrifying soundtrack by M83 is the hall of fame.

The movie revolves around a  Paris-based filmmaker who loses her love and then her work. It is a revenge movie and not recommended for kids at all. Watch this horror film at your risk.

6. Female Prisoner Scorpion: #701 (1972)

Have you been a fan of Lady Snowblood? Do you want to see more of Meiko Kaji? Then, Female Prisoner can accompany you the best on Halloween evening. 

The horror film stars Meiko Kaji as an anti-heroine criminal. The cinematography and poetic layout of the movie are incomparable. It is a thumbs-up for the cruel, surreal, and bizarre story.

7. Host (2020)

The best thing about modern horror films is that you can relate to them. The Host is another addition to the best Halloween movies on Shudder.

The fun fact is that the movie was shot during a pandemic and demonstrated a similar storyline. The actors have done terrific work. 

The scary film revolves around Zoom calls and video chat. Eventually, things take a turn and become terrible.

8. Black Christmas (1974)

Black Christmas is an unbeatable classic slasher movie. It is a worthy addition to the best Halloween movies on Shudder

It is a thriller horror that stars a group of sorority sisters. They are at home as the winter vacation approaches. 

However, things get out of hand when they start receiving suspicious calls. Finally, a serial killer hunts the sister down.

9. Jessica Forever (2019)

Jessica Forever stars a group of violent orphans captivated by loneliness and ostracization. The movie displays true obedience to rules.

Jessica Forever is an artistic allegory that features a vague plot. The band comprises a modelesque leader and paramilitary orphans constantly in trouble. How will the aggressive members stay loyal to regulations?

10. Watcher (2022)

The horror film stars a young couple who have just moved to Bucharest. Nothing falls fine and dandy when the building reports a string of murders. Julia (aka Maika Monroe) feels like someone is watching her. What is the poor woman to do?

11. The Love Witch (2017)

The quaint melodrama featuring Anna Biller is here to tame your inner slasher fan. The arthouse horror film showcases an incredible feminist theme with eye-popping object styling.

The desire of a young and beautiful witch resides in a gothic Victorian apartment. She is well-versed in her work. 

The love witch gets on the venture to find her dream man. However, the spell she speaks works too well. She gets to meet her soulmate still with some restrictions. Stay tuned to see what drives the love with crazy.

12. Revenge (2017)

This movie has shown brutality and cruelty at their peak. This addition to the best Halloween movies on Shudder is pretty terrifying.

Do you also not get enough from the tip of the iceberg? Then, Revenge is for you. It is not your one of casual scary movies. It is too vicious for the “Halloween” audience.

It is a sub-genre rape-revenge movie. It blends ethical complexity, feminism, and exploitation. Hence, you can expect sexual terror and explosions of violence. Now, you know it’s going to be a blood-boiling show.

13. Mandy (2018)

Panos Cosmatos has been popular among critics for his sci-fi thriller Beyond the Black Rainbow. Yet again, he’s out to amuse everyone with his standard visuals, themes, and maximalist design.

Mandy is a horror comedy that is good for some laughs among the other best Halloween movies on Shudder. The horror film is about a couple living in a secluded forest.

However, their life does not remain peaceful when a demon-biker man and his nightmarish hippie cult enter their lives. 

14. Re-Animator (1985)

Are you a fan of classic comedy with a pinch of terror? If yes, then, Re-animator must get on your Halloween watchlist.

The film stars a couple and their scientist friend. Dan and his girlfriend fall into a trap when they learn that their friend has invented a drug that can make you immortal. The 1983 movie still has those charms and gruesome events to entertain you.

15. Mayhem (2017)

The impressive star power of Steven Yeun and Samara has done wonders under the direction of Joe Lynch. If blood and gun terrify you, then Mayhem can be your call.

You can expect a lot of octane action, slashes of blood, high-pitch screams, violence, and humor. Mayhem can be a quick enjoyment shot with 83 minutes of runtime.

16. Haunt (2019)

It’s Halloween night; haunted houses are the best choice to go. The spectacular horror show, incredible actors, and scaring-to-death props are enough to make your evening spooky.

How about an action-packed and thrilling horror film? Haunts present you with more than just a show. Pairs of friends are all out looking for a daunting and spine-chilling haunted house. 

However, the determination of the mates takes them to off beaten paths. They are distracted from the lane, and night falls. Now, you know better what chaos is about to happen.

17. Jakob’s Wife (2021)

Jakob’s Wife is the optimal mix of modern horror film and horror comedy. The movie targets introspection and portrays how the female begins urging blood.

If you love vampires and dark humor: watch Jakob’s wife. The sudden supernatural shift in the woman changes her married life. It would be fun to see how she resists.

18. Caveat (2020)

Are you a fan of the slow burn and frightening visuals? The imaginary flick follows the premise of intense anxiety attacks. The Caveat is a fine choice among the other best Halloween movies on Shudder.

The story unveils when an individual gets stranded on an island with a psychotic sufferer. It would be interesting to see what happens.

19. Boys From County Hell (2020)

If you like vampires, humor, and intense connections: then Boys From County Hell is here at your service. It is the suggested pick among the best Halloween movies on Shudder.

The terror of an ancient spirit, countryside drama, Irish comedy, and the powerful vampire is enough to make it one of your favorite horror movies.

20. Slaxx (2020)

Who knew a pair of jeans could be possessed and make a human go by the nose? The Slaxx has made it possible with its silly yet terrifying story plot.

The workers at a trendy clothing shop get terrified by evil-spirit-infused jeans. The comical masterpiece deserves your view!


Halloween’s knocking at the door. Got no clue what to do? Don’t worry. We are here with the collection of the best Halloween movies on Shudder.

We have everything in store for you: from a ghost movie to a slasher movie. Your desire is our command. Go and explore the list of best Halloween movies on Shudder. So, you know what you are watching this Halloween!

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