Top 8 Nickelodeon Halloween Movies

Nickelodeon Halloween Movies

‍Nickelodeon has made it a habit of premiering brand new shows every year on October 20. Over the last few years, Nickelodeon has produced several Halloween-themed movies that have aired alongside other spooky programs.

These Nickelodeon halloween movies have diversified in their subject matter. However, they all have had their primary focus on frightening viewers with creepy characters and eerie situations.

In this article, the Nickelodeon halloween movies released over the past few years are listed below. 

Whether you’re looking to get scared or want to see some of your favorite Nickelodeon stars dressed up in pretty unsettling costumes, you won’t miss any of these fantastic movies.

1. The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (2010)

The boy who cried werewolf follows two children, whose death of their mother made life difficult for them. However, their loving father, David, is feeling the strain. 

David is suspicious about the mystery parcel they received that said they had inherited a Romanian castle from a long-lost family they had never met.

While in Romania to settle the estate, Jordan accidentally comes into contact with werewolf DNA and transforms into a horrible beast while he and the kids are away. 

These huge mutations cause Jordan discomfort, revealing a certain part of his normally shy character. Hunter and the strict Madame Varcolac must quickly develop an antidote to ensure Jordan’s survival.

2. Shrek’s Ghostly Adventure

This movie first aired in 2001. Shrek’s Ghostly Adventure features the lovable ogre from the popular Dreamworks movie Shrek. Having been turned into a ghost by his archenemy, Lord Farquad, Shrek discovers that he is unable to scare children. 

Therefore, he takes the children of his kingdom on a tour of the Ghostly Goblet, a haunted house-Esque attraction where he once lived.

Although the movie is not a huge success, it is the first of its kind on Nickelodeon. It is also one of the first Nickelodeon Halloween movies to air on the channel. 

Shrek’s Ghostly Adventure is a fun and light-hearted romp that appeals to all ages. Shrek’s Ghostly Adventure is a great way to kick off this list, and it’s the perfect way to introduce a new generation of kids to the beloved ogre.

3. Zer Ruins

Zer Ruins is one of the first Nickelodeon Halloween movies to air on Nickelodeon. This halloween movie aired in 2009 and is co-produced by Nick and the creators of the hit show iCarly. Zer Ruins follows a group of kids who accidentally discover an ancient Mayan temple. 

A terrifying creature called the Zer inhabits the temple. Later on, the kids soon discover that they must solve a series of puzzles to escape the temple alive. Zer Ruins is a fun blend of scary and silly that is reminiscent of an episode of Scooby-Doo. 

It is also one of the few Nickelodeon Halloween movies with a diverse cast of characters, making it a great pick for audiences of all ages. Zer Ruins is primarily aimed at kids but is surprisingly scary sometimes. 

However, kids too young to appreciate its scariness can enjoy its silly humor. Zer Ruins is a movie to avoid if you’re looking for a more family-friendly movie.

4. Aaah! Real Monsters: Out of the Shadows

Aaah! Real Monsters: Out of the Shadows is the first nickelodeon halloween movie to be based on the hit show Aaah! Real Monsters.

First airing in 2000, Out of the Shadows features the show’s three monsters, Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm, as they try to scare kids on Halloween night.

The movie takes place in the distant future after the characters have become famous due to their hit television show.

However, they are now too famous for scaring kids. In an attempt to re-learn their scaring abilities, the monsters find themselves in a terrifying adventure involving a giant, evil pumpkin and a haunted forest.

Aaah! Real Monsters: Out of the Shadows is a bit darker than Shrek’s Ghostly Adventure, making it the perfect pick for a slightly older audience. 

It is filled with scary creatures and has several genuinely spooky moments. Though it’s aimed at a younger audience, it may be a bit too intense for very young kids. 

Aaah! Real Monsters: Out of the Shadows is a great example of how Nickelodeon has grown and matured as a network over the years. It is still one of the best Nickelodeon halloween movies over the years.

5. Boog and Ghoul: The Halloween Movie Where the Bad Guys Win

Boog and Ghoul: The Halloween Movie Where the Bad Guys Win is the first movie based on the popular Nickelodeon show, See Dad Run. See Dad Run is a sitcom that follows the adventures of a stay-at-home father named Scott.

This Halloween movie, which aired in 2016, features Scott as he attempts to throw a massive Halloween party for his two kids. Scott’s children, Lumpy and Sassy, are two of the show’s main characters.

The special pits Scott and his family against the movie’s three recurring villains, Boog, Ghoul, and Squirty the Clown.

Boog and Ghoul: The Halloween Movie Where the Bad Guys Win is silly and fun. However, it also manages to send some pretty powerful messages about family.

This movie is an excellent choice for families looking at Nickelodeon Halloween movies that is family-friendly and kid-friendly. Boog and Ghoul: The Halloween Movie Where the Bad Guys Win will attract viewers in years to come.

6. Haunted Asylum

Haunted Asylum is another Nickelodeon Halloween movie that aired in 2009. Airing as part of Nick’s 13-hour Halloween marathon, Haunted Asylum follows the kids of a reality TV show as they investigate an abandoned asylum. 

Unfortunately, they soon discover that the asylum is haunted by its former inhabitants. Haunted Asylum is a fun, amazing movie reminiscent of classic Nickelodeon. However, it is certainly not for younger kids. 

It is one of the scariest Nickelodeon halloween movies ever aired on the channel. Haunted asylum is a great pick for teenagers looking for a scary movie to watch on Halloween. If you’re looking for a movie that will send shivers down your spine, there is no better movie than Haunted Asylum.

7. Xtreme Scares: Barmageddon

Xtreme Scares: Barmageddon is another special that aired in 2009. It is a sequel to the special Xtreme Scares: The Haunted House, which aired in 2008. Barmageddon saw the return of the organ grinder from The Haunted House. 

In this sequel, Barmageddon, a group of kids who frequent a bowling alley, discovers the grinder’s secret plot to take over the world.

Barmageddon is a great choice for kids looking for a silly, light-hearted special. It has some genuinely funny moments, but it is not nearly as scary as some other movies on this list.7

8. Big Orange

Big Orange is another Nickelodeon halloween movies that aired in 2009. It follows the adventures of a giant, anthropomorphic orange terrorizing a small town. Big Orange is a silly movie that is aimed at kids. It is filled with slapstick humor and is not scary at all.

Even though it isn’t intended to be a scary movie, Big Orange managed to be pretty funny. It is a great choice for kids too young to appreciate the scarier movies on Nickelodeon.

Big Orange is also a great pick for kids who want something light-hearted to watch while trick-or-treating.

There’s a good chance that even the pickiest eaters will enjoy this movie. Big Orange is one of the silliest Nickelodeon halloween movies to ever air on the channel, and it’s definitely worth watching.

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