15 Best Movies on Shudder That Can Make Your Jaws Dropped

Best Movies on Shudder

The world is progressing towards becoming woke. Netizens enjoy raw and over-the-top (OTT) content more and more. In such cases, platforms like Shudder are the cherry on top for horror movie fans. 

The premium and on-demand show streaming services are the exclusive part of the app. The intriguing fact is that the app is themed to cater to a specific type of audience.

The best movies on Shudder mainly revolves around horror, fictional, and thriller genre. Hence, you can expect thriller shows to knock you down with a feather.

Shudder can stream over Amazon Video, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox series, and many other media. Shudder airs immensely entertaining movies and reality shows.

So, we have got you the list of 15 best movies on Shudder. Stay tuned!

Best Movies on Shudder Worth a Watch

Exploring a streaming platform like Shudder will make you get FOMO. Therefore, we are here to give you relief with a well-researched set of the best movies on Shudder

Withal, you don’t need to worry about the context. We have descriptions along with the best movies on Shudder. Here we go!

1. The Return Of The Living Dead (1985)

Are you a horror buff? Have you watched George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead before? Then, you would be stunned to learn that TROTLD is its loose sequel. 

The movie has got energetic, chaotic, and explosive vibe through. Where will you get the extreme zombie flick, a graveyard party with political incompetence? 

The movie can make your stomach ache with a fit of laughter and scream with zombies’ starvation. You also get a glimpse of late veteran actors; Clu Gulager and James Karen. So, the action-packed series is here to savor your bawling eyes.  

2. Watcher (2022)

Watcher has become the star of everyone’s eye in 2022. The psychological stunner movie of Chloe Okuno is the story of a work-addictive and socializing husband with a non-native housewife cooped in an apartment.

The head-turner actress Malika Monroe in the role of an American in Bucharest is the show-stopper. Monroe (Julia) has spoken through her eyes. 

She spends the whole day making furtive glances out of her massive apartment window. Where Julia feels isolated; the discomfort unveils when she feels a stalker is watching her.

No one heeds attention to her warnings. Hence, Watcher is one of the best movies on Shudder with its invasive and vulnerable nature. 

3. Train to Busan (2016)

Are you a K-dramaholic? Have you been wandering in search of some good spooky zombie flick movie? Then, Train to Busan can be on your watchlist among the best movies on Shudder.

The melodrama and suspenseful series can make a great fit with popcorn entertainment. The story directs at a South-Korean father who is a workaholic. 

The dad got daughters to protect. Hence, the fun begins when the family is hopping on a train. Unfortunately, the train gets hijacked by rampaging zombies. 

The several action elements that can make “Train to Busan” on your wishlist are the incredible makeup FX, supporting characters, and snoopy plot.

4. Tammy and the T-Rex

Tammy and the T-Rex have been a popular 90’s addition to the best movies on Shudder. Stewart Raffill has featured a larger-than-life prop of an animatronic dinosaur.

That’s not all! The movie features Paul Walker, who is supposedly a teenager. The story takes turns; the protagonist’s brain gets transplanted into T-Rex.

On the other hand, Denise Richard (swooning crush Tammy) is on a mission to save the man dino experiment. The movie has witty humor with frightening squashy heads and sprays of blood. 

5. Detention (2011)

Do you enjoy scary movies across multiple cultures? Then, this Tawainese hint to the best movies on Shudder can be your favorite. Detention is the ideal blend of true-to-life horror films.

The movie pictures the life of high school students under martial law (in 1962). Detention includes elements of historical terrors and demonic symbolism, where reading certain books can result in the death sentence.

Taiwan’s tragic past has been the center of attention. The miserable lives and the oozing fear within bodies makes detention a masterpiece. 

You can expect government oppression, ghastly deities, and ghoulish accents. 

6. Hounds of Love (2016)

Hounds of love have directed the light upon child predators and real-life sadism. It feels like Ben Young has cast a new spirit in the characters. 

Are you a fan of thriller serial podcasts? Then, this can be a must-see for you among the best movies on Shudder. There are two predators; Emma Booth and Stephen Curry. 

They recently drugged and abducted a young girl who is a fierce and combative victim. So, the tale is about earthly evils in a realistic horror genre. Hence, be ready for international murder sprees and traumatic relations. 

7. Satan’s Slaves (2017)

The scare machine of a movie is all about haunted house architecture with scary darkness. If nothing frightens you anymore, give Satan’s Slave a chance. 

The movie makes you feel like being awakened from a genuine nightmare. The unnerving paranormal activity gives you terrors throughout the body. 

The Indonesian horror film is all about nightmare camera tricks. Also, the cultural significance is at its peak among the best movies on Shudder.

8. Z (2019)

Historical tragedies, prejudices, and nightmares go hand in hand. In this addition to the best movies on Shudder, Z has captured eyebrows-raising genuine nightmares.

An eight-year-old comprises a murderous imaginary friend. The whole movie is about the assassination of a democratic Greek politician. 

Do give this series a watch. See how Josh’s unstable and creepy performance intrigues his parents.

9. The Wailing (2016)

The unsettling Korean culture has shown the best side of the intense evil over a disturbing clash of civilizations. The Wailing has made tremendous use of supernatural elements to keep the movie engaging.

Directors have developed an optimum blend of exorcism, arcane rituals, folk horrors, violent imagery, and zombified humans. So, you better watch this series must, if not the best movies on Shudder

10. Deep Red (1975)

Are you a fan of alluring scripts and twisted endings? Then, Deep red can be on the top of your watchlist. The impressive cinematography, the storyline, and the splashes of blood are here to take the most of you.

Deep Red is on the list of the best movies on Shudder, based on two main characters. The musician who’s in the role of finding the mysterious killer. 

The only clue that the protagonist has got is the black gloves. So, do you think a musician can succeed in saving the world?

11. Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

The movie has upstaged freakish sadism. Saw Massacre is one of the most savage choices among the other best movies on Shudder.

The movie portrays a cannibalistic family. The main character brutally chops off the people with his saw. The family is disturbing and insane to another level.

They reside in the middle of the Texas wilderness in a dilapidated house. The family chows on meat Leatherface and grandpa drink the blood.

The audacity is that the fashion furniture in the house constitutes the victim’s bones. Watch this movie at your risk, as it’s ready to make your blood boil. 

12. The Changeling (1980)

The supernatural psychological melodrama happens when the music composer loses his wife and daughter in an accident. The musician decides to relocate to Seattle, Washington. 

There he resides in a haunted mansion where a spirit has been long-living. Go get Shudder and give “The Changeling” a view to witness the tale of an institutional cover-up and a restless young boy’s spirit.

13. Carrie (2013)

Carrie has highlighted popular culture. The movie has a perfect storyline to captivate the viewers among the best movies on Shudder. The story is based on a novel and begins in a locker room.

Carrie is a seventeen-year-old who gets pranked on her prom night. She gets disturbed and embarrassed after the humiliation.

However, the heavens get on her side when she discovers that she possesses telekinetic powers. So, the story unfolds for the quiet and isolated Carrie.

14. Halloween

The movie Halloween is about a sociopath serial killer who preys on girls. The unstoppable phantom has already murdered his sister, admitted to a mental asylum. It is one of the impeccable art by john carpenter.

However, the story begins as he escapes the hospital and returns to his town on Halloween night. Michael employs heavy tools such as a slasher for killing purposes. The inhumane murderer lurks in silence before attempting.

It is john carpenter’s creepy addition to the best movies on Shudder. He has already got his eyes on high-school girls. Watch now to know what happens at the end.

15. Mad God

Last but not least to the list of best movies on Shudder. The Mad God is an experimental work that starts with the 26th chapter of Leviticus. The stop motion animation, alluring cinematics, and strong visuals are noteworthy.

The movie depicts the “what-if” scenario where the world is accountable for all its doings. Humans get punishment for arrogance and all wrongdoings. 

Whatever you do, you have to answer in the world of Mad God. The movie is a testament to the power and labor of love. Don’t forget to watch Mad God and other films on Shudder!


Congratulations, you have made it to the end of the list of best movies on Shudder. All horror film lovers can now relax as you are all set for a month or so.

Get your Shudder subscription only for $5.7 per month now. It’s time to get your tissue out. The scary movies will make you cry, scream, and laugh all at once.

The entertainment-packed bucket of the best movies on Shudder is here to amaze you. So, why are you waiting here?

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