What Is Parsec Gaming?

What Is Parsec Gaming

In the world of gaming there are various methods of play, and this method can be unique to the games itself.

Fighting games, for example, have a huge fanbase, and players like to know their opponents are real.

Since fighting games are very intense, any simple lag can cost you the whole game, so online play isn’t really loved in the fighting game community; this is why local play has always been preferred.

But local play being what it is meant to be, friends from far distances cannot play together without using online play, which can be very unstable.

Is there any solution on ground? Yeah, there is, Parsec gaming.

So, what is Parsec? Parsec is a software that shares your PC display through the cloud, allowing gamers to play games as if you are locally connected despite being totally remote.

Parsec has been one of the major solutions for gamers, but there are quite a few things to know about it. Let’s take a deep dive, shall we?

Parsec Gaming – How Does It Work?

Parsec program first of all, creates a peer-to-peer connections between PCs. One PC being the host and another being the receiver, who can also be referred to as the client.

The game then behaves as if you are playing locally because you are sharing your PC with another one.

This is amazing, one reason being since the game believes you are playing locally, and behaves as such bad netcode really doesn’t matter, and you can enjoy seamless gameplay.

Fighting games players love this method because you can be completely remote and through Parsec, play completely locally.

Since all of the network processes happen through Parsec, it creates very minimal latency.

Since the client is simply streaming the host PC, the player really doesn’t need to own the game; as long as the game runs fine on the host PC, the client can simply access it.

You might be wondering; this is freaking awesome. Yes, it is, but we also need to understand the security behind it.

Since the host PC has to make sure that their PC is completely safe during this process.

The Security Behind Parsec – How Secure Is It?

Parsec really takes their security business really seriously. Honestly, they have some pretty serious security protocols.

P2P data is secured by DLTS 1.2 and communications to their back-end are secure via standard HTTPS, so yeah, pretty serious stuff.

At the end of it all the ball is really in your court as Parsec has security locked down on their end. You need to be extremely wary of the person you ate connecting to through Parsec.

Since you are quite literally inviting others into your PC, you might be exposing vital information to the client.

So, you should really allow some you know and trust into your PC and you need to be careful when allowing a strangerin.

But Parsec thought about this and yet again offered a solution; they allow you to choose which apps your client can choose when on your PC, so guests don’t just start clicking all your games and programs.

Security measure to take

There are security measures to take when using Parsec, limiting your guest access to your program can also be a very awesome security measure.

But things like your IP address are still out in the wild, so when you meet a stranger challenging you for a quick game and you need to prove a point.

You can use a VPN; a VPN will mask your IP address securing your location and other information your IP address has to offer.

You can pick a VPN that you feel you like and has masking features to prevent your self from any online threat.

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