27 Best Multiplayer PS4 Games to Play With Friends

Best Multiplayer PS4 Games

What are the best multiplayer PS4 games? Over the console’s history, many competitive players have asked themselves this issue.

You’ll want to spend your time playing the best multiplayer PS4 games offer, whether you get a high from competing with strangers online or are too busy to miss a Friday night gaming session with your friends.

While many of PlayStation’s most popular games are single-player adventures with extended storylines and good third-person gameplay, such as “The Last of Us Part 2” and “God of War,” it should come as no surprise that the PS4 still boasts a robust multiplayer library, both online and locally.

These co-op games are third-party titles available on other platforms and computers. The best multiplayer PS4 games allow you to play with your friends or compete online.

The PS4 has something for everyone, whether you’re searching for something casual or competitive, from sports games to shooters to fighting games to RPGs.

Given that the PS4 has been on the market for eight years, it would be surprising if it didn’t have a sizable multiplayer library by now.

On the other side, there are so many PS4 games with multiplayer functionality that deciding where to begin can be difficult.

Please read on as we go through some of the best multiplayer PS4 games.

Table of Contents

  1. GTA Online
  2. Battlefield 1
  3. Titanfall 2
  4. Apex Legends
  5. Bloodborne
  6. Final Fantasy 14
  7. It Takes Two
  8. Fortnite
  9. Warframe
  10. Rocket League
  11. Monster Hunter World
  12. Grand Theft Auto Online
  13. Overwatch
  14. The Last Us Remastered
  15. Rainbow Six Siege
  16. Guilty Gear Strive
  17. Last Of Us: Factions
  18. Destiny 2
  19. Injustice 2
  20. Dead by Daylight
  21. The Forest
  22. Dragon Ball Fighter Z
  23. NBA 2K22
  24. Overcooked
  25. Minecraft
  26. Call of Duty: Warzone
  27. Borderlands 3

GTA Online

While you should not replicate some parts of GTA Online, the game has remained a popular fixture for the past five years for one simple reason: it’s a lot of fun.

Furthermore, in GTA Online, you can engage in various activities, including the unavoidable act of murder. Turn on Passive Mode, take a trip around San Andreas, shoot some darts, and grab an awkward lap dance.

Or disgrace yourself with some golf to pass the time until they reveal a new Top Spin. Without a doubt, this game remains one of the best Multiplayer PS4 games.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield V may or may not deliver when it launches in late 2018. But you can always count on Battlefield 1 for some FPS craziness, whether on land or in the air.

Ignore the basic history of the Great War and ride around on horseback with a dagger in your hand, speeding at people.

Furthermore, Battlefield 1 received a lot of positive feedback when it first came out, and it has maintained a solid player base in the two years following.

Battlefield 4 may fit you better as a more modern shooter, depending on your preferences. But does the fourth installment contain flaming zeppelins crashing to the ground? That’s a question you already know the answer to.

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 was a well-received game between Battlefield 1 and whatever Call of Duty game was being published (we forget, something about space?).

Also, Titanfall 2 is still being played today, although the game didn’t sell as many copies as its quality warranted.

Numerous improvements over the first game and the indisputable pace make it so exciting to play. It’s simple to learn yet challenging to master, with so many Titans to use to commit mass murder.

You’ll keep coming back for more to experience one of the best multiplayer PS4 games.

Apex Legends

A competitive online first-person shooter screams “multiplayer.” Apex Legends is all of those things, and it’s also completely free.

You take control of a hero and learn how to use their unique skills while working with your teammates to fight an enemy force. Aerial combatants like Valkyrie, capable gunfighters like Bangalore, and healers like Lifeline are among the playable characters.

Also, If you decide to spend actual money, it will primarily be on cosmetics. Apex Legends also has a solid pedigree, developed by Respawn Entertainment, containing several veteran Call of Duty devs.


For shy single-player fans, it can be a great stepping stone. You build a Hunter in this highly challenging action/RPG, then head off into the Gothic city of Yharnam to face swarms of monstrous monsters.

Bloodborne is spooky, eldritch, and frightening, making it an ideal solo game. But it’s also exceedingly challenging so that you can enlist the help of other players in boss fights.

Also, collaboration with other players is a fantastic method to earn prizes. But you can also attack their planets and slaughter them if you’re more aggressive.

Final Fantasy 14

The title for the most significant turnaround in gaming goes to “Final Fantasy 14.” Square Enix’s once-disastrous “Final Fantasy” title has evolved into one of the best “Final Fantasy” titles and live service games on the market, with each expansion adding even more layers. This is one of the best Multiplayer PS4 games. 

This type of mode is excellent for demonstrating what MMOs are capable of. Like those in “Destiny 2,” these raids are designed for co-op play.

Also, the game “makes it easy to find a group of players,” as VentureBeat points out, sweetens the bargain.

Furthermore, it’s a significant investment, but the game offers free trials and other ways to taste the action. So there’s no reason not to jump in.

It Takes Two

The way “It Takes Two” handles its characters is its best feature. Cody and May are opposites in personality and gameplay, which links nicely with the game’s plot elements. “It Takes Two” is about “applying the abilities each of the game’s sections gives you” to complete great tasks.

For example, Cody’s sap pistol and May’s igniter are two very different instruments made to work together. Also, this game of the Year winner is one of the best co-op games and is masterfully built throughout.


Everyone knows Fortnite for Battle Royale, thanks to its unique blend of shooting and constructing that distinguishes it from the competition.

Whether playing single or with buddies, no match in Fortnite is ever the same. The learning curve is steep, and the other players are harsh with newcomers.

But once you get the hang of creating ramps and then slam-dunking on top of someone with a shotgun blast, it’s clear why so many people enjoy it. Furthermore, it is one of the best multiplayer PS4 games.


Who would have guessed that Warframe, a game about being a stylish robot ninja, would become one of the best multiplayer PS4 games? It’s all thanks to Digital Extremes’ dedication to transforming it from a shattered diamond into something vast and unique.

Furthermore, as a free PS4 game, Warframe is a slog until you’ve amassed enough loot to avoid looking like a peasant. However, with a beautiful open world and a solid commitment to the community, it’s worth looking if you haven’t already.

Rocket League

A simple twist on football and racing that could have been nothing more than a pleasant diversion for many has become a worldwide phenomenon. One of the most popular games on Twitch and worldwide.

Rocket League is a follow-up to the PS3’s underrated (but unfortunately under-marketed) Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. You play as a car and try to score goals. However, it’s nothing more or less than that, and it’s fantastic.

Also, expect an upward rise before you consider yourself suitable, like with all multiplayer games that have been around for a long time. It’s time to grind now that it’s also free.

Monster Hunter World

Because you’ll be tracking, enticing, and fighting monsters throughout the game, “Monster Hunter World” stays true to its name.

Instead of introducing a slew of new weapons, as in previous sequels, “World” focuses on the creatures themselves as the primary attraction.

Each species has complicated patterns and habits, making them a difficult challenge to overcome. Furthermore, the multiplayer option, which allows up to four players to hunt monsters simultaneously, comes into play here.

According to Co-Optimus, Monster Hunter: World’ does the most satisfactory job in the series of onboarding players to the various mechanics and systems of the game, so getting started is a breeze. So, try it out and have fun playing one of the best multiplayer PS4 games.

Grand Theft Auto Online

One of the main reasons “GTA 5” is usually at the top of gaming charts is “GTA Online.” Rockstar has created one of the most successful game services in history, with a broad reach that people have been playing it nonstop since 2013.

Heists, story missions, and other custom modes all contribute to the fun of “GTA Online.”

Huge updates like “Diamond Casino and Resort” and “Los Santos Tuners” push things in new ways by adding new features and characters, while updates like “The Contract” keep Rockstar’s promise of continuing to expand the main game’s story for nine years after its initial release.


Overwatch is the creator of the “hero shooter,” which also owes a debt of gratitude to Team Fortress 2. It’s not exactly at the pinnacle of its abilities these days, but it’s still a blast.

They’re fundamentally similar games, with the emphasis on teamwork and different members of the team being better suited for specific duties.

On the other hand, Overwatch’s approach to narrative shows through, with each of its heroes having their personalities and backstories.

Also, everyone has a character (save Hanzo, who belongs to no one). And there are plenty of ways to play with friends and practice so that it may be your next weekend consumer.

The Last Us Remastered

Yes, the perhaps most excellent single-player PlayStation property also features multiplayer. And it’s damn good, too, as evidenced by the fact that many fans still play it now.

The Last of Us’ multiplayer features various modes, but what’s most intriguing is how the game wraps everything together in a story.

Also, the survivors can flourish or fail, depending on how well you do. So there’s no pressure on you to perform well in deathmatches.

Rainbow Six Siege

On the PC, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is notoriously poisonous, but you’ll be alright because most of the PS4 player base is allergic to microphones.

It doesn’t prevent team-killing in Casual, but it’s much better than kids screaming at you when you’re the last one standing.

For those of you who are competitive, Ranked is where the wheat is sorted from the chaff, and Siege is at its peak. Every action must be strategic and well-planned.

If you want to succeed and climb the rankings, you’ll need to team up with friends. Furthermore, this is of the best Multiplayer PS4 games you should try.

Guilty Gear Strive

“Guilty Gear Strive” happens when fighting game makers prioritize internet connectivity. This fighter’s silky-smooth online bouts have players coming back for more. What matters most is that “Guilty Gear Strive” is still enjoyable to play even after a defeat.

You’ll be able to choose who you want to fight. Also, It’s fantastic to pick and choose whatever regions you want to visit to acquire as much experience and variety as possible.

Furthermore, the soundtrack, magnificent anime style, and eccentric character roster add to the pros; nothing is uninteresting or one-note. With “Guilty Gear Strive,” Arc System Works went above and above. Winning the award for Best Fighting Game at the 2021 Game Awards.

Last Of Us: Factions

The anticipation for a new installment of “Factions” has been rising since the release of “The Last of Us Part 2.” (per GamesRadar).

It’s easy to see why given that “Factions” was nearly as entertaining as the main game. “The Last of Us” multiplayer maintains the campaign’s focus on crafting and deliberate, strategic fighting.

It’s a good idea to stick with those who can help you gain resources if you want to achieve. The UI, Listening Mode and crafting skills are lifted directly from the main game, but the small details — like hastily mending friends as foes close in — make the experience memorable. This is one of the best multiplayer PS4 games.

Destiny 2

After Bungie’s respectable (but lacklustre) first try at a new IP, the “Destiny” franchise did a complete 180. “Destiny 2” has grown into a vast universe with many concurrent players and an exciting number of expansions.

Even though “Destiny 2” has been out for four years, it feels like the sequel is just getting started.

Furthermore, the primary draws of the game are the loot and rewards; engaging in bounties and raids improves your character’s gear.

Most of these events and raid monsters are designed to be defeated in groups. As a result, users are encouraged to join clans, where they can meet new people and work together to complete challenges.

Injustice 2

After being reformed from the ashes of Midway, NetherRealm has been on a tear in recent years. With Injustice 2 possibly showcasing them at their best.

While there aren’t many differences from the original game, a focus on providing a wealth of offline and online content has made it one of the PS4’s most popular fighting games.

Furthermore, injustice 2 boasts a plot that most of its competitors would envy and lavish, dramatic aesthetics, and a depth of strategy that becomes deeper and deeper as you progress up the competitive ladder. 

Dead by Daylight

While Dead By Daylight isn’t a game you can play regularly, it’s ideal for nights in with friends where you can take turns evading the killer and turning on generators.

The game’s community is strong, and with a slew of renowned murderers available as DLC, you’ll be able to bring a piece of slasher history to your PlayStation 4 while screaming like a banshee.

The Forest

What could make the prospect of your son being abducted by a gang of cannibals a little less depressing? Of course, I shared the experience with three other lonely fathers.

The Forest allows you to work together with your friends to save your shared son or have fun and build a useless zipline.

Furthermore, you can play with strangers, but you should try to play with your friends.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

We must include a fighting game in discussing the best multiplayer PS4 games. Although the PS4 offers many good games, I’ll always choose Dragon Ball FighterZ.

This vibrant fighter allows you to assemble a three-person Dragon Ball squad and face the battle against opponents locally or online.

Each fighter has strengths and limitations, from the well-rounded Goku to the highly technical Piccolo to the adaptable Captain Ginyu.

Also, the game is stunning, looking exactly like an anime episode. And just seeing the colorful characters and smooth animations is a joy in and of itself.

NBA 2K22

Without a big sports title, no list of the best multiplayer PS4 games would be complete. And NBA 2K22 is one of the best in recent memory.

NBA 2K22 is a basketball simulation, so you’re familiar with the rules: Play as your favorite team and see how far you can take them.

Design your player and see where your career takes you. From simple one-on-one encounters with local partners to ranked online games where you can compete for in-game awards. The game offers a range of multiplayer activities.

Furthermore, you could always play Madden or FIFA instead of NBA 2K if you don’t enjoy basketball. But this year’s version of NBA 2K is a better game overall.


Overcooked is one of our favorite cooperative games, even with non-gaming pals. In this funny culinary game, you and three other players work together to keep a messy kitchen operating during a busy restaurant shift.

It’s all about teamwork and communication, as each player can take on a different role to keep the action rolling. There’s a story mode to play through and a plethora of unlockable stuff to gather.


Are you concerned that your youngster lacks creativity? Let them go in a Minecraft environment for a few hours and see what they can come up with.

But please don’t assume that it’s our fault if they enslave a group of people and force them to procreate to increase crop yields. That’s all because Minecraft is a game.

Team up with your pals online or offline to create your worlds. Or dive into the story and try to defeat the Ender Dragon.

Call of Duty: Warzone

While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare won back the majority of CoD fans, it wasn’t until the release of its battle royale spin-off, Warzone, that the franchise indeed resurfaced.

Furthermore, warzone seemed to be everything that jaded BR veterans had been craving, an experience that the series had not achieved with its previous Blackout BR.

They’d finally cracked the code, whether the lucrative Contracts or the intriguing gulag respawn mechanism.

Borderlands 3

Of course, there were Borderlands before Destiny. The third Borderlands game has been coming for a long time.

And while it may not have been worth the wait, it plays roughly the same as the previous two; the old saying “something not broken” comes to mind.

Furthermore, borderlands 3 is a fun, mercilessly silly game that provides a terrific opportunity to kick back and chat with billions of guns and hundreds of venues to use them in, owing to Borderlands 3’s planet-hopping adventure.

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