What’s the Difference Between Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Difference Between Pokemon Sword and Shield

Are you a fan of Pokemon video games? Have you been following its trail since the release of Pocket Monsters Red and Green? Or else, after playing its sun and moon game. 

If you’ve been such a Pokemon game fanatic, then you must be aware of the buzz of its sword and shield version.

Netizens are utterly confused between both models of the game. They still can’t tell the difference between Pokemon Sword and Shield. 

Well, even if until now you were also unable to figure it out, then read on and see what’s the difference between Pokemon Sword and Shield.

All of your queries and speculations are about to be answered. Heads downward asap!

Main Differences Between Pokemon Sword and Shield

Here, five  main causes are given, where both Pokemon sword and shield differentiate:

1. Legendary Characters: Zacian and Zamazenta

Following their usual traditional gaming style of Pokemon, they have released two versions of the same game.

It has a twist that comes with the fictitious character “Zacian” being exclusive to the Pokemon sword. Now guess to whom will “Zamazenta” belong?…

Obviously, to the other version, to Pokemon Shield. Both fabulous characters are available through the game’s main storyline to satisfy your inner game geek. 

There’s even one more legendary Pokemon introduced called Eternatus. Fortunately, it’s obtainable in both sword and shield games.

2. Exclusives: Wild Pokemons

The game comes with 68 exclusive Pokemon. The Pokemon sword holds 34 premium animals, such as Deino, Zweilous, Hydreigon, Jangmo-o, Nuzleaf, and so on. Pokemon shield contains; Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar, Goomy, and many more. 

However, this difference between Pokemon Sword and Shield does not leave you deprived of these fun figures. You can always connect to the other game version and trade these missing Pokemon. 

3. Rivals: Gym Leaders

By playing both Pokemon games, you’ll encounter several towns that have a variety of gyms. However, do these gyms provide you with the same experience? To spice up your game, the developers have added different leaders. 

This difference between Pokemon Sword and Shield is enough to keep you hooked. In Pokemon Shield, you might challenge Allister. While in the sword, you can be prepared to face bea. 

In Pokemon Shield, the bea is replaced by ghost user Allister. Also, ice-type Melony takes the place of Gordie. On the other hand, in the Pokemon Sword, its fourth and sixth Gym leaders are fighting-type trainer Bea and rock-type Gordie. 

4. Max Raid: Battle encounters

Now you can enhance your gaming experience by playing Pokemon’s new multiplayer mode, Max Raid Battles, with your 3 friends.

On special occasions, between specific periods, you may also see Gigantamax Pokemon. 

It depends on the type of version you’re playing and which Gigantamax you’ll witness. Pokemon Shield players are more likely to encounter Gigantamax Corviknight. 

While Pokemon Sword players have a  higher chance of witnessing Gigantamax Drednaw.

5. Utilities: Different Curry Ingredients

The last big difference between Pokemon Sword and Shield is about the entertaining curry-making mini-game. 

Whichever game version you choose, you lose nothing. When you’re playing the Pokemon Sword, you get Bob’s Food Tin to make rich curry. On another page, the shield gets Bach’s Food Tin to cook juicy curry.


“Every cloud has a silver lining.”

Both of the game modes have their pros and cons. Now that you’ve learned the top difference between Pokemon sword and shield.

No matter which version has won your heart so far. The ball is in your court to pick your choice.

These games are truly fascinating and give you the best gaming experience ever possible.

Therefore, whether you play Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield, you’ll never be on the losing side.

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