15 Popular Masked Video Game Characters

Masked Video Game Characters

In most video games, the characters captivate players with their ability or personality to do great things. But it is very rare for you to love a character because of their mask.

Masked video game characters are characters in video games that can either conceal their face, intimidate or make some statement by wearing masks, helmets, etc.

However, the mask makes the spotlight more often than the one wearing it. Continue reading to find out more about these masked video game characters.

Here are 15 Masked Video game characters you’ll love to use in your video games:

1. Skull Kid From Majora’s Mask

The skull kid first appears in “The Legend of Zelda”: Ocarina of Time. He is introduced as a mischievous though friendly scare-crow-like child that plays his flute in the lost woods.

There are several skull kid’s in the franchise, but the most famous and dangerous of them is the one wearing the mask.

Majora’s mask is a unique game within the Zelda series that manipulates the flow of time as Link struggles to save the world from the skull kid wearing this evil Majora’s mask.

The mask gives the skull kid limitless power that allows him to bring the moon crashing down. The player must navigate the world and timeline to rid the skull kid of this power and return Majora’s mask to the happy mask salesman.

This is one of the most popular video games in history where its storyline is centered around a mask, and skull kid is the unlucky masked video game characters here.

2. Meta Knight From Kirby

Another great contribution to modern gaming is Nintendo’s Kirby series. Although it centers itself on the heroic protagonist, a frequently displayed character built upon this fame is the mysterious Meta knight.

Meta Knight first appeared in Kirby’s adventure in 1993 and since then has been able to find a great spot in the super smash brother franchise.

 Meta Knight, recognized immediately by his silver mask, has been seen bare-faced on occasions, and to the surprise of players everywhere, he looks nearly identical to Kirby himself.

Meta Knight has grown to be known as a capable swordsman and is a huge asset to the Kirby series, but most importantly, he is one of the masked video game characters who has managed to do this under a faceless mask.

3. Shy Guy From Super Mario Brothers

Shy Guy from Nintendo’s crowning achievement (Super Mario Brothers) is another masked video game character that gets a Lot of Love for its anonymity.

Shy guy first makes an appearance in the lesser known Doki Doki panic, which was later repurposed as Super Mario Bros 2.

Shy guy has been a Mario character for years, and not even for once have players seen him without the mask. The Shy guy’s mask is devoid of emotion and personality and still serves as a gaming totem for what is arguably a video games franchise.

4. Scorpion And Sub-Zero From Mortal Kombat

Video games can pit players against one another in battle, but no gaming experience takes this fight to the same level as Mortal Kombat has.

The forefront of its franchise features the two most famous masked video game characters who play the role of Ninja fighters of gaming (scorpion and Sub-Zero).

Their opposing powers of fire and ice make them perfect foes to one another. However, Sub-Zero and Scorpion are not only the masked video game characters within the Mortal Kombat franchise (as more editions of Mortal Kombat are coming in), But there is little or no doubt that these other fighters fall in line behind these masked duo.

5. Samus Aran From Metroid

One of the characters beloved to Nintendo is the well-equipped hunter known as Samus Aran. The fascinating suit of armor that Samus uses gets players impressed.

Also, the helmet she uses helps to hide her identity and gender very well in the game. Samus proves, especially in the game’s early moments, that she can fully carry the franchise on her shoulders.

It is widely believed that her mask helped her appeal to gamers from all walks of life. Initially, no one knows the hunter’s gender or age, allowing players to love the character without bias.

However, nowadays, one of the masked video game characters, Samus, is often seen in her zero suit form, which leaves little or nothing to imagine. Still, the fact that she is an absolute powerhouse in Nintendo behind a mask is worthwhile.

6. Caustic From Apex Legends

Apex legends are one of gaming’s most polished battle royale style representatives. There are several masked characters within the series, of which many of these characters are favorites to fans, such as; Bloodhound and octane.

But when it comes to the masked video game characters with the most defining mask, it arguably has to be caustic.

Caustic, a brilliant scientist, utilizes a toxic gas to earn the title of champion, and he ensures his safety by always wearing his PPE.

7. Cubone From Pokemon

One of the most tragic characters in Pokemon is little Cubone. Cubone is a companion that, according to Pokedex, wears the skull of its dead mother at all times.

Cubone cries out in extreme loneliness behind this mask until it evolves into Marowak, where the skull fuses to its head permanently.

As far as masked Pokemon go, Cubone is the first and saddest masked video game character to come to mind.

8. Pinwheel From Dark Souls

Pinwheel, arguably one of the easiest bosses in dark souls, is a chilling foe. Pinwheel is one of the masked video game characters controlled by three masks. The masks of Father, Mother, and child.

It uses the cloning ability to gain the upper hand during its attacks. When defeated, the dark souls boss grants the player one of its valuable masks that can boost various features such as Health and stamina. What is really underneath the masks? It is a question no one wants to know the answer to.

9. Krieg From Borderlands

The psycho that players love is Krieg, who appears originally in the second Borderlands installment. Krieg is written with a long backstory involving lots of abuse, turmoil, and torment that justifies the killer he’s become.

While Krieg is not the only masked video game characters within the borderland franchise, he often takes the front seat for the most beloved character in the game.

10. Needles Kane From Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal is a wicked franchise, and its trademark masked video game character, Needles Kane, is the perfect embodiment of the used Mayhem.

Needles Kane is the clown that drives his modded ice cream truck known as a sweet tooth. The mask is known to send chills up players’ spines.

Originally Needles seemed to appear in clown makeup and green hair, but he is more often seen now with a flaming head of fire and leather strapped clown mask, adding volume to his frightful appearance.

11. Lucina From Fire Emblem: Awakening

Lucina’s mask only hides half of her face, but with it, she can successfully masquerade as the ancient hero Marth, especially with her signature sword, Falchion.

Once Lucina is unmasked, she becomes an invaluable member of your team. An interesting fact about Lucina, one of the masked video game characters is that her weapons never break.

She ensures you never need to rush a healer towards her as she can regain 20 Horsepower by spending a turn.

12. Tyson Rios From The Army Of Two

Tyson Rio, along with his partner Elliot Salem is a tough mercenary working for various factions. Tyson tends to be more level-headed and moral than his partner.

Still, the interesting thing about these masked video game characters is their ability to complement each other well, thus ensuring a very good companionship which you’ll see as one of the game’s highlights.

13. Vega From Street Fighter 2

Vega, a narcissistic warrior from Spain, wears a mask in battle, not necessarily to conceal his identity but to protect his face from getting bruised.

He also uses a claw-like weapon that grants impressive range. He is also seen as one of the famous masked video game characters in Streetfighter.

14. Slender Man From The Arrival

After evading a slender man in the woods in the horror game, you ( playing silent protagonist Laurel) face an even scarier challenge in an old mining facility.

In this challenge, you’re pursued by both slender and his terrifying proxy. While Slenderman wraps around you when you’re not looking, the chaser constantly sprints at you, and you can’t harm her beyond stunning her with your flashlights.

15. Death’s Hand In Jade Empire

Death’s hand, the lingering remnant of a betrayed prince, is a mysterious antagonist in service to the Emperor.

Once you eventually defeat and free him, you can either free his spirit and allow him rest or bind him into servitude. Having one of the masked video game characters such as Death’s hand in your team is irresistible.


From cool, to cute, to creepy, to scary, masked video game characters have a variety of outfits. Some masks help increase a character’s level of power to unimaginable heights, while others give beautiful back stories to fill out the gaps in a moving plotline.

But of all the characters’ costume components, mask’s particularly draw our eyes because they do contain a mystery, hiding the weather’s identity. Have a nice time reading the article and let us know how interesting it was. 

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