Top 11 Video Games That Start With A

Video Games That Start With A

Are you a huge fan of video games? Or a savvy wishing to be more in-tune with the world of virtual, fun-filling, adventurous video games? You need not worry.

This article offers you in-depth insight into the world of video games with particular reference to those beginning with A.

Take note, though, that this is not an exhaustive list; but, it provides a glimpse into what to expect.

So, let’s dive right in. Some of the video games that start with A include;

1. A boy and his Blob

Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux.

The Wii version of the game was published on October 13 in North America and November 6 in Europe.

On June 28 of the same year, a PlayStation 3 version was released as a cross-purchase alongside the PS4 and Vita editions.

On November 17 and September 26 of 2017, mobile ports for iOS and Android were launched worldwide. On November 4, 2021, a Nintendo Switch version was launched.

Sean Velasco, the director of WayForward, indicated a desire to re-create and adapt the original NES title for current generation gamers, refining the NES version’s gameplay mechanics to offer a more “forgiving” experience.

2. Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream

Platform: PS4

PlayStation®4 system owners will get the best edition of this visually spectacular action-adventure game, with the inclusion of an online PvP mode, enhanced visuals, and an overall smoother play experience! Abyss Odyssey is an Art Nouveau-styled side-scrolling action-adventure game from a small Chilean developer ACE Team.

It features a complicated fighting engine in procedurally generated stages that destined its three warriors to battle for an eternity. To survive what lurks beneath, chain your attacks and unleash a barrage of punches.

When it comes to unrepresented settings in video games, 19th century Chile is towards the top; thus, it’s nice to see Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition offer such an unusual backdrop. 

3. Ace Combat 2

Platform: PSone

Ace Combat 2 was conceived by Namco creator Masanori Kato in response to Kato’s unhappiness with the original Air Combat, which he felt was badly deficient in terms of technicality.

Kato and a few others set out to make a sequel that was vastly superior to the original, with improved graphics, a wider range of missions, and a true sense of flight for the player.

Missions were planned to be thrilling and enjoyable to play, and the gameplay was designed to resemble that of arcade games.

Critics praised it for its gameplay, aesthetics, task variety, and improvements over its predecessor. 

4. Action Arcade Wrestling

Platform: PS4

Perform a BODY SLAM, a CLOTHESLINE KNOCKDOWN, a classic PILEDRIVER, blast LIGHTNING BOLTS, etc., into your opponent’s face?

Do not, under any circumstances, glance up at the lights! Action Arcade Wrestling delivers you everything you love about 90s wrestling games with its unique twist of mayhem and joy.

In this fast-paced, arcade wrestling spectacle, join the action and step through the ropes to superkick the overly mimicked wrestling games out of the ring!

Choose from a roster of 30+ outrageous wrestlers executing their devastating attacks and superhero-like skills in the most absurd wrestling game ever devised.

If that isn’t insane enough for you, try your hand at creating your wrestler at the AAW Wrestle Lab. 

5. Action Henk

Platform: PS Vita

Action Henk is a game about a heroic action figure attempting to recapture his heroic past. Henk used to be the fastest of them all back in the 1980s and 1990s, but his previous grandeur is long gone.

Dr. Kentony challenges him, and he’s determined to show that he still has what it takes to be the fastest! The goal is to race through levels as quickly as possible using physics and momentum.

These brief levels demand you to learn all of the physics-based platforming’s subtle tactics, including the well-known butt-slide. 

6. Action Man: Operation Extreme

Platform: PSone

Dr. X’s latest attempt for world conquest has been foiled by Action Man, the hero of the TV cartoon series.

He’ll face robot warriors, mutated plants, and poisonous insects, among other foes, as he travels through 26 action missions from scorching deserts to the frigid North Pole.

The overall plot of the game involves Action Man attempting to stop Dr. X from taking over the planet with an army of extraordinarily powerful robots known as ‘Skullbots.’

Action Man accomplishes this by destroying critical components of Dr. X’s supply chain and infiltrating bases to ensure that various things do not go according to plan.

The game contains two sorts of levels: action levels, in which the hero is on foot from a third-person perspective, and vehicle levels, in which the hero can drive various high-speed cars, planes, and boats from an isometric perspective.

7. Actua Soccer

Platform: PSone

Actua Soccer is the first installment in Gremlin Interactive’s Actua Sports series, and it is a football simulation.

Players can play for one of the 44 national teams and compete in a variety of football tournaments. Actua Soccer is one of the first sports games to recreate a realistic football simulation.

Gremlin Interactive, best known for games like Zool and Premier Manager, embarked on a challenging project.

Professional football players Chris Woods, Graham Hyde, and Andy Sinton took part in the motion-capture sessions, as did the Sheffield Wednesday football club.

Throughout the game, users have the chance to guide players’ actions from forty-four different teams.

8. Aeon Must Die

Platform: PS4

His generals have betrayed Aeon, the feared Emperor of the invincible Void Armada, and abandoned him for death.

Weakened and without a body in which to take his vengeance, he manages to merge with you to survive and exact his revenge.

Travel across Pantheon’s futuristic city to eliminate or subdue those who have forsaken Aeon while fighting for your intellect, free will, and physical control.

Experience a one-of-a-kind beat ’em-up that features fast-paced risk-reward action, cutting-edge AI, and tactical combat, all wrapped up in stunning visuals.

Will you submit to Aeon’s will and release his incredible power at the risk of losing yourself? Or will you choose the hard way and remain free, at the cost of your strength?

9. Age of Hammer Wars (PS Minis)

Platform: PS Minis

This game is a one-of-a-kind blend of action, role-playing, and simulation. The player is thrust into a world where hovering vehicles rule the skies, one of which he assumes command of.

According to the plot, the player must fight through multiple monster battles and complete various assignments.

The player’s hovering vehicle gains additional weapons, armor, and other useful power-ups as they make their way to the heart of the fairy kingdom.

You are in charge of a mechanical flying contraption in Hammer Wars. The hammer that comes with the device is quite brutal, but later unlocks enable you to add maces, swords, and other fascinating melee weapons.

10. Army of Two

Platform: PS3, PSP, Xbox 360

EA Montreal’s Army of Two is a third-person shooter video game series. Army of Two, the first game in the series, was released on March 6, 2008, for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The key aspect of Army of Two, which focuses on cooperative techniques, is the requirement to use coordinated teamwork to achieve the game’s goals.

While the game is designed to be played with a human partner, it also includes a “Partner Artificial Intelligence” (PAI) programmed to follow the player’s strategies.

The need for a partner (human or AI) is so strong that most objectives are impossible to achieve without it.

11. Angry Birds

Platform: Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Web browser

Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds is a Finnish action-adventure media franchise.

The game series follows a flock of birds with the same name attempting to save their eggs from green-colored pigs.

The game has been lauded for its successful blend of enjoyable gameplay, funny style, and affordable price, inspired by the game Crush the Castle[1].

Its success spawned a slew of spin-offs, including Angry Birds versions for PCs and video game consoles, items starring the characters, Angry Birds Toons, a TV cartoon series, and two films, The Angry Birds Movie and The Angry Birds Movie 2. 

Having seen the various action-packed, adventurous and adrenaline-rush, video games beginning with A, undoubtedly, one can’t help but be geared for the experience.

With games like A boy and his Bob, Age of Hammer Wars, Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream, Ace Combat 2,  Action Henk, Action Man: Operation Extreme, Actua Soccer, Aeon Must Die, Age of Hammer Wars, the gaming experience can only be more involving and thrilling.

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