10 Best Paranormal Movies on Shudder

Best Paranormal Movies on Shudder

If you are into paranormal or horror movies, then you must have heard about shudder streaming services.

If you are new to it, don’t worry; this article will help you select the best paranormal movies on shudder that will scare you out of your wits!

Here we go with the best catalog of paranormal movies on shudder!

Best Paranormal Movies on Shudder

Flux Gourmet (2022)

The renowned British writer and director Peter Strickland’s film Flux Gourmet is downright spooky and intriguing.

Flux Gourmet is based on an artistic institution where a group produces disturbing sounds through different food items (the process is called sonic catering). It revolves around a plot of power struggles, bureaucracy, politics, arts, and egoism.

His cacophony combines pain, humor, and terror with a touch of gastroenteritis to create a monster of uniqueness in film. 

This movie has an IMDb rating of 5.9/10. As Strickland has unique humor, his work is not conventional. Therefore, if you are more into humor and horror, then you will love this movie!

Madgod (2022)

The world’s greatest stop-motion animator, Phil Tippett, creates a horrific realm filled with tormented souls, destroyed cities, and nasty monstrosities.

Mad God follows an Assassin, a constructed anti-hero, through a post-apocalyptic world full of terrifying animals and settings.

The assassin descends into a lost city, where he discovers a variety of monstrosities, agony, and death. He will search for the source of pain and agony in the city. 

This movie will leave you constantly second-guessing your decisions. Madgod has an IMDb rating of 6.8/10. If you like exploring the bizarre and horrific realm, this movie is for you.

The Advent Calendar (2021)

The Advent Calendar by Patrick Ridremont opens the Christmas terror season by demonizing a harmless holiday ritual. 

To adjust to her new paraplegic condition, a lady bound to a wheelchair gets a weird advent calendar as a special gift on her birthday.

She starts unwrapping the gifts within, but with the passing days, she is compelled to play a fatal game till all of the items are consumed.

With jaw-dropping scenes, it has an IMDb rating of 6.3/10. If you like to watch creepy and thrilling stuff, then this is one of the best paranormal movies on shudder you will love to include in your watchlist. 

Host (2020)

Rob Savage directed the very first tremendous pandemic-produced paranormal movie. The story revolves around a séance that has gone bad via Zoom.

Savage personally directed the production using Zoom, and the result was an unexpectedly strong piece of art. Moreover, it lasts nearly 56 minutes.  

The film was shot in 12 weeks on zoom during the pandemic.

If you want to have jump scares and like spookiness, then this movie is surely made for you. It is with an IMDb rating of 6.5/10.

Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on the Elm Street (2019)


It is a reflection back at the lifetime of Mark Patton, the star of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985).

Fans of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge and everything related to it won’t be disappointed or unimpressed by this fantastic documentary, which allows Mark Patton, the film’s main actor, to eventually share his perspective on the events and explain why he quit the entertainment industry. The outcomes are heartbreaking and oftentimes agitating.

If you are interested in horror documentaries, then go for this! It is on top with an IMDb rating of 7.2/10

The Queen of Black Magic (2019)

The Queen of Black Magic is an excellent Indonesian horror movie offered by Shudder. The movie is a rough replica of the same-titled 1981 Indonesian horror movie, which Rapi Films also made.

Hanif (Ario Bayu), who plays the main character, brings his family to see the orphanage where he was raised in the film.

They soon start to encounter terrible supernatural happenings, including anything from possessions to outright assault to bodily paranormal activity involving bugs. A few of Hanif’s orphanage pals are also present with their spouses. 

The Queen of Black Magic is a relentlessly frightful movie with a hidden mystery that propels the storyline to every next scare.

It has enough instances of frightening supernatural violence to please most horror lovers. It has an IMDb rating of 6.5/10.

Mandy (2018)

The filmmaker, Mr. Panos Cosmatos, is responsible for making this movie genuinely entertaining and suspenseful until the final scene. 

The story includes a Red Miller that Lives in an isolated cottage in the forest with his sweetheart Mandy Bloom. She usually stays to herself because of a facial deformity.

They are captured by a Jeremiah Sand-led cult. They set her on fire as she giggles at his bare body. Red survives and vows brutal vengeance.

Be prepared for a fun number of shocks, even though the central story may seem a little conventional.

MANDY is one of the best paranormal movies on shudder if your taste in films is more in horror-phantasmagoria and revenge kind of thing. It is with IMDb rating of 6.5/10.

Tigers Are Not Afraid (2017)

In this gloomy story scripted by Issa López, a band of orphaned youngsters fight for survival on the streets of Mexico against the devastation of the country’s drug battles.

For protection against the cartel that killed their parents and ghosts, the children are granted 3 magical wishes.

 This is among the top paranormal movies on shudder if you like fantasy elements in horror, creating a dark fairytale thing. The IMDb rating for this movie is 6.9/10

Terrified (2017)

Damian Rugna is the director of this Argentine horror movie. The plot centers on three investigators looking into some unusual happenings at some residences almost next to one another.

First, there is a murder, and then a small boy, who was buried 4 days ago, is found seated at his family table.

When the police are confident, they have all the information on the events, and things start to become pretty interesting. It is a perfect visceral horror with an IMDb rating of 6.4/10.

The Babadook (2014)

Jennifer Kent is the writer & director of The Babadook. The story revolves around a single mother, Amelia, who is still troubled by the brutal loss of her husband.

She is attempting to reduce the fears of her little son Samuel about a monster in the home. The appearance of the book Mr. Babadook in the child’s bedroom, which she initially dismissed as a fantasy, indicates the beginnings of an ominous presence that also began to fear her.

The Babadook is not intended for the general public. There won’t be any jump scares or frightful demons here if that’s what you’re searching for. 

The Babadook is a film that relies on fear as its fundamental emotion. It is a psychologically based horror movie that depicts the most dreadful aspects of existence, such as sadness, loneliness, and hopelessness.

Ones that make you feel uneasy, troubled, and human, not things that spook you out. The Babadook has an IMDb rating of 6.8/10.

Bottom Line

Compared to any of the mainstreamers, the Shudder library is often one of the more varied ones that are available online, with greater depth and interesting selections.

If you want something horror to enjoy, the above-mentioned list includes some of the best paranormal movies on shudder that will make your weekend night a little scarier!

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