21 Best Paranormal Movies on Hulu Right Now

Best Paranormal Movies on Hulu

According to horror enthusiasts like you, these are the best paranormal movies available to stream on Hulu, so be prepared to get goosebumps while reading this.

Even viewers who typically avoid scary or paranormal movies will enjoy the fantastic scares on our selection of Hulu paranormal movies.

On the Hulu streaming service, paranormal offers a rich library of constantly-rotating films from both the past and the present. And you’re lucky if you enjoy the paranormal as much as we do.

This list of the best paranormal movies on Hulu results from our ongoing monitoring of the streaming service’s newest spine-tinglers.

1. The Wretched (2020)

John-Paul Howard plays Ben Shaw in The Wretched, an adolescent coping with his parents’ turbulent pre-divorce problems.

The timing of these occurrences couldn’t be worse as the next-door neighbor might be under the influence of a scavenger witch who steals bodies. 

Ben has a problem to solve before the sorceress extends the scope of her evil influence. The Wretched ticks all the right scary-movie boxes, especially regarding its unsettling tone and significant visual effects, playing like a cross between Fright Night and Robert Eggers’ The Witch.

2. Bad Hair (2020)

Writer/director Justin Simien’s horror satire flick, Bad Hair, is brilliant (Dear White People). Bad Hair, which takes place in the late 1980s, tackles cultural prejudice via the prism of sarcastic horror while chronicling the ascent of one driven lady into the world of music television.

Also, Lena Waithe (Westworld), Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty), and James Van Der Beek are just a few of the well-known actors who appear in Bad Hair.

Usher and Kelly Rowland are also sprinkled throughout the film. This movie is one of the best paranormal movies on Hulu.

3. Spree (2020)

Prepare to see Steve from Stranger Things in a new light as he turns into the monster rather than avoiding them. In this comedy-horror, Joe Keery plays Kurt, a rideshare driver who aspires to become famous on social media.

However, to achieve this, he starts live-streaming himself, killing his passengers to gain popularity. Also, Keery delivers a powerful portrayal, expertly walking the line between sincere and malevolent.

4. Blair Witch (2016)

Adam Wingard is the director of the 2016 American psychological horror film Blair Witch. It is the third installment in the Blair Witch saga and The Blair Witch Project’s immediate sequel.

In the movie, a group of college students and their local guides explore the Black Hills Forest in Maryland to unravel the scenario surrounding the disappearance of Heather Donahue, a character’s sister, who vanished decades earlier.

5. Gaia (2021)

In Gaia, directed by Jaco Bouwer, Monique Rockman plays the title role of a dislocated forest ranger who suffers an injury at work.

When Gaia learns that the father and son who saved her are followers of a seductive and mythical presence hiding deep in the woods. 

However, her problems only get worse. Or is everything in their minds? Gaia is a spooky, hallucinogenic movie that will get under your skin and stay there for weeks. Furthermore, this movie is one of the best paranormal movies on Hulu.

6. Wounds (2019)

A cell phone left at the neighborhood dive bar by a college student is found by Will (Armie Hammer), a down-on-his-luck bartender, who takes it home. He starts looking through the gadget and finds some rather unpleasant material. 

Furthermore, the same group of college students who left the phone behind begins reappearing in horrifying ways than Will can imagine, making everything worse.

Wounds put out the efforts of a committed ensemble and an immersive environment, generating a movie that succeeds in many ways while occasionally falling short. However, as a genre entry, it’s unquestionably worthwhile to watch.

7. Lights Out (2016)

David F. Sandberg’s Lights Out began as a well-liked short film that scared the Internet before frightening audiences worldwide as a feature-length effort.

Teresa Palmer plays Rebecca, a young lady reeling from a troubled childhood in which a terrifying thing relentlessly hunted and harassed her from the shadows in this long-form dramatization. 

Furthermore, Teresa and Martin’s younger brother Martin (Gabriel Bateman) is currently fighting the same cloaked adversary, who may be connected to Teresa and Martin’s mother supernaturally.

Furthermore, Lights Out, a consistently good horror film, doesn’t exactly create the form but contributes a satisfying, trope-filled contribution to the horror canon. It made nearly $150 million worldwide against a $5 million budget.

8. Hatching (2022)

Nothing beats a fantastic coming-of-age tale, mainly when it centers on a 12-year-old gymnast named Tinja (Siiri Solalinna).

Tinja finds a dying bird’s only egg deep in the woods, and when it hatches, it reveals one of the most horrifying combinations of makeup and special effects the world has ever seen. 

Tinja does everything in her ability to protect her family from the monster’s grasp, but it turns out that the creature takes on the likeness of those who raise it as well, sending us down a path of surreal terrors.

Furthermore, Hatching’s vivisection of girlhood and what it takes to be worthy in our moms’ eyes are topics that merit a lot of discussions.

Also, this film is difficult to forget with its David Lynch-inspired scenes of bucolic suburbia being torn and clawed apart. Hatching is one of the best paranormal movies on Hulu. 

9. You Are Not My Mother (2022)

Ingeniously lensed movies like You Are Not My Mother explores a universe in which our parents are not who we think they are.

This Irish horror movie from 2021 centers on Char (Hazel Doupe). Also, her grandmother (Ingrid Craigie) and Char’s mother, Angela (Carolyn Bracken), who has mysteriously vanished.

When Angela first appeared, she was not the same parent Char had known all her life. Furthermore, it’s Char’s responsibility to figure out what happened to her mother before she is all but lost to whatever horrors have been brought upon her because she is displaying terrifying new habits and unsettling thoughts and emotions.

Furthermore, you Are Not My Mother, Kate Dolan’s astounding feature film debut, is a bizarre, almost folkloric location and milieu where practically any flavor of the ear is possible.

10. Little Monster (2019)

Do you recall the elementary school field trip where legions of the undead surrounded you and your classmates?

If you managed to avoid such mayhem when younger, consider yourself lucky. The kindergarten class in Abe Forsythe’s 2019 film Little Monsters isn’t so fortunate. 

Furthermore, the horror/rom-com hybrid follows the unlikely trio of adults and Miss Caroline’s students as they struggle to defend themselves against zombies that have escaped a nearby government facility.

Lupita Nyong’o leads the cast as kindergarten teacher Miss Caroline, Alexander England as washed-up musician Dave, and then Josh Gad as television personality Teddy McGiggles. 

Furthermore, little Monsters is a fantastic summer movie that tells the viewing world that zombies still have a significant place in horror cinema.

It is full of heart and soul, laugh-out-loud moments, and a fair amount of B-movie gore. This movie is one of the best paranormal movies on Hulu.

11. Prometheus (2012)

The controversial filmmaker Ridley Scott, known for creating movies with strong sci-fi themes like Alien and Blade Runner, created the contentious horror epic Prometheus.

With the focus on the crew of the titular spacecraft who discover ancient coordinates that could reveal the very beginnings of humanity as we know it.

Prometheus features sci-fi as a prominent storyline element once more. Instead, the cosmonauts, guided by the scientists Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) and Shaw (Noomi Rapace), find something much more evil and influential in the universe’s furthest reaches. 

However, Prometheus never holds back, delivering massive set pieces, eye-popping graphics, and complex narrative threads that might not resonate with all viewers.

However, if you’re looking for something tense and spiritually connected to an alien, this one is for you.

12. Oculus (2013)

Midnight Mass, Hushand The Haunting of Hill House trilogy is a noticeable work by the famous writer-director Mike Flanagan, who has established a very successful career in the horror genre. And it all started in 2013 with the release of the fantastic horror movie Oculus. 

Furthermore, the plot centers on siblings Kaylie and Tim, played by Karen Gillan and Brenton Thwaites, as these two actors struggle to accept their parents’ passing ten years earlier. They theorized that a family heirloom mirror may have killed Kaylie. 

And Tim learns that their prophecies may have to come true as the evil mirror starts infecting their minds and the minds of anyone who look at their reflections.

Also, you’ll always be on the edge of your seat using Oculus. Oculus is one of the best paranormal movies on Hulu.

13. Depraved (2019)

Since no one has recently presented a novel interpretation of the Frankenstein story, we’re happy to announce that Larry Fessenden, a pillar of the genre, has fulfilled our longings.

Depraved, starring David Call as Henry, a PTSD-afflicted field surgeon forced to assemble a “monster” out of various human limbs and parts.

Transposes the rural Swiss highlands for the vibrant streets of Brooklyn. However, “Adam” (Alex Breaux) is brought to life after securing the brain.

Still, Henry should have foreseen the difficulties in educating his new creation about how to survive in the all-too-real world of life after death.

In Fessenden’s Depraved, there is a surprisingly high emotional gravity on the show, making for a highly engaging venture into the shared universe of B-movie craziness meets lo-fi drama. Depaved is one of the best paranormal movies on Hulu.

14. Wrinkles the Clown (2019)

Florida families can hire Wrinkles, a professional creeper clown, for a small charge to scare the kids out of their minds. With a focus on the man behind the mask, the communities he serves, the families that employ him, and the internet-obsessed teenagers. 

Furthermore, they utilize his phone number as an exciting rite of passage. Wrinkles the Clown is a complex documentary about the genuine clown for hire. While genuinely uncomfortable. Wrinkles the clown is also wonderfully engaging. 

However, as we start to adjust to the strange ensemble of personalities in the movie, the documentary abruptly changes course and reveals an entirely new aspect of the Wrinkles legend. Exactly what new layer is this? Just take a look for yourself. This is one of the best paranormal movies on Hulu.

15. Southbound (2015)

We may use a variety of adjectives to characterize Southbound, the horrifying anthology-film-meets-road-picture hybrid.

It’s erratic, disorganized, confusing, and unrelenting above everything else. To put everything in perspective, our story starts on a barren highway section.

Mitch (Chad Villela) and Jack (Matt Bettinelli-Olpin), two men, race down a lonely highway while dodging a swarm of winged demon creatures.  Furthermore, disturbing things happen, which ultimately brings us to a motel.

Furthermore, the movie abruptly switches from Mitch and Jack’s story to the stories of three brand-new characters, Sadie, Ava, and Kim, who are all staying in the same hotel, just as we’re beginning to understand who these people are, where they’ve come from, and what’s up with the demons. Following our time with the girls, another three stories begin to develop.

16. The Lodge (2020)

Nothing says “bad times for all” like a devastated stepmom-to-be being stranded in the middle of nowhere with her resentful and traumatized stepchildren.

The Lodge is a disconcerting fusion of close-quarters craziness, familial fragility, and religious insanity from the devious brains that gave us 2014’s Goodnight Mommy. 

Furthermore, as the agitated stepmother, indie stalwart Riley Keough gives a restrained yet affecting performance.

Also, the stepchildren (Jaeden Martell and Lia McHugh), who are investigating the weird happenings at the isolated cabin, learn that their new mother is the lone survivor of a horrible past.

Furthermore, the foundation of this narrative of winter misery that will keep you guessing from beginning to end is comprised of intense, menacing imagery, oppressively gloomy lighting, and dooming music. This movie is one of the best paranormal movies on Hulu.

17. Shadow in the Cloud (2021)

Shadow in the Cloud, set in World War II, stars Chloe Grace Moretz as Maude Garrett, a flight officer overseeing a B-17 bomber crew.

The all-male crew, given access to several top-secret data, first makes an effort to annoy the squad’s new female member. 

That is, until a malicious creature begins damaging their aircraft as the group enters a sky-set ambush. Maude must defeat the thing on board the aircraft before it sends the unfortunate brigade into a nosedive.

Shadow in the Cloud, a satisfying fusion of action and horror draped in the trappings of a period drama, provides a ton of thrills throughout its more than hour-long running time. This is one of the best paranormal movies on Hulu.

18. Shortcut (2020)

In the film Shortcut by Alessio Liguori, a bus driver tries to take a shortcut back into the city, leaving a party of five young people stranded on a lonely road.

What led to the stranding? The youngsters are being stalked and terrorized by a shadow-cloaked entity that claims the lonely country road as its own. 

Furthermore, as the kids try to flee the violent creature, tensions keep rising as the night continues. The homages to ’80s chillers in Shortcut, a campy but lively throwback to heightened monster movies, are enough to keep us engaged and wanting more despite its lack of total originality.

19. She Dies Tomorrow (2020)

Amy’s (Kate Lyn Sheil) anxiety begins to spread like a physical epidemic when she believes that her premature death is just around the corner, first to her family and friends and then to the town.

She Dies Tomorrow, an existential horror masterpiece from indie legend Amy Seimetz, transforms the idea of chain mail, email blasts, and social media bloat into a contagious madness that catches everyone off unprepared.

She Dies Tomorrow is one you don’t want to miss since it is hallucinatory, unsettling, and full of essential concepts and powerful outcomes.

20. Amulet (2020)

Alec Secareanu plays Tomaz, a former soldier living in London who is forced to leave the run-down compound he shares with other refugees.

A kind nun helps him find work with Magda (Carla Juri). Magda needs assistance with household maintenance and repairs while caring for her ill mother. 

Furthermore, as Tomaz begins performing maintenance on the house, a sequence of odd occurrences begins to take place, prompting Tomaz to suspect that something terrible is living dangerously near to him and his employers.

Amulet calls the demons we believed we had exorcised back from our pasts, placing these harsh beasts front and center. 

Also, it is a cerebral creeper with solid character development and inventive storytelling. This movie is one of the best paranormal movies on Hulu.

21. Black Swan (2010)

Although the arts are essential, overindulging in them could result in undesirable outcomes. This is the situation in Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, which he also directed.

In the movie, Natalie Portman plays Nina Sayers, a would-be dancer who works for a famous New York company. Also, the shy but devoted craftsman is handed the lead part in the next Swan Lake production. 

However, when newcomer Lily (Mila Kunis) shows around, her joy is short-lived. Director Thomas (Vincent Cassel) chooses to cast Lily as the Black Swan, taking away half of Nina’s role.

Nina and Lily’s early friendship deteriorates into a full-blown nightmare as unsettling incidents and psychosis follow.

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