23 Best Rhythm Games for iPhone and iPad

Best Rhythm Games For iPhone and iPad

Rhythm games lover, here is an article on some of the best Rhythm games for iPhone and iPad.

Rhythm games are simple in idea but vary in execution, ranging from simple obstacle courses that players must cross to a beat to more sophisticated and elaborate tales centered on tempo and other music-related themes.

Most rhythm games have growing libraries of current hit music or original music to explore. True, rhythm games are entertaining and addictive, and you can’t stop playing them.

With this list of the greatest rhythm games for iOS, you can get started or discover a new favorite. 

Idle management games and other RPGs with auto-combat have become popular among players who prefer mobile games that demand less attention and action.

However, some dedicated gamers choose to play more games that allow them to focus solely on the game, and rhythm games remain popular in the mobile gaming world.

Also, Some gamers who used to play music rhythm games in arcades and on portable consoles back in the day are looking for a portable version of these games.

The good news is that most of these titles have a mobile game version, which some gamers will enjoy and continue to play.

If you are a rhythm games lover, let go as we discuss some of the best rhythm games for iPhone and iPad available.

Cytus 11

The makers are known for inventing various rhythm games for mobile that generate amazing content and mechanics, including the hit music rhythm game on the mobile platform.

A tale is included in Cytus II to provide more context and lore to the game. Humans have altered internet development and have synchronized the actual and virtual worlds. In the virtual realm known as Cytus, a mystery DJ known as AEsir creates music that captivates the people.

Furthermore, the game has a unique Active Judgment Line mechanic, in which hitting a specific note when the judgment line crosses at the correct time will result in a better score.

Also, it offers over 30 songs available straight away, with over 70 additional tracks available for purchase later.

Muse Dash

As you race across the vivid and intriguing world of Muse Dash, let the music be your muse. In a brilliant fusion of the rhythm game and beat-em-up genres, this amazing 2D side scroller has you bopping around and slamming villains to the beat of a vast repertoire of very catchy tracks.

However, it’s one of those games that keeps you firmly in its orbit, with an adorable cast of charismatic and kawaii characters, various wild and colorful foes to kick into space, and hundreds of levels to sprint through.

Muse Dash also teamed up with Touhou, the popular bullet hell series, to bring you a collection of their most famous songs, even allowing the adorable Hakurei Reimu to join the roster of playable characters.


Rayark’s Deemo is another popular music rhythm game. The environment is spooky and passionate, and the game centers on a single musical instrument.

The game’s plot revolves around Alice, a young girl who falls from the skies via an open trapdoor. While Deemo, a mysterious character, tries to help the girl return to her world by playing the piano, where a tree sapling grows, the game moves along with the story, culminating in a surprising plot twist.

Also, each song has a succession of difficulty levels to accomplish, and the gameplay is similar to other music rhythm games. Still, it concentrates more on the piano instrument part, with its presentation and visual cues.


Players must touch, hold, and slide to the beat of the music in this arcade-style rhythm game. With over 90 songs to try, featuring more than 50 musicians worldwide, and each song has three difficulty levels to master, Arcaea will provide gamers a whole new experience with the many music genres to explore. They can expect fresh music through content updates.

Also, you can compete with friends on the online leaderboards to see who has the best score. If you’re looking for a challenge, this is one of the best high-difficulty mobile games available. This game is one of the best rhythm games for iPhone.


There’s nothing quite like the rush of a rave, but have you ever considered raging in another galaxy? So, with Ravon, a futuristic rhythm game, it’s time to immerse yourself in the melodies of outer space.

Ravon wonderfully nails the space-rave emotions with an excellent collection of tunes and a sleek and stunning visual design.

Its controls are the ideal mix of simple to learn and difficult to master, and now that the full edition is no longer hidden behind a paywall, you can jump in and tap your way to another milky path for free.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a rhythmic music platforming game that has spawned several sequels, including Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World, Geometry Dash SubZero, and Geometry Dash Lite.

Also, Geometry Dash 2.2, which has been a long time coming, will be released in 2022. In whatever version of the game, players control their character — a colorful and appealing tiny geometric shape — as they navigate difficult passages and other spiky things in rhythm with the music.

However, it’s straightforward and addictive, as any good rhythm game should be. There are lovely new icons and effects, level leaderboards, and a weekly demon challenge in version 2.1.1 – the last one before 2.2 is launched, creators vow. Geometry Dash has been dubbed “the finest app ever” by users.

Tap Tap Music-Pop Song

Tap Tap Music-Pop Songs are one of the most simple and well-designed rhythm designs we tested, with new music added frequently.

There’s also a lot of familiar music in this popular and well-reviewed app, ranging from K-Pop to rock and from EDM to hip hop. However, to get the ball into the scoring area, all you have to do is tap it as it bounces.

Shots are graded on three levels: perfect, terrific, and good, with difficulty increasing as the game progresses. Also, your overall score will improve as you get more perfect shots.

The game has been compared to Guitar Hero by several fans. There is no offline mode, so you’ll need an internet connection to play, which may disadvantage some. This is one of the best rhythm games for iPhone and iPad available.


A smartphone game that brings the arcade gaming experience to your fingertips. Unlike other music games with a standard gameplay approach, Dynamix has a triple-dropping track design.

Players will feel like they are genuinely composing a tune with this design’s unique rhythmical play style. It covers distinct cultural types of music from different genres such as chiptune, j-pop, TransCore, and new age, with over 100 tracks composed by composers from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

Furthermore, you can play the free version until you reach rank 30, after which you must purchase the complete game to obtain higher levels.

Tapsonic World Champion

Tapsonic is now available on your mobile devices. Also, Tapsonic may feature familiar gameplay, but it’s more about competition, with multiple game modes to pick from.

Games like the Champion’s Tour, where you can compete against some of the top players in the world. There are numerous music tracks to sample, including some DJMAX classics.

In addition, the best feature of this game is that there are no pay-to-win microtransactions because most of the songs are free to download via content updates.

Tapsonic can also be played without requiring an online connection. As a result, you can play the game outside without being continually connected.

Groove Coaster 2

With so many tapping music games available, it creates a similar sensation to the other games. Groove Coaster 2, on the other hand, wants to stand out.

It provides an exciting trip to individuals who play the game by combining music rhythm with a roller coaster sensation.

With over 150 music songs to choose from, including compilations of well-known EDM and techno musicians and music from other popular mobile music games.

As a result, in Groove Coaster 2, players will never run out of tunes to try out. Also, the game has a unique feature in that You can play it without using the touchscreen.

However, you can use your surroundings as an instrument to play the game, such as singing, clapping, or even using your drumsticks. You can also play with your pals on a single screen for additional interactivity.


A well-known Swedish DJ, Avicii, collaborated with Hello There Games to create a music game with adaptable and evocative gameplay.

The game progresses based on your performance and is fast-paced and intense, and it means that how the melodies develop will be determined by your progress.

Also, as you steer your ship by swiping, pressing, and using power-ups on the screen, the environment will alter to match the music.

Players can unlock more content by collecting points and achieving achievements while listening to the latest Avicii tracks. New ships, settings, and power-ups are among these achievements. This game is one of the best rhythm games for iPhone and iPad available.

Love Live! School Idol Festival

Love Live! School Idol Festival is the next rhythm game on our list, with millions of players worldwide and over 100 songs to pick from.

The Replay Live Shows, the engaging tales, the abundance of in-game events, the companion match, and the other stories to unlock are all things we enjoy.

We particularly enjoy how this current edition of the game allows you to team up with other players to put your abilities to the test, complete with adorable original costumes for your characters. Several songs from previous game editions make cameo appearances.

According to reviews, Love Live! School Idol Festival is surprisingly entertaining and addictive. Although in-app purchases are available, they are not required to enjoy the whole game experience, and the beat maps are all the same.

In addition, Deckbuilding and card collecting are both enjoyable activities. We discovered that it is also relatively liberal with in-game currency.


Chelsea has formed a band with her best friends at Lan Kong High School in Voez. Chelsea’s only passion aside from music is baking.

It’s your responsibility to follow Chelsea and her friends as they pursue their dreams of becoming musicians.

New circuits are continually being added, and you can compete with gamers worldwide in real-time. A leaderboard aids in the tracking of your progress.

However, we discovered that You might adjust the game in difficulty and speed. The music library is extensive and increasing, and you can also pay to gain access to even more options.

For many players, a vital plot component is a desirable feature. Overall, it’s a lovely take on the idol game genre. This game is one of the best rhythm games for iPhone and iPad available.


Lanota is an anime rhythm game featuring a brightly colored setting and beautiful visual direction. The gameplay mechanics from other music tapping games are still present.

However, there is additional animation as visual cues to help you land the right notes. It also has a variety of difficulty levels that suit everyone, from beginners to hardcore veterans.

It also features a primary story mode where you uncover schemes in the characters as you proceed. The plot campaign is limited in the trial edition, and the retry capability is also limited.

However, after purchasing the game, you will have access to more tracks. A leaderboard feature allows you to compare your scores and achievements with other players and unlock more content.


If you prefer complicated twists and turns, osu! is worth checking out. This community-based game offers a variety of play types, ensuring that you never get bored.

You can swipe through circles, spin, and more to the beat of your favorite Japanese music. You can also play games on osuinteractive ! ‘s community created by other people, and you can also choose to upload your own.

Furthermore, You may also change the backdrop skins to make you want to play more. It may appear not very easy at first, but the game is fantastic if you get the feel of it. Osu! This game strongly focuses on your speed and critical thinking, so you must be quick on your feet.

Bouncing Buddies

Bouncing Buddies is a fun rhythm game in which you must guide a bouncing bear through various situations. While the sun sets, you can bounce your bear along a river, and you might also bounce along railroad rails.

The game features a beautiful art design that will make you feel zen. You won’t want to miss this because of the stunning graphics and charming animals.

Furthermore, to play, tap the pebbles or platform where you want the bear to bounce. The idea is to keep it out of places like the river and railroad tracks.

This straightforward game is pretty pleasant and ideal for unwinding. This is one of the best rhythm games for iPhone and iPad available.

Lost In Harmony

Digixart Entertainment’s Lost in Harmony Lost in Harmony almost made the app store’s Best of 2016 list, with over 28K levels to play.

All you have to do is swipe in rhythm with the music while jumping to dodge obstacles to play the game well.

The game includes songs from well-known performers such as Wyclef Jean and others. MIRAI’s Escape and Kaito’s Adventure are the two narratives to follow.

However, based on user reviews, the game runs smoothly and has an excellent story and graphics. Also, you might even develop feelings for the characters.

Although some players find the level editor a little complicated, the option to construct your levels is a popular feature.

Planet Quest

Planet Quest’s goal, like many rhythm games, is simple: tap the screen to match the rhythm, unlock songs, and level up.

However, the amusing avatars (such as bunnies and giraffes) distinguish this game. It’s entertaining to see your score rise on the leaderboard, which is updated once a week (the first spot gets the ad-free version of the game).

The game includes an hour of original music and a homemade music tracker. Furthermore, Fans of Planet Quest describe the game as “really gorgeous.”

It’s a lot of fun and addictive, though some people say you have to keep up with the beat to be genuinely effective.

Also, the boards, rhythms, and music become more difficult as the game continues, with the “flowery” Earth level challenging.

Friday Night Funkin

The next game on our list of the top rhythm games for iOS is Friday Night Funkin. This indie game puts a humorous spin on the formula by having you compete with your in-game girlfriend’s parents by matching rhythms anytime the arrows point in your direction.

The game’s soundtrack truly sets the tone, and you can modify the rhythm using your phone’s arrows to fit whichever song is playing. Don’t be scared that the in-game parents used to be rock stars.

There are plenty of Friday Night Funkin FAQs online if you get stuck. It’s a great feature to see how well you’re doing against your opponent at the bottom of the screen. This is one of the best rhythm games for iPhone and iPad you should try.

One Hand Clapping

One Hand Clapping is a vocal 2D platformer in which you solve problems by singing, humming, or beatboxing into your phone’s mic.

The game takes place in one of six intricately created biomes, and the more you can use harmony, rhythm, and song to your advantage, the better.

No music experience is necessary. We like the colorful characters you’ll meet along the route, keeping things exciting and cheering you on.

Furthermore, Some players couldn’t get their voices low enough in the “Duet Desert” section of the game, but others were able to remedy the problem by adjusting the voice range on their phones. According to user reviews, the game is also a battery drainer.


Team ArcStar created OverRapid, an action rhythm hybrid game. It is designed in a sleek, futuristic style and follows the rules of traditional rhythm games. The game is also inspired by various arcade games that we enjoyed as kids.

However, to win the game OverRapid, you must tap the falling notes in quick succession. Your combo score rises when you get multiple notes in a row.

As you tap the notes to “scratch” the record, you’ll feel like a DJ in your own home, thanks to the game’s design. This video game is one of the best rhythm games for iPhone and iPad you should try.


Vectronom is a one-of-a-kind rhythm game that will captivate you. The game’s overall minimalist design makes it look sleek and lovely. But don’t be fooled by this.

Because the game primarily relies on hand-eye coordination, be sure you don’t skip a beat. The cube will go down the cliff if you make one false move.

Your goal in Vectronom is to navigate floating platforms that move to the beat of the music. You must anticipate where these platforms will finish up next since they can move forward, backward, or sideways.

As a result, you’ll have to master a complicated choreography. This means that the game takes some getting used to, which can be aggravating. Level mastery, on the other hand, can be gratifying.

Hachi Hachi

A variety of arcade rhythm games inspired Hachi Hachi. You must touch on the notes that fall to specific music, like these rhythm games.

While most of these games follow a linear pattern, the notes in Hachi Hachi fall in a circle. Each note has a color that corresponds to the direction it is heading or how it will play out.

On blue notes, for example, you must long press. When an orange note emerges, you must tap both sides simultaneously.

One of the most underappreciated rhythm games on the market is this one. While many players relate Hachi Hachi to other games, the game has more to offer than it appears.

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