23 Best Rhythm Games for Android in 2022

Best Rhythm Games For Android

There are many different rhythm games for Android to please you and your particular preferences, whether you just want to relax and tap along or truly put your skills and reaction rates to the test.

We’ve covered some of our favorites in our list of the best rhythm games on mobile, including classic arcade games, rhythm hybrids with action aspects, endless runners, and more.

On PlayStore, you will find nearly a thousand rhythm games. Unfortunately, most of them are monotonous, and the game offers little variety. There is no narrative or turning points. Don’t be concerned.

We looked at several games and came up with some of the best Rhythm games for Android that will never bore you.

When choosing games, we prioritized sound quality, gameplay, story, song collection, and other factors. In none of these circumstances did these games disappoint us.

Without further Ado, let’s discuss some of the best rhythm games for android.

Muse Dash

As you race across the vivid and intriguing world of Muse Dash, let the music be your muse. In a brilliant fusion of the rhythm game and beat-em-up genres, this tremendous 2D side scroller has you bopping around and slamming villains to the beat of a vast repertoire of very catchy tracks.

It’s one of those games that keeps you firmly in its orbit, with an adorable cast of charismatic and kawaii characters, a variety of wild and colorful foes to kick into space, and hundreds of levels to sprint through.

Muse Dash also teamed up with Touhou, the popular bullet hell series, to bring you a collection of their most famous songs.

Even inviting the adorable Hakurei Reimu to join the roster of playable characters is an absolute delight to see.


There’s nothing quite like letting your hair down during a rave, but have you ever tried raging in another galaxy?

So, with the futuristic rhythm game Ravon, it’s time to immerse yourself in the songs of outer space. Ravon excellently nails the space-rave atmosphere with an excellent collection of tunes and a sleek and stunning graphic design.

Its controls are the ideal mix of simple to learn and difficult to master, and now that the complete edition is no longer hidden behind a paywall, you can dive in and tap your way to another milky path for free. This is one best Rhythm games for Android.


Arcaea New Dimension, a vintage arcade-style rhythm game featuring over 160 tracks from over 100 musicians, begins a story of light and strife within a lost universe.

Enjoy the beautiful anime artwork and jacket illustrations while tapping, holding, and sliding to the beat on three rhythm difficulty settings. The game may also be played without an online connection so that you can play it anywhere.

A Dance Of Fire And Ice

A Dance of Fire and Ice is a straightforward but enjoyable rhythm game. You control a red and blue dot that must tap the rhythm to progress through each level.

The pace is dictated by the level’s numerous shapes, twists, and turns. Although the graphics aren’t the best in the genre, the music is excellent, and the one-handed mechanics make for a fun arcade experience.

There are also boss levels, calibration settings, and a few other things to consider. It also costs $1.99 and has no in-app purchases or advertisements. This is one of the best rhythm games for Android.


BeatX is one of Android’s more dependable rhythm games. There’s also a DDR-style game mode with directional buttons and holds.

A single-player mode, doubles mode, and split-screen multiplayer are all available. The game is good, but it also has a lot of substance.

You can also submit your files, as long as they are in the correct formats (.sm, .smzip, .dwi). The game is relatively extensive. For those who enjoy competitive rhythm games, this is a fantastic choice.


Cytus‘ amazing musical world encourages you to explore music, art, and beats in over 200 songs, 400 hundred variations, and a staggering nine different difficulty levels to suit all abilities.

This game includes a vast repertoire of catchy melodies with strong beats and rhythms to provide gratifying tap feedback, whether in pop, jazz, trance, hardcore, drum, bass, or any other genre.

Enjoy this fantastic rhythm game’s slick, trippy graphic styles while experiencing human emotion through music from the perspective of futuristic, sentient robots.

Furthermore, Cytoid is one of the list’s newer rhythm games. It’s a rhythm game for everyone. In truth, the game download contains only a few tracks.

You may search for, download, and add songs by other Cytoid members. You can also create your step files to share with others. In terms of appearance and physics, it resembles the popular Cytus.

This one has been dubbed a clone by some. This is a beautiful game for those who enjoy more challenging rhythm games. It’s also completely free, with no adverts or in-app purchases.


Deemo features an expressive soundtrack full of soaring orchestral and stunning classical pieces if modern pop and dance music aren’t your thing.

Join Deemo as you slide and tap through breathtaking scenes, piecing together clues and unlocking new songs, surrounded by dreamy illustrated graphics that present a stunning modern fairytale.

There are now over 60 free tracks in narrative mode, with more available for purchase. Allow the music to wash through you as you enter this fantastic, calm realm.

Beat Craft

Like other Android rhythm games, Beat Craft is built with various musical notes. This software is free, and it will increase your score if you tap the proper note at the right moment.

Also, it would help if you played the game without a charging wire for more precise control. Autoplay, 2x speed, HP, Fever, and many other choices are available. You can also earn diamonds here, which you can use to unlock new songs.


Hit the deck in OverRapid, a dynamic, fast-paced rhythm game. In a v-shaped design, tap across four lanes and two scratch lanes, and challenge yourself with several gameplay types like a random, mirror, and hard mode. It’s responsive, stylish, and will put your abilities to the test.


Lanota isn’t your typical rhythm game. You’ll be playing melodies and following rhythms as you explore the area and restore harmony to the chaotic energy in this award-winning game.

Also, You play on a unique plate that rotates like a vinyl record rather than the standard lanes found in other games.

Lanota is a beautifully illustrated, storybook-like game that provides a truly unforgettable experience while also satisfying your rhythm game cravings. This is one of the best rhythm games for Android.


Dynamix is one of the more recent generations of successful rhythm games. This one has a top-down gameplay approach and swiping gestures that add to the game’s intricacy and challenge.

There are 20 songs included, with more available as in-app purchases. This one, like many others, has an anime motif with bright, neon colors all over.

It’s not as deep as Cytus, for example. However, it still excels at the basics of rhythm games. You can get it for free and purchase additional songs with in-app purchases.

Lost In Harmony

Lost in Harmony is a well-crafted rhythm game with runner features. In the center of the screen, players control a boy and a girl. They must stay inside the pulse of the song.

MIRAI and Kaito are the two main characters of the game. In addition, the developers boast over 10,000 additional tracks created by community users.

We don’t play games like this very often, to be honest. Also, It’s a free download with some optional in-app purchases.

Rayark Rhythm Game

Rayark is a Google Play developer who has several excellent rhythm games. The popular Cytus and Cytus II, VOEZ, Deemo, Sdorica, and the older Mandora, are all in their library.

These are among the greatest in this genre on mobile and potentially even outside of mobile. Each game contains a storyline and some tunes to listen to.

In-app purchases for additional song packs are also available. However, these are excellent, albeit some, such as Mandora, haven’t been updated in quite some time.

Rayark has essentially single-handedly brought this genre back into prominence, and their games are all excellent.

Hatsune Miku Colourful Stage

Everyone loves Miku, and now you can play this fun anime rhythm game with her. It’s up to you to put on the best show in the world for the legendary virtual idol and her Vocaloid companions, who have millions of followers and an extensive collection of songs.

Choose your favorite band, build up your character, and immerse yourself in rich, fully narrated tale chapters while tapping along to your favorite tracks and putting on a virtual show to remember.

Also, with gamers from all around the world, you can even watch online performances and virtual music videos from your favorite in-game bands.

Thumper Pocket Edition

As you face the horrors of a cosmic nightmare in Thumper, you’ll be overcome with the most beautiful sensation of existential dread.

Explore the psychedelic unknown as a sleek, multicolored space beetle speeding through the abyss at breakneck speeds to the thumping original soundtrack’s rhythm hell pulse.

In nine epic levels, feel every crushing impact as you shuttle through obstacles, beat adrenaline-pumping boss battles, and confront a giant, maniacal head. Okay, it’s just incredible.

Rhythm Hive

Rhythm Hive Best Rhythm Games For Android

One of the most popular rhythm games on the list is Rhythm Hive. It’s a no-cost option with an extensive library of tunes.

The game primarily relies on rotating banner events that feature music by various (and actual) performers.

For example, the app is hosting a summer siesta event featuring BTS, Tomorrow x Together, and Enhypen.

The gameplay is enjoyable if a tad repetitive for a rhythm game. Some detection methods are more lenient than others.

It’s designed to be played casually, with plenty of player personalization choices. Some upgrades result in introducing problems, although the game is generally stable. This is one of the best rhythm games for Android.

Sayonara Wild Heart

Sayonara Wild Hearts isn’t the first band to appear on one of our lists, and it won’t be the last. This beautiful title dubbed a “pop album video game,” blends action and rhythm game mechanics in an arcade-style experience.

You ride motorcycles and skateboards, shoot lasers, wield swords, and shatter hearts at fast rates. Sayonara Wild Hearts is significantly more than meets the eye, with stunning images, a fantastic custom-written pop soundtrack, and a vibrant and compelling story.

Giant Dancing Plushies

Giant. Dancing. Plushies. Is there anything further to say? This sweet, light rhythm game puts you in the claws of some of the cutest Kaiju around, and you must time your stomps and skills to the music to defeat your foes.

In exchange for prizes, complete objectives and shimmy your way through limitless levels, unlocking and upgrading even more weapons of mass cuteness.

You may even dance your way to devastation to the tune of your favorite tracks – no matter how obscure – with the option to hop along to the game’s original soundtrack or bring your tunes to the party using any music source.

Bouncing Buddies

In Bouncing Buddies, boogie to the music with these adorable bubble-shaped pals. Tap to the beat to guide your chubby animal companions through various obstacle courses.

Also, this is a fun, light-hearted little rhythm game with five different planets, over 40 gorgeous levels, and several cute balloon-shaped critters to unlock, ranging from bouncy pandas to disgruntled grizzly bears.

And, to sweeten the deal, even more, JaffaJam has made the game completely free, with no adverts or in-app purchases – so start bouncing!.

Tapsonic Top

You must help your favorite idol by earning more awards in this game. Keep in mind that the game is not simple. The rhythm line will eventually vary so frequently that you must gather all of them to get a good score.

Furthermore, there are tunes that you can play. And the music will play in time with the songs you select, forcing you to learn the beat of the music.

Tap Tap Music-Pop Song

Tap Tap Music is undoubtedly one of the best rhythm games for Android. On the other hand, this beat tapping game provides a diverse selection of tracks.

Anime, classics, K-pop, rock, hip-hop, EDM, and more are all represented. The intriguing element is that you can listen to high-quality music on YouTube.

Despite the game’s simplicity, you must focus on completing each obstacle. Let’s see what else this thrilling offline game has in store.


You should also try Melobeat, a popular piano and mp3 rhythm game that you should not overlook. The gaming interface is appealing, and the statistics are easy to understand.

Simply tap on the rhythm plates that appear continuously, as in most other rhythm games. The rhythm plates’ line seems to be moved, and you must also tap on the correct sequence.

This is the game’s fundamental rule. There are many songs to choose from, and more than 30 new songs are added every month. This is one of the best rhythm games for Android.

Love Live

KLab has created the most engaging animation rhythm game for your Android device. The game I’m referring to is Love Live.

You must locate the ideal high school idol and train her to perform on the Festival Rhythm. Every idol will have a unique story to tell and a favorite song.

You will be given access to an extensive library of music from which you may select any tune to perform on the piano. Do you want to learn more about it? The following characteristics will undoubtedly impress you.

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