15 Best Two-player Xbox One Games to Play

Best Two-Player Xbox One Games

Here, we discuss some of the best Two-player Xbox One games. You can connect with a friend through video games in real life, but nowadays, that shared experience is more likely to happen online.

Games that support couch co-op and split-screen are becoming more and more common in modern times.

So it is no surprise that players are eager to discover the best two-player Xbox one games after spending an eternity indoors.

Cross-platform online games are simple to find, but nothing beats gathering a friend, an extra controller, and collapsing on the couch until you win.

Also, developers are eager to preserve the spirit of offline play even though gaming has changed significantly over several years.

As a result, we have a wealth of options for two-player or more games made for consoles. Continue reading as this article discusses some of the Best two-player Xbox One games.

Table of Contents

  1. Borderlands 3
  2. It Takes Two
  3. Cuphead
  4. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
  5. Warhammer: Vermintide 2
  6. Sea Of Thieves
  7. Rayman Legends
  8. Gears 5
  9. Darksiders Genesis
  10. A Way Out
  11. Halo: The Master Chief Collection
  12. Overcooked 2
  13. Tiny Tina’s Wonderland
  14. Streets Of Rage 4
  15. Minecraft Dungeons

Borderlands 3

You and your friends are about to enter a sizable open world filled with crazy and silly characters. You can play it solo, but that’s not the right way to do it! Even though the humor can be hit or miss at times.

In the long run, you won’t be able to help but smile. With up to two other players online, Gearbox gives players much flexibility.

They can play this game split-screen with a friend on the couch. Or they can each play independently from home and have their own screen space.

It Takes Two

It Takes Two from Hazelight Studio resolutely dispelled doubt that two-player Xbox games weren’t a thing in 2021.

You and a friend assume the roles of a divorced couple who have been reduced to doll size and must solve puzzles and use platforms to get back to their daughter in this fully cooperative larger-than-life adventure.

It’s one of the best two-player Xbox games because it’s packed with creative ideas that only get more unexpected as you move from the shed to the garden to the house.

Furthermore, Cody and May are frequently put into situations where they must cooperate to get to the following location.

However, you’ll have plenty of endearing characters to keep you company along the way. Your daughter’s toys are full of people who can help you learn more about what you can do.

Also, it Takes Two is one of the best two-player Xbox games because of its whimsical story and various mechanics that keep things interesting. Nothing can go wrong.


Cuphead is the ultimate boss rush video game that isn’t afraid to kill you with charm. It is both a punishing 2D side-scroller and an unabashed love letter to the cartoon serials of yesteryear.

While the other can join in as Mugman, one player assumes the role of the titular Cuphead. While running and firing to see how far you can get. You must learn the patterns of the various enemies you encounter.

Furthermore, one of the best two-player Xbox One games. Cuphead is distinguished by its exquisite art direction, which StudioMDHR painstakingly recreated to capture the look of 1930s cartoons accurately.

Also, the gameplay supports this gorgeous aesthetic in a challenging and rewarding way.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

We could have chosen any number of LEGO games for this list. But we ultimately chose LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, one of the most recent and most ambitious games.

It’s a bigger and better sequel to the 2013 film in every way. Delving even deeper into Marvel’s archive of obscure comic book characters who can coexist peacefully with well-known characters like Spider-Man, Daredevil, and the X-Men.

With no regard for the MCU’s usual restrictions, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 challenges you and a co-op partner to fight Kang. The conqueror, across a split reality of well-known locations.

Also, you’ll have a blast doing it while honing the unique abilities of the hundreds of superheroes featured here as you bash, smash. And puzzle-solve your way through each of them.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

There are many LEGO video games available, but we ultimately settled on LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, one of the most recent and ambitious titles.

It is a bigger and better follow-up to the 2013 movie. It goes further into Marvel’s library of obscure comic book characters who get along with well-known ones like Spider-Man, Daredevil, and the X-Men.

Also, lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 challenges you and a co-op partner to battle Kang the conqueror across a split reality of well-known locations, disregarding the MCU’s customary limitations.

Also, you’ll have a blast while honing their unique abilities as you bash, smash, and puzzle-solve your way through each of the hundreds of superheroes featured here.

Sea Of Thieves

Despite Sea of Thieves being an MMO, it still offers a fantastic cooperative gaming experience. Remember that this game lacks a detailed skill tree and a wide variety of weapons; most upgrades you can obtain are purely aesthetic.

So, look elsewhere if you’re looking for a game with a deep strategic component. With this funny game, you and your crew will be downing rum bottles and having a great time.

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends video game is one of the best 2D video platformers of the modern era. And conceivably the best Rayman game in the series’ history is Rayman Legends, which has received high praise.

The game’s fluid and rhythmic movement add to its stunning and distinctive art style, giving it a feeling that is both graceful and manic.

In addition to playing Rayman Legends with a friend, there are a variety of characters that you can control. Each feels wholly original and fun to own.

Anyone who enjoys the genre must play Rayman Legends. This is one of the best two-player Xbox One games.

Gears 5

The Gears of War franchise made a triumphant comeback in 2019. Propelling the narrative forward and centering it on Kait Diaz, the new series protagonist.

Her self-discovery journey is entirely playable in two-player cooperative mode, serving as the ideal setup for you and your 

friend to wreak havoc among the various Locust hordes. Also, nothing beats this native Xbox series, which continues to deliver as much action as the original cover shooting series.

Gears 5 includes the same fantastic blend of the single-player campaign and multiplayer competition, but the series’ infamous horde mode also makes a comeback.

Here, you and a group of three other players battle against never-ending waves of locusts to see how long you can survive.

Darksiders Genesis

It may have seemed strange initially for Darksiders to use a top-down perspective for this cooperative spin-off, but it doesn’t take long for you and a friend to be effortlessly ripping and tearing your way through hordes of angels and demons.

Darksiders Genesis is one of the best two-player Xbox One games because both play entirely differently, allowing players to cause havoc in various underworld realms as they alternate between playing as War and Strife.

Furthermore, Strife is equipped with two potent pistols to repel enemies at a distance. War, on the other hand, uses his renowned Chaoseater sword to close the distance.

Despite not being a conventional entry, Darksiders Genesis successfully maintains all the franchise hallmarks, including exploration, light puzzle-solving, and satisfying combat.

A Way Out

Few Xbox One games for two players are as creative as A Way Out from 2018. This third-person adventure draws heavily from Prison Break fiction and sends two players on the ultimate co-op journey while the TV is in split-screen mode the entire time.

One of you will play the part of Vincent, and the other will play the part of Leo. The two of you will then embark on a cinematic adventure as the illegal pair, in which you must cooperate to escape while still on the run successfully. This is one of the best two-player Xbox One games.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Every single mainline entry of this consistently fantastic Xbox series is included in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which also comprises several brand-new features that help bring them up to date.

Take on the Flood and Covenant to save the world by using the first three Halo games’ fully supported 2-player split-screen mode.

Even though the more recent Halo games are all excellent, this selection’s undisputed centerpiece is the second game.

Also, the entire game has been redesigned from the ground up with new gameplay and visuals so that it appears to have been released today rather than ten years ago.

Overcooked 2

If you enjoy eating and getting into arguments on Xbox, Overcooked 2 is an inventive but highly volatile game that combines both passions.

The two-player chef duo challenges in Team17’s chaotic sequel are greatly improved as you must serve even more recipes to hungry customers while dodging crazy obstacles.

You might be cooking in a hot air balloon one moment and on a different planet the next. In any case, Overcooked two is one of the best two-player Xbox One games designed to test every relationship between gamers.

In Overcooked 2, the fabled Necronominomicon. Who has hatched a cunning scheme to threaten chefs everywhere, once again putting the onion kingdom in danger?

Furthermore, Your only choice is to continue communicating with your co-op friend while slicing, and cleaning. And serving your way through a new range of bizarre kitchen layouts.

For all fans of split-screen party games. Overcooked 2 supports up to four players locally, so there’s never a dull moment. Although it might cause conflict, Overcooked 2 is a practical culinary test.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland

One of the top Xbox 2 player games is also the most recent title on this list. The Borderlands series’ fantasy-based spinoff Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands provides a much-needed shakeup to the tried-and-true formula.

Take part in a bizarre adventure guided by Tiny Tina, your Dungeons and Dragons DM. Who is naturally Ashley Burch’s voice? Due to the new fantasy setting, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has allowed Gearbox’s artists to let loose with their new environments.

This is a welcome change from the generally uninspired backgrounds you’ve expected from Borderlands. Although it has the zany humor you’ve come to expect from this studio’s games. The writing here feels far more at home than it did in Borderlands 3.

Furthermore, Tiny At its core, Tina’s Wonderlands is still a Borderlands game. Featuring looter shooter action and up to four-player cooperative play.

As they satisfyingly explode into pools of loot, kill as many enemies as you can as you move from mission to mission.

With six classes and the addition of multi-classing, this Xbox game for two players offers more customization than ever. As you play, define your place in your team. This is one of the best two-player Xbox One games.

Streets Of Rage 4

Before this fourth official entry, the side-scrolling beat ’em up action of Streets of Rage hadn’t been seen in decades. Fortunately, it was worth the lengthy wait.

In Streets of Rage 4, you and a partner must make once more bash your way through enemies on a 2D plane. Also, it is an unabashed love letter to the original games.

Even though a new comic book aesthetic has taken the place of the game’s previous pixel-perfect art style. Streets of Rage 4 should still be a powerful title for Xbox enthusiasts who enjoy playing with a friend.

Minecraft Dungeons

You’re looking for a family-friendly dungeon-crawling variation of Diablo that everyone will enjoy. The colorful option of Minecraft Dungeons.

Which presents the well-known franchise from a brand-new top-down perspective and allows you and your friends to go on adventures, quickly filling that void. Up to four players can work together on a single console.

To kill creepers while searching for new items to boost their characters’ stats. Because of how much fun Minecraft Dungeons is, it must not miss making our list of some of the best two-player Xbox One games.

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