24 Best Crafting Games for PC

Best Crafting Games For PC

What are the best crafting games for PC out there?. Read through this article to learn about some of the best crafting games for PC.

Crafting games can be set in almost any setting, whether taming gigantic dinosaurs or raising a charming farm.

No Man’s Sky propels you through a vast and colorful cosmos with an infinite number of planets to discover.

On the other side, Don’t Starve traps you in a hand-drawn forest populated by Lovecraftian monsters. Also, Some of these games take the sting out of survival and replace it with more enjoyable activities.

For example, Stardew Valley tries to teach you how to look after yourself without scaring you to death.  Crafting games are a type of game in which you make things in an open environment.

Usually to hide or survive, such as hideouts, weapons, and even an entire house from the ground up! Have enjoyment, whatever your motivation for playing is.

Furthermore, Crafting games are all about exploration, and the path you choose will let you learn more to make even more unique items.

So, let’s get to work with some of the best crafting games for PC available right now. 


Trove is a sandbox MMORPG comparable to Minecraft, with unlimited locations to explore. Including varied biomes and realms — and even dungeons.

There’s a lot of construction and crafting to make Trove a magical location for you and your online friends and explore and collect materials.

You’ll be granted a little piece of the world — your cornerstone – to fill with weapons, animals, and new environments when you first start playing Trove.

As you embark on new missions to gather materials and loot to build up and craft new items for your little corner of the Trove world. Procedurally generated realms and dungeons keep Trove feeling fresh and exciting.


This survival game is set in a Viking-themed world! To live, the player must create tools, establish shelters, and fight foes like these fallen Vikings. Valheim has a third-person viewpoint and low-resolution 3D graphics, but it’s still a fantastic game.

During playtime, it also includes many locations such as mountains, oceans, forests, marshes, plains, etc. As a result, your surroundings will never weary you.

This game has a skill system that varies from blocking to running and an in-game food system. During sprints, skill determines how much stamina is depleted.

Valheim was released on February 2, 2021, by Iron Gate Studio and Coffee Stain Publishing. Thus it’s still a fresh new, and polished game. This is one of the best crafting games for PC.

Going Medieval

The year 1346 is the setting for this game. The Black Death struck the known world, and by the end of the 14th century, death, disease, famine. And religious persecution had wiped out nearly 95 percent of the global population.

As survivors emerge from the ruins of society, they live in locations that have been reclaimed by nature. You must protect your troop from outlaws and defend them from barbarians as you play.

Also, with 3D terrain and building systems, design and grow your settlement from a wooden house to a stone castle, then protect your residents against threats.

Furthermore, Foxy Voxel created Going Medieval and released in 2021 by the Irregular Corporation. I’m looking forward to this one because it’s new and exciting.


Raft is a single-player or multiplayer open-world survival game with a first-person view frame. The player begins on a raft in the middle of the ocean and must locate objects in the water such as barrels, plastic, and other materials to construct and live.

By catching and cultivating food and purifying water, the player must also attend to fundamental requirements such as hunger and thirst.

However, the player unfolds the tale via two-way radio as they explore and go on adventures. In this game, a player character is a man seeking his missing wife and children while maintaining his own life.

Redbeet Interactive created Raft, which Axolot Games published.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky had a difficult start. But it has recovered well thanks to a slew of significant new upgrades from developer Hello Games.

You may create a single base to call home no matter where you go in the Galaxy. Play multiplayer games, and dive into spooky, monster-infested alien oceans. You can also try any of these fantastic No Man’s Sky mods if you’re seeking something different.

Despite the changes, crafting remains an essential part of No Man’s Sky, particularly when expanding your home base.

You can utilize these homes for farming, storage, healing, shield recharging, and as a home for the different NPCs you’ll meet during your journey.

You’ll need to do a lot of interplanetary foraging to build and develop your home. Poly fiber and a heat capacitor, for example, are required for a circuit board.

While cactus flesh, star bulbs, frost crystals, and selenium are necessary to forge those goods.

Additionally, Pursuing these commodities motivates you to travel to new worlds regularly: you discover a planet, investigate and seek resources, and then move on. This is one of the best crafting games for PC.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley lets you know right away what kind of gaming experience you’re in for. As you log in, you are greeted by the idea of leaving behind a bustling and dreary city job to work on your Grandfather’s farm.

You load up on crafting recipes as you transform a tired and overgrown strip of land into a thriving farm brimming with food and animals, armed only with essential farming tools and almost little money.

First, you’ll be constructing for utility, cobbling routes, and erecting fences to keep your creatures contained.

After you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you may go on to more artisanal items like beehives and kegs.

In addition, in one of the best crafting games for PC, you may invite up to three pals to assist out on your farm. Or just keep you company.

Also, You can download one of the many Stardew Valley mods to spice up the experience in strange and fascinating ways.


Grounded is a survival game that You may play in either first-person or third-person mode. The player character is shrunk like the size of an ant in the game. And must live in a garden filled with threats such as bugs and insects.

Moreover, to avoid dehydration and hunger, the player must eat a set amount of food and water. It’s pretty normal to feel little!

However, some insects can lead you to food or cause you to become food. While others may wish to use you as a food source, so be cautious!

Furthermore, Obsidian Entertainment created an action-adventure game. Which will be released on Xbox Game Studios’ early access platform on July 28, 2020.


Craftopia is an open-world survival action game in which the player can grow up to 20 different crops. Construct massive factories and tame monsters as pets. Also, you can explore dungeons and breed almost anything as livestock.

You and your friend farm, explore, and create while having a blast during playing. On September 4, 2020, Pocket Pair Inc. developed and released this exciting game. Furthermore, this is one of the best crafting games for PC.

Space Engineers

Space Engineers is an open-world sandbox game set in space and other worlds. The player selects a world with specific settings at the start of the game. And while editing the world, it also offers advanced settings for how you interact with that environment.

During the gameplay, there are also ‘pop-up’ messages that can either act as a helpful hint or simply a statement from a great scientist about space.

It’s nearly educational in some ways. Also, Play and learn the game at the same time! On February 28, 2019, Keen Software House produced and released Space Engineers.

Green Hell

Green Hell is a single-player and multiplayer survival simulation game in which the player must collect raw materials. Construct products, and build cabins to survive. The player is dropped into a deserted jungle camp with no explanation.

As the environment changes, so does the character’s physical and mental state; for example, he could go insane and start hallucinating. As explained by a smartwatch, the player must maintain a balanced diet to take care of their character.

In addition, Green Hell was created by Creepy Jar and Forever Management and released on September 5, 2019.


In Rust, everything is out to get you. Radioactivity and weather dangers will most likely kill you if a rogue raider doesn’t hack you.

Meeting other players is dangerous, as there’s a good possibility they’ll bash you to death with a rock the moment you turn your back.

However, to make matters worse, you’re thrown into the world of Rust with no instructions or guidance. Requires you to adapt to harsh surroundings.

So make sure you have a list of helpful Rust console commands on hand. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to make new weapons, and gear.

And improvised shelters when you die again, starting with simple axes and wooden shacks and working your way up to assault rifles and brick fortresses.

In addition, With so many other people out to kill you and take all you’ve worked for. Your best hope is to form a clan with like-minded gamers so you can build bigger and better towns and patrol them together.

Rust is a complex problem to solve, but it’s one worth tackling in a group. Rust is one of the best crafting games for PC.

Dig or Die

Dig or Die is a defensive and crafting game featuring side-scrolling. And platforming components are instantly recognizable as a Terraria-inspired crafting game.

Your mission is simple: after a crash landing on a strange alien planet. You must begin excavating as soon as possible to gather as many resources as possible before the residents looking for your hide arrive at your door.

Dig or Die is unique in that you can create your own home and defense systems. In addition to crafting goods that will help you live in a dangerous environment and work on a new spaceship.

Furthermore, Dig or Die is a simple game to get you started if you’re unique to this construction and crafting fun style.


This is the most excellent Minecraft alternative, a free-to-play version of Mojang’s mega-hit with a more polished aesthetic and user-friendly UI.

Creativerse, on the other hand, offers more than just better quality of life than Minecraft. There’s a greater emphasis on fighting and consequent opponent loot, and the biome variety is ideal for multiplayer role-playing.

Camera options and movable blocks are still being added to the game. There’s also a Creativerse Pro DLC that adds a glider, stamina and inventory enhancements, and the ability to create your landscapes.


Crossout is a vehicular combat game, meaning that everything has wheels, and it’s also completely free! After a nuclear war and a ‘human genetic testing gone bad,’ the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world.

It focuses on vehicle warfare, and players earn a reputation with various fragments to obtain access to blueprints and other materials and explore and see more.

Completing objectives, dismantling obsolete equipment, and purchasing stuff from other players all earn the player rewards. By painting or ‘designing’ the vehicles, the user can transform and customize them as they see suitable.


The player’s job in Astroneer is to colonize planets, build structures, and harvest resources. The player must achieve tasks or goals on each planet.

The game is played in third-person and is set in an open environment, so anything goes. Furthermore, Rovers, buggies, tractors, spaceships, and other craftable things are available.

And each astronaut has a terrain tool that allows the user to harvest materials and change the environment. They also carry a backpack, which is an essential item when playing.

System Era Softworks created and released Astroneer for Windows and Xbox One on February 6, 2019. On November 15, 2019, it was published on Playstation 4. Also, this is one of the best crafting games for PC.


Some games kick off a genre, but they don’t stay around long enough to see it develop. Better games will take their place. But not in the case of Minecraft.

This game has become a symbol of the creativity of millions of dedicated artisans worldwide and a veritable pop-culture phenomenon.

Enjoy the block builder that started it all with the majority of the over 170 million (twice that if you consider the free Chinese release).

It’s a crafting game for everyone, not just because the only violence you’ll encounter here is fantasy-based.

But also because it’s the perfect game for creating your unique creations. Also, If you can imagine it, you can construct it, and it’s just as entertaining to play as it is to watch others create.


It’s not always better where it’s wetter – there’s still enough under the water that might kill you – but Subnautica lacks the thrill of clashing with the marine population because they usually emerge victoriously.

Instead, you want to create equipment that allows you to spend more time exploring the gorgeous alien water.

You may have gone out to acquire materials to improve your base, but oh no, you’ve been chased by an undersea monster to who knows where, or an attractive piece of undersea terrain has caught your eye.


There are a lot of games on this list that follow in the footsteps of Terraria in terms of gameplay and presentation.

But none of them do the formula justice like Starbound. It’s no surprise that it began with one of Terraria’s initial developers.

Starbound is all about exploring multiple worlds, as the name implies, and creator Chucklefish has created a plethora of quests and backstories as varied as the planets and biomes.

What Starbound has going for it over Terraria is a story that blends in so well that you can play it at various speeds.

Simply make stuff and construct your base at your leisure, and you may come across quests that will provide you with something to do next.


Accept nothing less than the original. If you’re one of the 20 million people who have purchased Terraria since its introduction in 2011, there’s a good chance you haven’t had much of a need for any other crafting game since then.

And it’s not just because the upgrades have continued arriving. Terraria’s crafting options boost every part of the game, so it doesn’t get much more varied and sophisticated than this if you adore making.

On the other side of the crafting, the medal is combat as chaotic as it is demanding, making Terraria ideal for individuals who enjoy the laid-back mood of crafting but don’t want to switch games. This is one of the best crafting games for PC.

Dragon Quest Builder 2

Combining the enormous Dragon Quest JRPG brand with a sandbox builder doesn’t seem natural. But perhaps the juxtaposition of contrasts makes it work so well.

You have an island to mold in any way you want and specialized building objectives. So you’ll be able to craft all the game has to offer at some time.

Because crafting is based on blocks, you can easily get carried away, but the story makes Dragon Quest Builders 2 special.

In a game dominated by survival, tower defense, and general killing sprees, a genuine, sincere story, much alone one of JRPG proportions, is exceedingly rare.

Space Haven

In Space Haven, you take on the role of one of the fortunate few who have found a haven and a shot at survival. The player and crew can design and build a spaceship to their specifications and manage their crew’s requirements and moods.

While exploring the universe in this space colony simulator game, you may encounter other space-faring organizations. Bugbyte Ltd created and released Space Haven on May 21, 2020.


Breathedge is a space survival game. You play as a normal guy who only wants to bring his grandfather’s ashes to a galactic burial and ends himself in the heart of a conspiracy with an immortal chicken. Which is hilarious and humorous when you think about it.

While surviving with your chicken, you can explore by crafting equipment, piloting vehicles, and controlling space stations. Breatedge was created by Redruins Softworks and released on February 21, 2021, by Hype Train Digital.


Because crafting is an end product rather than a function in Factorio, it may appear to be an anomaly on this list.

This is a factory builder in which you may create objects utilizing incredibly complex systems. This is the game for you if offshore pumps, engines, and motors are your thing.

Also, It’s just as much fun to figure out what you want to manufacture as it is to figure out how to build the world’s largest, most productive factory.

You can create factories so large in multiplayer that you’ll need to delegate to keep everything operating.

While there is manual making, and the process, not the finished product, is the most exciting aspect of Factorio, you are still crafting a lot of stuff.

The Escapist 2

To successfully escape from prison, you must first turn everyday items into the ideal escape equipment. A sledgehammer is made from a broom handle, a can of paint, and duct tape, while a bed dummy is made from a pillow stuffed into a bedsheet.

It’s a lot of fun to watch The Escapists 2 experiment with creating and using those items during your escape.

Team17, who is also responsible for Overcooked’s co-op cooking mayhem, just knows how to develop games out of simple concepts. Even while You can play it solo, this game is better when played with others.

The enormous number of craftable things, such as security passes, clothes, and weaponry, imbues the gameplay with variety. withalotofvariety

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