20 Anime Like Hunter X Hunter

anime like hunter x hunter

Many consider Hunter x Hunter to be the best anime ever made.

Furthermore, the series’ action-packed, adventure-themed plot has won the hearts of every anime fan who has seen it.

Since Hunter x Hunter ended its run in 2014, everyone is looking for a new anime like Hunter x Hunter, that can satisfy their hunger for action.

With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the top 20 anime that are similar to Hunter x Hunter and are sure to impress in the same way.

1. Akame ga Kill

One of the first shows on our list of anime like Hunter x Hunter, is Akame ga Kill.

The protagonist of Akame ga Kill, Tatsumi, and two of his pals travel to the capital to earn enough money to aid Tatsumi’s home village.

On the way to the capital, however, they became separated.

When Tatsumi finally reaches the capital, he learns that both of his friends have been killed thanks to his encounter with the Night Raid.

Tatsumi is spurred to join the night raids and exact his brand of vengeance for the death of his friends by this tragic event.

However, the Night Raid strives to end the corruption that has left the nation’s capital in disarray and has kept many people in poverty.

Compared to Hunter x Hunter, Akame ga Kill leans toward a gloomier tone.

However, the adventure tone and action sequences are reminiscent of the Hunter x Hunter anime.

2. Mob Psycho 100

As a result of his inability to rein in his psychic abilities, Mob Psycho 100, an anime like Hunter x Hunter, has isolated himself from society.

To keep his psychic abilities in check, he seeks guidance from a scam artist who also claims to be a psychic.

Despite this, Mob’s talents get increasingly out of his control over time, and he meets others like himself in the future.

This has the potential to provide the best entertainment ever.

3. Seven Deadly Sins

In other words, if you enjoyed Hunter x Hunter and are seeking an anime with exciting battle sequences, your search is over.

Elizabeth, the third princess of Lioness, is searching for the Seven Deadly Sins after being betrayed by the Holy Knights.

The notorious Holy Knights were disbanded because of the Seven Deadly Sins they had falsely accused of being real.

The Seven Deadly Sins set out to free the land of the Liones and redeem themselves in the process.

Thanks to the exciting plot and excellently choreographed battle sequences, you’ll feel pumped after watching this anime.

Similar outcomes to those seen in Hunter x Hunter can also be seen in this anime.

4. Stone

Senku Ishigami and his young genius companion Taiju awaken in a world where everything formerly alive has been transformed into stone.

Now they’ve found a means to bring back Tsukasa, a guy with a plan to rebuild society based on science.

However, Tsukasa rebelled against them, which sparked a thrilling war of attrition between Senku’s friends and Tsukasa’s.

Dr. Stone is another great anime like Hunter x Hunter you should add to your collection. 

5. One-Punch Man

In the manga and anime series One Punch Man, Saitama is the main character. Now, with a single blow, he can knock out his adversaries.

Saitama loses interest in fighting since his superhuman power has lost its excitement for him. 

The humanoid cyborg master and his reluctant pupil become members of the Hero Association.

But this choice would allow Saitama to do more good in the world, earn a living, and raise his profile.

Unfortunately, things don’t proceed as well as anticipated. You should see the anime to get the full scoop.

But the comedy in One Punch Man is superb, and the film quickly becomes a classic.

Watch One-Punch Man, an anime like Hunter x Hunter, to find out whether anyone survived Saitama’s blows for more than a single punch.

6. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Each episode of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is an exciting narrative about a wealthy family that can be read independently of the others.

In the first segment, we meet Jonathan Joester and Dio Brando, two brothers.

Even though they were related, Brando attempted to destroy his brother and take over the world.

But his brother, who had set out on a mission to improve his martial arts, was there to stop him.

7. Shokugeki No Soma

Next up on our list of anime like Hunter x Hunter is Yukihira Soma, a boy with ambitions to excel at the same culinary academy as his father.

Yukihira Soma learns later that his father was a top student at the same cooking school.

Despite its setting in a cooking academy, this is a fun anime. However, Yukihira Soma was included because it is like Hunter X Hunter.

The originators of both Gong and Soma have legendary status.

But Gong and Soma both have the drive to excel at whatever it is they’re doing.

Hunter X Hunter gave us a glimpse of Shokugeki No Soma’s dogged perseverance and hilarious writing.

8. No Game, No Life

The twins Sora and Shiro are invincible at online gaming, and their journey is told in No Game, No Life.

Later, a deity named Tet from another universe challenged the two to a chess game.

When they win, they are sent to a parallel universe where games resolve conflicts.

While cheating is not condoned in other games, it is acceptable in some situations.

Sora and Shiro’s friendship and the emphasis on gaming are reminiscent of the Greed Island arc of Hunter X Hunter.

9.Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho is another great anime like Hunter x Hunter. With the same creator behind the Hunter X Hunter series, Yoshihiro Togashi, you can be assured that this anime has something worthwhile to offer.

Urameshi Yusuke, a troubled adolescent who fights occasionally, is this tale’s protagonist.

Over time, Yusuke sacrifices himself to save a small kid. There is some discussion over whether to send him to paradise or hell, and Yusuke learns this after his death.

With their assistance, Urameshi Yusuke becomes a detective in the criminal underworld, and he and his companions eventually rejoin the human world. 

Thus, Yu Yu Hakusho’s narrative is primarily an adventure plot, sharing characteristics like Aura and a sense of camaraderie with other works in the genre.

There’s no need to be a genius to notice the parallels between this show and Hunter X Hunter; the same mind created the two.

10. My Hero Academia

In My Hero, Academia, Izuku Midoriya, the main character, is one of the rare people who was not born with a Quirk.

A hero idol, however, is inspired by Izuku Midoriya’s resolve and grants him a Quirk.

Izuku, a student at U.A high school, embarks on a quest to become a hero who would work with the authorities to bring criminals who exploit their idiosyncrasies to justice in a high school.

Izuku’s doggedness reminds us of Gon Freecs’s doggedness from Hunter x Hunter, and the two have a lot of other similarities, too.

11. Black Clover

Asta and Yuno, two orphans, are the protagonists of Black Clover, a great anime like Hunter x Hunter.

They are on a quest to become the Wizard King, the second most powerful person in the land.

Unfortunately, Asta did not inherit the capacity to control Mana, even though it is something everyone should be capable of doing.

On the other hand, Yuna was born with an innate ability to harness Mana.

With the shared goal of becoming the Wizard King one day, best friends Asta and Yuno engage in a healthy competition, their mastery of Mana not unlike that of Killua and Gon in Hunter x Hunter.

12. Bleach

There has been a resurgence in Bleach’s popularity among fans of the anime genre.

The recent announcement of a manga version of the series’ final arc is further evidence of Bleach’s growing popularity.

Bleach follows the journey of Ichigo Kurosaki as he grudgingly trains to become a soul reaper under the tutelage of a shinigami named Rukia.

However, after her encounter with a hollow, Rukia finds herself unable to fulfill her responsibilities.

Later in the tale, Ichigo recruits two of his banished soul reaper buddies to help him rescue Rukia.

They aim to rescue Rukia, who was falsely accused of murder by the powerful soul reaper Sosuke Aizen. 

Bleach’s action, narrative, and overall tone are not unlike those of Hunter x Hunter.

Another reason Bleach is a great anime like Hunter x Hunter is because of the adventure and, at times, the bonds of friendship between the main characters.

13. Dragon Ball

Without a doubt, Dragon Ball is one more legendary anime like Hunter x Hunter.

If you like Hunter x Hunter and seek a similar blend of overpowering adversaries, action, and dramatic fight sequences, then you’ll enjoy Dragon Ball.

Goku and Bulma go on a quest to gather all seven Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball. But their history pits them against the world’s greatest fighters.

Therefore, Goku has a shot thanks to his resolve and the assistance he acquired from some extremely powerful people here and afterward. 

As a result of the exciting narrative, intense action, and thrilling adventures, Dragon Ball is an anime that will leave you gasping for air.

You may see echoes of Gon and Killua’s development up to the Chimera Ant Arc in the manner that characters earn abilities over time. 

Nonetheless, Dragon Ball is essential for anyone interested in experiencing Hunter X Hunter’s style and tone.

There’s a good reason it’s at the top of our list of anime like Hunter x Hunter. 

14. Dororo

Hyakkimaru, the protagonist of Dororo, is a Samurai who was missing several human traits at birth.

His father’s deal with the unseen demons inside the hidden crypt caused this disfigurement. 

Hyakkimaru’s mother prayed to the goddess of compassion for her son’s survival, and the goddess heard her prayer and intervened to ensure Hyakkimaru’s survival.

Hyakkimaru was abandoned by his mother and raised by a medicine man after being found drifting in a river.

The medication took care of the youngster, fitted him with prostheses, and used its healing magic to help him recover.

The teenage orphan named “Dororo” was instrumental in helping Hyakkimaru uncover the truth about his past.

However, his determination to regain full use of his body grew after learning the reality.

Both Hyakkimaru and Gon end up being abandoned. In both cases, dads are leaving their boys behind for different reasons.

Both shows continue to show friendship, excitement, and, for some viewers, an exciting journey.

Although I am partial to Dororo, as one of the most ardent Hunter x Hunter fans, you will not regret watching this anime.

It parallels Hunter x Hunter, although with a darker tone, which you’ll enjoy and contributed to my decision to rank it so highly.

15. Naruto

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard about Naruto, one of the finest anime series of all time.

The anime series Naruto has split into two parts: the original series and its sequel, Naruto: Shippuden.

Naruto Uzumaki, the protagonist, is a ninja who longs to lead his village as its Hokage.

The Hokage had to lock the Nine-tailed fox in Naruto before he was born to protect the community from the destruction the animal wreaked before Naruto’s birth.

Because of this, Naruto had difficulty making friends in his community. This was because he was a kind, hard-working kid, but everyone saw only the monster in him.

Although Naruto Uzumaki had to work hard, the inhabitants of his Hidden Leaf Village eventually welcomed him.

He became a great Shinobi, thanks to the guidance of his friends, Sensei and master.

Adventure, comedy, powerful characters, and comparable combat methods are just a few ways in which Hunter x Hunter and Naruto are alike.

The stories also share commonalities, such as Sasuke and Kurapika’s desire for clan revenge.

Both shows follow their protagonist as they form bonds with other characters and strive to improve themselves physically and mentally.

Naruto is the spot to check if you want to find the most thrilling anime like Hunter x Hunter.

16. Jujitsu Kaisen

Itadori Yuji exorcises a demon by eating the demon king’s finger in order to save his comrade.

As the host, Itadori Yuji takes on the demonic monarch Ryomen Sukuna, who appears to be completely uncontrollable.

Itadori disproved this accomplishment by maintaining command of his body after consuming the demon king’s essence.

Gojo Sensei, so formidable that even devils fear him, notices this and enrolls Itadori at the Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School.

After retrieving all of Sukuna’s digits, Itadori will be able to practice his newfound power and finally cast out the demon king.

It’s reminiscent of Hunter x Hunter, whereby protagonists may manipulate Aura to harness its mystical properties, but the heroes here can employ cursed energy and tactics. This skill is an early point of comparison between the two shows.

Jutsu Kaisen, a great anime like Hunter x Hunter, is a spectacular blend of action, comedy, and epic combat sequences featuring powerful characters and demons reminiscent of Hunter x Hunter’s monsters.

A fan of Hunter x Hunter will recognize many of the same elements and themes in this one of the greatest anime.

17. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Aladdin, a little kid, and his companion, Alibaba, embark on an adventure.

Both then venture into underground realms, searching for the treasures and abilities connected with such places.

The story’s originality and the growth of the characters in this anime make it exceptional.

The main character has a lot in common with Hunter x Hunter’s Gon, and that goes for their personalities as well.

This similarity, along with his friendship with Alibaba, would undoubtedly bring to mind Gon and Killua.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and Hunter x Hunter successfully portray the sense of adventure, youth, companionship, and the threat the antagonist poses.

It would help if you watched this anime to recreate the Hunter x Hunter adventure from a new perspective.

18. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Following taking over as the family breadwinner after his father’s death, Tanjiro is abandoned.

The demons that attacked and killed everyone but his sister Nezuko caused this tragedy.

Nezuko, sadly, is transformed into a demon after appearing to survive the confrontation.

Nezuko, unlike the other demons, shockingly displayed human emotions, and she gained energy from sleep rather than human flesh.

When Tanjiro meets a demon slayer, he sends him to see his teacher so that Tanjiro might also learn to become a demon slayer.

Tanjiro decides to slay the monster responsible for his family’s deaths.

A great anime like Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer follows an adventure-style formula, and its demons are analogous to Hunter x Hunter’s Chimera ants and other enemies.

Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibira would become close friends of Tanjiro’s in later life.

This reminds me of the close connection between Gon and his pals, Killua, Kurapika, and Leitrim.

Like Hunter x Hunter before it, Demon Slayer has comedy, action, and adventure all in one.

19. One Piece

You’ve probably heard of One Piece if you’re familiar with Naruto.

The protagonist of the continuing anime series One Piece is a man named Monkey D. Luffy.

Unknowingly swallowing a Devil Fruit, Luffy acquires the power to transform his body into rubber, which he puts to good use in his search for the One Piece treasure.

Many people he meets on his journey through the East Blue Sea become allies and help him search for the Titular wealth.

Every one of Luffy’s adventures with his crew is exciting, and with over 900 episodes and counting, you won’t be able to miss one.

If you enjoy the action sequences in Hunter X Hunter, you’ll also enjoy the combat scenes in One Piece.

20. Fullmetal Alchemist

The brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric are the protagonists of Fullmetal Alchemist.

After trying an illegal alchemy procedure to resurrect their mother, the Elric brothers embark on a mission to locate the philosopher’s stone.

Elric suffered just partial bodily loss, but Alphonse’s was total. Elric tries Alphonse’s spirit to his suit of armor to protect him.

That’s why they’re on a mission to return his brother’s corpse by means of locating the philosopher’s stone.

If you like Hunter x Hunter, you should check out Fullmetal Alchemist; it’s a great anime that gets much less credit than it deserves.

Fullmetal Alchemist contains just the proper amount of excitement. Just as in Hunter x Hunter, the series never drags, thanks to including a healthy dose of humor.

Similarly to Hunter x Hunter, both series’ main characters embark upon an adventure to recover a precious item with the support of their loyal companions. 

The parallels between Hunter x Hunter and Fullmetal Alchemist are the most remarkable from a storytelling, comedy, adventure, and battle perspective.

Hence it should be added to the list of anime like Hunter x Hunter. 

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