Top 12 Black Male Anime Characters

Black Male Anime Characters

Everyone will admit that anime is wonderful visual art. But one thing that everyone can also agree on is that there isn’t a lot of skin color variation in anime.

The majority of anime characters have light or white skin. This is because their ideals of beauty differ from those in the rest of the globe.

On the other hand, black male anime characters are rarer than female black anime characters.

In any case, there are only a handful of black anime characters to commence with. However, over time, makers have created fantastic anime characters.

So, in this post, you will learn about the best black male anime characters. These characters are evaluated based on their personalities, abilities, and other factors.

The majority of the characters featured below place a premium on force and power. Do have a look at the top black male anime characters without further sound and fury.

There are military veterans, zombies, samurais, and everything in between among these characters.

What are the chances? You might just discover a new favorite character.

1. Afro Samurai – Afro Samurai

The main protagonist in the Afro Samurai series and one of the top black male anime characters is Afro Samurai.

Afro had a horrible childhood, witnessing his father’s murder directly in front of his eyes.

The series is set in the future, and it is stated that whoever wears the Number 1 headband would have unrivaled abilities.

Afro desires vengeance for his childhood and will go to any length to obtain the Number 1 headband.

Afro is portrayed as a cold-blooded killer. He does not express much emotion.

His primary goal is to track down the individual who murdered his father and exact vengeance. As a result, he’s a fascinating and unexpected figure.

2. Dutch – Black Lagoon

One of the famous black male anime characters is Dutch. In the gangster series Black Lagoon, he is one of the central protagonists.

He’s big and strong, and if you cross the line, he’ll probably punch you in the face. On the surface, Dutch appears to be a laid-back, mellow character.

When the circumstances warrant it, though, he is absolutely serious.

3. Satoshi Batista – Michiko to Hatchin

Satoshi Batista is one of Michiko to Hatchin’s well-known gangsters. Set in Brazil, this planet is packed with black and Latino individuals.

He doesn’t appear until midway in the anime, but he significantly impacts the outcome. Satoshi’s performance is so brilliant that he could pass for a primary character.

His dubbed voice is also fantastic.

4. Kilik Rung – Soul Eater

Kilik appears in the Soul Eater anime as one of the top three performing meisters.

He is, without a doubt, one of the best black male anime characters. Most of the time, Kilik is a laid-back, happy person.

In stressful situations, he does not overreact and instead considers things calmly. As a result, he is a leader among his buddies.

When he’s in a fight, Kilik can be abrasive and ferocious. He’s a perfect best friend. With his buddies, he is famous for taunting and making jokes.

Whenever they need him the most, he is always there to protect them. To help his friends or someone he feels about, he would put himself at risk or even go above orders.

5. Sid Barrett – Soul Eater

In Soul Eater, Sid Barrett makes an appearance. He is an undead old academy teacher. Sid was a nice and supportive teacher before his death.

This made him memorable. Sid could be harsh in his instruction at times.

He, on the other hand, adored every one of his students and wished for them to achieve their full potential and achieve success.

Sid reappeared as a zombie but had all of his prior characteristics. Sid pretended that his ultimate goal was to kill all of his students to help them grow stronger.

It’s much messed up, but if you knew Sid, you’d know he was trying to do the right thing.

6. Kaz Kaan- Neo Yokio

Kaz Kaan is the protagonist of Neo Yokio. It’s a Netflix original series, and it got a lot of conflicting reactions.

Kaz Kaan, on the other hand, is one of the most appealing male black anime characters. In some ways, Kaz is aristocratic and exquisite.

He is concerned about his appearance and what other people think of him. Also, he values having a high social status and being recognized as the best.

He has extrasensory perception, especially when it comes to demons. He’s been known to kill a couple of people.

7. James Ironside – Blood+

Blood+ stars James Ironside. James lost his mother when he was young and went on to join the military.

He had been brutally injured and was on the verge of death. Later, James was transformed into a Chevalier.

Since his rescue, James has continued to advance in the military. He was successful in gaining access to the most advanced military weaponry.

James has a serious demeanor and is also always timely. He is a driven individual with a strong personality.

8. Darui – Naruto

This one is a calm and collected individual. You can count on Darui to remain calm when everyone else is freaking out.

As a result, he is considered one of the best black male anime characters. However, it is clear that things can get boring for him easily.

He frequently mentions how something bores him. Darui isn’t lazy at all, despite his appearance. He is frequently willing to assist in difficult fights.

9. Omoi – Naruto

He is a thinker who prefers to consider before acting or saying something. This always leads to him formulating a strategy. His imagination can occasionally run wild.

He can also be a worrier, constantly imagining the worst-case situation and worrying about it. Omoi is a force full of strength and talent.

10. Mohammed Avdol – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Avdol is a black man from Egypt who appears in Jojo’s world. He sticks out as a Jojo character, from his hairdo to his jewelry to his general look.

He’ll go to any length to maintain his image as a mature and responsible individual. He sets a good example for others.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure makes this point numerous times. As a result, he is a meaningful anime character.

11. Agil – Sword Art Online

Andrew Gilbert Mills, sometimes known as Agil, is a character from Sword Art Online. In real life, he and his wife own and operate a cafe.

He is a cheerful and sociable individual. He is constantly on the lookout for methods to assist others.

Agil was frequently accused of merely playing for the money. However, he did spend a significant amount of time and money assisting middling gamers in leveling up and progressing in the game.

He also has a reputation for safeguarding beta testers.

12. Kaname Tousen – Bleach

In the anime Bleach, Kaname Tousen makes a cameo. Kaname was the 9th Division’s captain at the time.

As a soul reaper, he undoubtedly has one of the most interesting powers. He doesn’t have much of a personality, in critics’ opinion.

Tosen is a quiet person who doesn’t say a lot. He is, nonetheless, extremely smart and bright. Kaname may appear to be bad for betraying Soul Society.

But he is genuinely attempting to live a life that will result in the fewest deaths possible.

Bottom Line

Anime is a dynamic medium that is constantly growing and changing. These shows used to have characters with only light skin tones. But, they are now expanding to represent people of all skin tones. This equal representation, we believe, will be gratefully received and is desperately required.

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