10 Books for Teenage Girls Who Don’t Like To Read

Books for Teenage Girls Who Don't Like To Read

An average teenage girl will have a few favorite reading materials like romantic novels and fashion magazines.

However, most of them are reluctant readers who only read to pass exams but prefer movies, TV programs, and Social Media the rest of the time.

Regardless of the poor reading habits that most teen girls have, we cannot discount the role of books in their lives.

If you’re struggling to make your young adult a better reader, the following books for teenage girls who don’t like to read will do the magic.

1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Written by Jenny Han

Teenage love is one of the most sensational topics for young adults. In this chilling tale, Jenny Han presents Lara Jean, a typical teen girl who writes secret letters to her crushes.

Unfortunately, someone mailed the letters without her consent, and now she has to deal with the shame and heat as all the boys approach her to discuss the letters.

What’s even more mortifying is that Lara’s sister’s ex-boyfriend is among them. Life can’t get any harder for a teenage girl, but she somehow has to keep her head through it all. Even the most disinterested teen reader will find this one worth the time. 

2. A court of Thorns and Roses

Written by Sarah J. Maas

Your teenage daughter might not be a book fan, but this one is different. The author brings out a perfect blend of adventure and fantasy in this young adult book series.

Feyre, a huntress, is captured to guard Tamlin, the high Lord who is partly a beast and partly a faerie.

The Lord and the huntress do not bond immediately, but when they do, their friendship is enviable. However, Feyre realizes that Tamlin’s family is cursed, and this affects their relationship.

The huntress also understands that she’s the only one who can save the cursed family, and her sweet spirit can’t allow her to desert them.

3. Yes No Maybe So

Written by Beck Albertalli and Aisha Saeed

This is one of the best teenage books about young love, boundaries, and everything in between.

It’s a captivating story of Jamie and Maya, who fall for each other in the line of duty. They are serving as volunteers for a senate candidate, but their attraction goes beyond any political or social boundaries.

Though shy, Jamie is determined to get closer to Maya, who suffers a lack of social interaction. A lot is going on in the young adults’ lives at the time when their love for each other is budding.

4. Ender’s Game

Written by Orson Scott Card

Ender’s game is among the top dystopian books for teen girls and boys who don’t enjoy reading. The storyline is captivating enough to keep the reader glued from beginning to end.

In this hot alien-human tale, the earth faces an enemy who’s threatening to destroy it and its inhabitants.

Ender Wiggin is an extraordinary child who finds himself in battle school at six years of age. This young man is now the genius mind the military needs to save the planet during the alien’s invasion.

5. Monday Is Not Coming

Written by Tiffany D. Jackson

Claudia’s best friend Monday has been missing for a while now. There is a great mystery behind her disappearance, and strange enough, only Claudia seems to care.

Monday’s mother and sister claim not to know of her whereabouts, but they don’t seem bothered enough.

This book will keep even the most reluctant reader turning page after another to unravel the mystery. Monday’s family can do better, but what’s holding them back? This turns out to be one of the best books for teenage girls who don’t like to read.

6. Speak

Written by Laurie Halse Anderson

The emotions and depth in this story are enough to turn any reluctant reader into a book lover. Though sad, Melinda’s story is packed with life lessons and an awakening call for teen girls who find themselves in her situation or wish to avoid such occurrences.

During a party with her fellow students, Melinda is raped by one of the boys, and she calls the police. However, her friends don’t take it kindly and isolate her even though she doesn’t disclose her ordeal to them.

Melinda decides to express herself through art with no one to trust, and her wounds remain hidden.

7. The Selection

Written by Kiera Cass

The selection is one of the choicest dystopian novels from Amazon Goodreads. Any teen girl, a reader or not, will give this romantic sensation a chance. Prince Maxon needs a bride, and more than thirty girls contest his hand in marriage.

Then there’s America, the one who will most likely marry the prince but isn’t interested in the contest. She has just broken up with her ex-friend, and when she least expects it, a friendship develops between her and Maxon. Will she get over her ex and marry the prince?

8. It’s Not Me, It’s You

Written by Stephanie Kate Strohm

Does your teenage girl relate with books as closely as oil with water? Worry not. This is one of the most thrilling books for teens that leaves reluctant readers asking for more. The tales of young adults falling in and out of love never get old.

In this one, Avery Dennis gets dumped right before prom, and life cannot get any sadder. However, she has little time to mourn since her history teacher awaits her oral history presentation.

Avery is thinking about interviewing her exes, enemies, and family to find out why her relationships end the way they do.

9. Geekerella

Written by Ashley Poston

Elle and Darien have a great chance of meeting and falling in love, but the stars must align in their favor. A cosplay contest is happening, and Elle needs to enter to meet the special guy playing Prince Carmindor in the reboot. 

The girl in this story watched a particular Sci-Fi show with her late father since her childhood, and she knows a thing or two about acting.

Will she find her way into the cast and meet her prince charming? Your teen girl will definitely enjoy this one regardless of her relationship with books.

10. The Girl from Everywhere

Written by Heidi Heilig

Teenagers love adventure and mystery; this book serves those two aspects in equal measures. Nix has an amazing father who can sail to any place at any given time, provided he has a map. However, there is one particular map that he desperately needs to retrace his first love, Nix’s mother.

This book also has an aspect of traveling through time, bringing a new thrill level altogether. Now, if Nix’s father succeeds in his search for his first love, he might as well lose his daughter for good. The dilemma in this story keeps the reader wondering what should or shouldn’t happen.

Bottom Line

If you’re wondering how to help your book-hating teen girl with her reading, don’t worry because I’ve got you on this one. Visit a reliable online shop and get her one of the best-selling books for teenage girls who don’t like to read. Even the most reluctant readers can change their attitude at the sight and taste of a great book. Ensure you choose captivating, easy, and quick reads to avoid further discouragements. 

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