17 Books Like All for the Games

Books Like All for the Games

If you love all of the games and are craving more books like all for the games, then this article is for you. All for the game follows the story of Neil Josten, who is the newest member of the Exy team at Palmetto State University.

He’s tiny, fast, and has a lot of potentials—and he’s the fleeing son of The Butcher, a violent crime leader. The last thing a person like Neil should do is sign a deal with the PSU Foxes.

However, he doesn’t need sports crews broadcasting photographs of his face across the country because the squad is high-profile. Under this kind of scrutiny, his lies will only last so long before the truth catches up with him and kills him. 

But Neil isn’t the only one on the team with secrets. Neil can’t walk away from one of his new teammates because he is a friend from his previous life. Additionally, Neil has managed to stay alive for the past eight years through running.  

Maybe he’s found someone and something worth fighting for after all these years. Read on if you love all for the games and are looking for other books like all for the game.

1. Cassandra’s Calling

By Kathy Q.Bruhi 

Cassandra LeGardier is a character who first appeared in the book Lady of the Gulf. She aspired to be a nurse as a child on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the early 1900s.

Additionally, she assumed her nursing career would be better spent in Mississippi. But her events in the world would change her plans and send her to New Orleans, New York City, and then war-torn Europe.

She discovers adventure, danger, and the man who will become her life’s love in the process. 

2. The Raven King

By Maggie Stiefvater 

The Raven King is one of the books like all for the games you should read. The irrepressible, #1 New York Times bestselling author Maggie Stiefvater concludes her fascinating series with the fourth and final book.  

It follows Blue, who has been warned her entire life that she will kill her true love. She doesn’t believe in genuine love and never imagined this would be an issue, but as her life becomes entangled in the bizarre and dark world of the Raven Boys, she begins to doubt herself.  

3. Captive Prince

By C.S. Pacat 

Damen is a hero among his people and the rightful heir to Akielos’ kingdom. When his half-brother seizes power, Damen is kidnapped, stripped of his identity, and ordered to serve as a pleasure slave to the prince of an enemy nation.

Additionally, Prince Laurent, his new master, is the epitome of the worst of the court at Vere: beautiful, manipulative, and lethal. But nothing is as it seems in the deadly political web of the Venetian court.

And when Damen finds himself caught up in a power struggle for the throne, he must cooperate with Laurent to survive and defend his homeland. 

4. Red, White, & Royal Blue

By Cassey McQuiston 

Red, white and royal Blue is also one of the best books like all games. What happens when America’s First Son falls in love with the Prince of Wales?

Alex Claremont-Diaz was quickly cast as the American equivalent of a young royal when his mother was elected President. His image is pure millennial marketing gold for the White House. He is handsome, charismatic, and brilliant.

There’s just one problem: Alex has a grudge against Henry, the actual prince from across the water. 

Additionally, when the tabloids obtain a photograph of an altercation between Alex and Henry, ties between the United States and the United Kingdom deteriorate.

Furthermore, Damage control is devised by family, state, and other controllers, who stage a ceasefire between the two rivals. Likewise, What begins as a phony, Instagrammable connection deepens and becomes more deadly than either Alex or Henry could have anticipated. 

5. The Dream Thieves

By Maggie Stiefvater 

Nothing will be the same for Ronan, Gansey, Blue, and Adam now that the ley lines around Cabeswater have been reawakened.

Furthermore, Ronan, for example, is sinking more and deeper into his dreams, and his nightmares are increasingly intruding into his waking existence. Meanwhile, some highly nefarious individuals look for the same Cabeswater jigsaw pieces as Gansey. 

6. Wolfsong

By T.J Klune  

Wolf song is next on the list of books like all for the games. When Ox was twelve years old, his father taught him a great lesson. He claimed that Ox was worthless and that no one could understand him. He then walked away.  

Furthermore, when  Ox encountered the lad on the road, the one who talked and talked and talked, he was sixteen years old.

Later, Ox discovered that the youngster hadn’t spoken in almost two years and that he belonged to a family that had recently moved into the house at the end of the lane.

However, when Ox discovered the boy’s secret, the world around him was painted in red, orange, and violet, of Alpha, Beta, and Omega. When murder arrived in town and tore a hole in his heart, Ox was twenty-three years old. 

7. Carry On

By Rainbow Rowell 

Simon Snow is the worst Chosen One in the history of Chosen Ones.  

Baz, his roommate, claims as much. And while Baz may be evil, a vampire, and a jerk, he’s probably right. Additionally, Simon can’t get his wand to work half of the time, and the other half of the time, he sets something on fire.

His mentor avoids him, his lover dumps him, and a magic-eating monster roams the streets with Simon’s visage. Furthermore, if Baz were here, he’d be having a field day with all of this. It’s their final year at the Watford School of Magicks, and Simon’s vexing adversary hasn’t even shown up. 

8. Kings Rising

By C.S Pacat 

Kings Rising is next on our books, like all for the games. Now that his true identity has been discovered, Damen must face his master Prince Laurent as Damianos of Akielos, the man Laurent has sworn to murder.

Furthermore, the future of both of their countries hangs in the balance as they stand on the verge of a major war. Kastor’s men are massing in the south. The Regent’s soldiers are preparing for battle in the north.

Damen’s only chance of restoring his kingdom is to team up with Laurent and battle their usurpers together. Additionally, the two princes are forced into an uneasy partnership and go deep into Akielos, where they encounter their most terrifying foe yet.

But, even if the delicate relationship they’ve formed survives Damen’s reveal, will it be enough to withstand the Regent’s final, fatal bid for the throne? 

9. Call Down The Hawk

By Maggi Stiefvater 

The dreamers, as well as the dreamed, walk among us. Dreamers can’t stop themselves from dreaming; all they can do is try to regulate it. Those who are dreamed cannot have their own lives; if their dreamers die, they will sleep eternally.

In addition, others are attracted to the dreamers. To put them to use. To capture them and assassinate them before their nightmares consume us all. 

Furthermore, Ronan Lynch is a hopeless romantic. He can bring curiosity and disasters from his dreams into his tainted reality. Additionally, Jordan Hennessy is a con artist and a robber. The closer she gets to the object of her dreams, the more inevitably she is bound to it. 

10. Running With Lions

By Julian Winters 

Sebastian Hughes, the star goalkeeper for the Bloomington High School Lions, should be looking forward to his senior year: His teammates are fantastic, and his coach does not need anyone to disguise their sexuality.

However, when Sebastian’s estranged childhood best buddy Emir Shah shows up at summer training camp, he understands that the team’s success may be in the hands of the one guy who despises him.

Additionally, he sets out to recover Emir’s trust for the sake of the Lions, determined to reconcile with him. However, sweaty days on the pitch, strolling the town’s streets, and bonding on weekends surprise Sebastian. 

11. Heartstopper

By Alice Oseman  

Heartstopper is one of the best books for the games you should read. Charlie doubts Nick would ever like him back, yet they’re now boyfriends. Charlie is getting closer to saying those three words: “I love you.”

Additionally, Nick has been feeling similarly, but he has a lot on his mind, including coming out to his father and the possibility that Charlie has an eating issue.

Furthermore, Charlie and Nick are about to learn a lot about what love means as summer turns to autumn and a new school year begins.  

Heartstopper is about love, friendship, loyalty, and mental illness. It covers all of Nick and Charlie’s modest stories that, when put together, form something larger that speaks to all of us.  

12. In Deep Waters

Prince Tal has been looking forward to his coming-of-age tour for a long time. He can finally see his family’s realm for the first time after spending most of his childhood cloistered behind palace walls while he learns to keep his forbidden magic secret.

When their crew discovers a mysterious prisoner aboard a burning derelict spaceship barely two days into the expedition, he gets his first taste of adventure.

Additionally, Tai is astonished to feel an emotional connection with the roguish Athlon, who is tasked with watching over the prisoner.

As a result, when Athlon jumps overboard and vanishes, Tal feels responsible and heartbroken, knowing that Athlon would not have survived in the open sea. 

13. Blue Lily, Lily Blue

By Maggie Stiefvater 

Maggie Stiefvater’s all-new series continues with the third volume from the bestselling author of the #1 NEW YORK TIMES!  

Blue Sargent has discovered things. She has pals she can trust for the first time in her life, a group to which she can belong. The Raven Boys have adopted her as one of their own.

However, their issues have morphed into hers, and her problems have morphed into theirs. The problem with found items is how easily they may be misplaced. 

14. Anyway, The Wind Blows

By Rainbow Rowell 

Anyway, The Wind blows is also one of the best books for the games. Simon, Baz, Penelope, and Agatha must determine how to proceed in Any Way the Wind Blows.

Additionally, for Simon, this means deciding whether or not he still wants to be a part of the World of Mages, and if not, what does that mean for his relationship with Baz?

Meanwhile, Baz is juggling two family crises and can’t seem to find time to tell anyone about his vampire expertise. Penelope wishes she could assist, but she has sneaked an American Normal into London and is unsure what to do with him.

What about Agatha? Agatha Wellbelove had had her fill. Meanwhile, the party returns to England, Watford, and their families in Any Way the Wind Blow for their longest journey. 

15. Aristotle And Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe

By Benjamin Ajire Saenz 

Dante is a good swimmer. Ari is unable to do so. Dante is confident and articulate. Ari struggles with words and is plagued by self-doubt. Dante is mesmerized by poetry and art. 

Additionally, Ari is preoccupied with his older brother, who is incarcerated. Dante has a light complexion. Ari’s face is a lot darker.

However, with his open and distinctive view on life, it appears that a boy like Dante would be the last person to break down the barriers that Ari has erected around himself.

Despite the difficulties, Ari and Dante form a rare friendship that will teach them the most important lessons of their life and help them define the persons they want to be. 

16. Bone Rider

By J. Fally 

Bone Rider is also one of the books like all of the games Riley Cooper has eluded capture. Riley’s love, Misha Tokarev, turned out to be a Russian mob assassin, and when it comes to character faults, he draws the line at premeditated murder.

Additionally, McClane, an alien armor system, is on the run for various reasons, including mistakenly crashing a spaceship into Earth and eluding US military custody.

McClane, a failed prototype, was set to be destroyed. Furthermore, that was put to a stop by sabotaging the ship, but McClane is known as a bone rider for a reason: he can’t live without a host body.  

That’s why he sneaks into Riley’s truck first, then into Riley himself. Their hesitant alliance quickly transforms into something far more powerful—and personal—than either of them could have expected. 

17. The Last Rebellion

By Victor Vinh 

The aliens known as Zamokans seized all we had during the invasion: land, freedom, and the one thing that made us truly human: THE RIGHT TO LOVE. Additionally, we had lost our right to love.  

It was considered a crime to love someone else. Anyone who dared to love would be executed after witnessing their lover’s death through torture. Instead of allowing humans to marry as they pleased, Zamokans chose who would be wedded to whom.  

However, most people assumed the Zamokans did it because they despised love. Only a select handful was aware of their nefarious scheme: they sought to produce the ideal person by combining human genomes. 

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