10 Android and iOS Cooking Games for Girls in 2022

Cooking Games for Girls

Cooking games for girls are available on both Android and iOS. These games are just like actual cooking, complete with a variety of tasks and entertainment.

We did extensive research to uncover the finest and most affordable cooking games for Android and iOS.  

These are the most popular Android and iOS culinary games. Let’s have a look at the list of actual cooking games.

Furthermore, Relaxation is essential for staying on track in life. Meditation, conversing, playing games, and engaging in hobbies are all ways to do this.  

Bike riding, auto racing, photography, knitting, shooting, cooking, and various other activities can all aid in keeping the mind quiet.

However, what if these two pastimes and games merged? This was taken into consideration by developers, who created millions of games for smartphones and tablets.  

After all, why not; after all, hobby-related activities are fun. Cooking games are the most popular games among girls and children who play games based on their interests.

Some cooking games for girls are:

1. Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever Cooking Games for Girls

Cooking fever is one of the most popular and best cooking games for girls. It is a free time-management cooking game with a twist.

You can prepare delectable dishes and treats from around the world.  

There are 18 different locales to choose from in this free cooking game. You’ll be able to put your abilities to the test in a variety of settings and cooking styles with Cooking Fever.

There are over 400 recipes to prepare with only 150 components.  

However, it features coffee makers, pizza ovens, rice cookers, and popcorn makers, among other kitchen appliances, to make the kitchen a chef’s paradise.

This cooking game is unusual because you can manufacture your freebies, such as cookies or cupcakes, to personalize and remember your clients’ experiences. Download for Android or iOS.

2. World Chef

World Chef Cooking Games for Girls

Do you find burgers and French fries to be too simple to prepare, and you’re looking for a new challenge? But what kind of exotic food.

Then you’ll enjoy this foreign cookery game. Yes, there’s a place for you in World Chefs’ kitchens, including exceptional chefs and cuisine from more than 20 countries.  

Make your wishes come true. Open your fancy dining establishment, name it, decorate it to your liking, and run it. However, Start cooking international cuisines and serving clients with World Chef.

Fresh ingredients are purchased and traded, and increasingly beautiful foods such as tacos, pizza, and sushi are prepared.  

This isn’t a fast-food establishment. As a result, take your time, cook carefully, and prepare your best foods.

Your consumers are aware that they will be well worth the wait. Download for Android or iOS.

3. Cooking Dash

Cooking Dash

Contribute to Flo and Cookie’s new special show, Dreamy Delights. cooking dash is a new Android time management cooking game.

In front of a live studio audience, you must develop recipes, cook them, decorate them, and serve delectable menu items in each foreign restaurant.

Hearing them cheer you on adds to the experience. In each exciting episode, try to make money.

Customers that are a little odd, celebrity VIPs, fast-paced kitchen activity, and TV fame are all on the way. In addition, this cooking game contains hundreds of episodes.

Make unique recipes in the Prep Kitchen to entice consumers with their favorite dishes, as stated in the game description.

They’ll make you famous, drop fantastic things, and bestow special abilities on you so you can fill your coffers with mega-profits and keep your star on the rise. Download for Android or iOS.

4. Cooking Adventure

Cooking Adventure

Cooking Adventure is another excellent cooking game for girls available for Android and iOS devices?

The game allows you to test your cooking abilities while also teaching you time management.  

Nevertheless, there are more than 20 different restaurants to sample in the game, 1000+ levels, 550 recipes, 700 ingredients, and more.

You can also improve your restaurant’s design and kitchen appliances.  

Making in-app purchases can also help you speed up the upgrade process. In addition, To play the game, you’ll need an internet connection, and I recommend using WIFI to prevent effective data rates. Download for Android or iOS.

5. Food Streets

Food Streets Cooking Games for Girls

Food Street is a cookery game that simulates a restaurant. It is one of the best cooking games for girls. You can design and decorate your restaurant with it.

In addition, then you can take control of your company and open your cafe and bakery.  

In a gorgeous 3D metropolis, you can cook and produce innovative cuisine. You can also begin growing your food.

You can prepare meals and serve them to customers. In a nutshell, you’ll be living in a virtual environment and operating your restaurant. Download for Android or iOS.

6. Burger – Big Fernand

Burger - Big Fernand

Are you a burger fanatic? If so, you’ll enjoy this burger-serving game. As a chef, you will enjoy and be challenged by this time management culinary game.

With Magma Mobile’s touch, you may play this cooking game for free.  

However, this free culinary game is similar to a tale. In a chain restaurant, master chefs will hire you. To earn money and even tips, you must service clients as quickly as possible.

Therefore, in the kitchen, you’ll find various ingredients such as bread, meat, and lettuce. Take as many orders as possible from your customers.

The tastiest sandwiches, sweets, ice creams, garnishes, and sodas will please them.  

The beauty of this Android or iOS cooking game is that the longer you play, the more ingredients appear in the quick cuisine.

So, accept the cooking challenge, work from Monday to Saturday, and fulfill your aim of earning more money and purchasing new ingredients for the restaurant. Download for Android or iOS.

7. My café: Recipes & Stories

My cafe Recipes & Stories

One of the restaurant games is My Cafe. Your coffee shop journey begins when you and your friend Ann build a stylish café and serve delicious drinks and baked goodies to her guests.  

In this restaurant game, you may design your coffee shop, establish a diner, bakery, or restaurant, recruit personnel, determine menu prices, and buy furniture.  

It is one of the best cooking games for girls. Additionally, here you can create your business strategy.

To ensure that you make a profit and thrive in Cafe land, take significant risks in your business or go slow.  

In addition, you may use stories to engage your customers. In this restaurant game, there is a story mode with distinct characters and deep connections.

Make new acquaintances and go on a restaurant journey of your own. Download for Android or iOS.

8. Chef Rescue

Chef Rescue Cooking Games for Girls

Beautifully crafted and the finest way to pass the time in your spare time.

Assist your chef and participate in her delectable endeavor. She’s decided to use her extraordinary cooking skills to salvage some struggling businesses.  

In addition, this is also a game of time management. You must assist the chef in preparing and serving delectable dishes in a variety of establishments.

However, you must be quick and pay close attention. Per restaurant, there are around 300 different phases in incredible seasons. Download for Android or iOS.

9. Bistro Cook

Bistro Cook Cooking Games for Girls

Take the cooking challenge with Bistro Cook and show off your speed. Bistro Chef has real-time scores that show how well you manage your time.

This cooking game is available for Android and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  

Furthermore, this isn’t your average cooking game. It’s a realistic culinary game with time management that puts your talents as a chef to the test. Download for Android or iOS.

10. Stand O’Food

Stand O'Food

Stand O’ Food is a massively popular online cooking game with millions of players. It is one of the best cooking games for girls.

Because there are so many other eateries, you must be quick and excellent. Before they depart in a huff, feed your consumer.  

But this game isn’t just about speed; you’ll need to plan as well

Make enough money to buy condiments and enhance your equipment so you can offer more delicious cuisine even faster than before.

Quest and Lunch Rush are the two game modes available. There are almost 100 stages of completing and over 80 different sandwiches to make. Download for Android or iOS.

These are the top cooking games for girls on Android and iOS, as well as my personal favorites. Boys enjoy playing these cookery games as well.

These games do not contain any girlie content. These are merely recreational games. 

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