20 Best Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games of All Time

Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games

This article discusses Nintendo Switch Puzzle games. A decent puzzle game can simultaneously provide pleasure, diversion, and a virtual brain workout.

With the rise of the indie movement, which has produced a bevy of inventive and experimental puzzlers, there appears to have been an influx of noteworthy instances recently.

The switch has proven to be a robust platform for these types of brain-busters because of its convenient portability, motion-controlled Joy-cons, and intuitive touch screen.

Nintendo and other developers have released a diverse range of puzzle games for the hybrid system, spanning style, content, and difficulty.

The Nintendo Switch features an extensive library of titles, including many that aren’t available. Amazing puzzle games that make you think while enjoying video games are among its most underappreciated classics.

Please read on as we discuss some of the best Nintendo Switch Puzzle games.

Pic- A- Pic Deluxe

This premium title should keep fans of the graphic-assembling puzzle – sometimes known as “Nonograms” – occupied for a long time, especially given its low $7 price.

This is one of the most incredible ways for Picross lovers to enjoy this unique, intricate puzzler, thanks to the depth of material, including 300 unique problems and a 2-4 player co-op option.

Not only that, but the touchscreen makes tinkering with this often tricky swarm of puzzles much easier and more intuitive.

Picross S3

This entertaining puzzler takes the famous Picross formula and adds color to it, including a new mode with color-coded squares. Completing these multi-hued illustrations is all the more satisfying, and they provide a fun new twist to the franchise.

In addition, the game contains a Mega Picross and Clip Picross mode, which further diversifies the formula and brings the total number of puzzles to 480. This is one of the best Puzzle games for Nintendo Switch you should try.

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Though Tetris 99, the battle royale, has gotten a lot of attention, this lesser-known Tetris version is just as fun and perhaps more content-packed.

When it comes to split-screen multiplayer, this is possibly the best entry on our list, and it comes with an equally good online option to boot.

At the same time, it doesn’t skimp on depth, including several variations on famous puzzle games like Tetris and Puyo Puyo.

There’s a full-fledged adventure romp that switches back and forth between the two games and a mode that combines the two into one colorful puzzle frenzy. This is one of the best Puzzle games for Nintendo Switch.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Toad and Toadette go off on their journey. Instead of teaming up with Mario, this adorable duo explores tiny planets in search of rare treasures such as gems and stars.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a fun puzzle game in which you must twist and turn your way through little stages to discover all of their secrets.

Each level in Treasure Tracker has a relatively straightforward basis. Toad must walk from where you start to where the star is hidden.

In many circumstances, though, this is easier said than done. Each level looks like a small planet made up of stages from previous Mario games.

You will only be able to complete the level by twisting and turning it. The main goal is to locate the star and proceed. However, there are other objectives, such as finding hidden gems or golden mushrooms.

Furthermore, Captain Toad has a great appearance. It evokes Mario’s style while simultaneously giving a completely new experience.

That’s no minor feat considering this is a port from the Wii U generation of games. There are many levels as well.

If you want to beat all the game throws at you, you’ll need to accomplish more than 50 of them. This is one of the best Nintendo Switch Puzzle games.

Sushi Striker

You are the Sushido Musashi in a world where armies have been fought over delectable dishes of sushi. In Sushi Striker, you’ll go through a universe where you’ll battle other chefs by gathering and linking sushi plates to toss at them.

Sushi Striker requires you to grab sushi plates as they pass by on conveyor belts in front of you. To inflict damage on your opponent, you’ll collect sushi and link plates before throwing them at them during combat.

With the help of sushi sprites, you’ll pick up offensive and defensive skills along the road. Also, You’ll play through roughly 150 different battles over the campaign. Acquire new skills, build up your sprites, and participate in higher-level sushi battle strategies.


Inside is set in a dark world with dark colors. The environment is dominated by pitch black and melancholy gray, with only a few pops of color here and there to add depth.

Inside is a 2D platforming puzzle game involving running, jumping, and dying as you play. It’s the sequel to Limbo.

You breach into a military base at first, and things get weirder as you explore further. While this is mainly a platform and puzzle game. It’s also breathtakingly beautiful, with exquisite detail spread over each level and frame.

Furthermore, the game’s mechanics and controls are kept simple. You have one button for jumping, another for interacting with the environment, and one for moving through each stage. Solving the puzzles, you come across necessitates a range of strategies.

In addition, Some objectives will demand you to move stuff around, while others will require you to use platforming to fulfill them.

Because it’s a physics-based puzzle game, the variety of challenges requires some trial and error. This is one of the best Nintendo Switch Puzzle games.

Lumines Remastered

Lumines Remastered is as enthralling as entertaining, with frantically addicting puzzles accentuated by colorful visuals and a pounding techno soundtrack.

With this slick remaster, the famed puzzler, designed by prominent game creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi, is back in full force.

This adrenaline-pumping puzzle romp is a blast to play on handheld and the large screen. Solid multiplayer support adds to the game’s already high replay value.

Tetris 99

Tetris enthusiasts are familiar with the game’s simple idea of placing pieces to remove rows and accumulate points. The gameplay has proven to be as addicting as ever, just as decades before.

The battle royale concept, which allows 99 players to compete in elimination mode, added a new adrenaline level to an already thrilling game.

Furthermore, while the main game is free to play, Nintendo has published a paid DLC pack that includes offline content such as a CPU Battle and an unending Marathon mode. This is one of the best Nintendo Switch Puzzle games.

Mighty Switch Force

Platforming can complement puzzle games since it delivers a constant stream of action to counteract the puzzle gameplay, usually at a slower pace.

This enticing package includes a collection of WayForward’s existing Mighty Switch Force! Titles for the DSiWare, 3DS and Wii U have been enhanced with brilliant HD visuals for the Switch.

Furthermore, this sci-fi puzzle-platformer is often ignored due to its lack of marketing and the availability of Switch games. This is a shame, given the high quality and value of this $20 multi-game remake.

Each stage involves sidescrolling action and shooting and puzzle sections that You must complete to proceed in a style that is strangely reminiscent of early Metroid.

Also, You may need to locate a specific helmet to gain entry to a particular region, for example. You can also use parts of this collection for a four-player co-op.

Keep Talking, And Nobody Explode

You might be drawn in by the odd name alone, and while the gameplay isn’t as grand as the title suggests, this is still a fun effort from Steel Crate Games.

The experience is quite simple, as one might expect from a game that relies on VR technology and is available on mobile devices.

That is not to imply it is simple; far from it. Also, you’ll need a friend or three to multitask on the clock while scrambling to diffuse a complicated bomb before the timer runs out.

Each module has its own set of problems and tasks. And each participant will be required to tinker with the bomb and express certain information using the information they’ve been provided. This is one of the best Nintendo Switch Puzzle games.

Battle Chef Brigade

The members of the Battle Chef Brigade are well-known throughout the realm of Victusia. They use their powers to hunt down monsters, which they then employ to prepare delectable foods for the public to enjoy.

This high-stakes competition isn’t easy to get into, though, and in this game, you follow one of two different protagonists as they journey through the tournament.

Gameplay is a mixture of several different types of games that come together in a delightful package. You have RPG-style character progression as you wander through town.

Talk to people, and platformer combat as you find and hunt down monsters. There are also bejeweled style puzzles that have you cooking up monster parts and using specific items to help you out.

Unravel 2

Yarny returns in a brand-new adventure in the platformer that transports you to a microcosm. A second yarny joins in fun, this time for a co-op adventure.

While You can play this game alone, it is significantly more enjoyable when played with a companion. Unravel 2 is a co-op game that requires more than two bodies running across the screen side by side.

Both on and offscreen, the puzzles you encounter require actual cooperation. Because exact timing is necessary to finish problems, you must interact with your companion offscreen.

This translates to one player holding yarn while the other rappels, swings, build bridges, etc. The world you’re in is just stunning. This is one of the best Nintendo Switch puzzle games.

World Of Goo

World of Goo, 2D Boy’s breakout smash, stunned many with its enjoyable, addicting gameplay built on such a simple basis.

After all, it was released in 2008, when AAA games were aplenty. Along with big hits like Minecraft, this experimental title helped bring in a new wave of popular indie projects.

Furthermore, this converted Wii game, which quickly spread to mobile devices, is an excellent match for the Switch’s portable, touchscreen-enabled design.

With the Joy-crisp con and responsive pointer controls, putting these platforms of goo together is more pleasurable than ever.

Toki Tori 2

Toki Tori 2 + on Switch is likely the greatest way to play this last-gen puzzle port. Taking its position as another compelling platforming-puzzle combination. This colorful and cute sidescroller keeps things simple and loose in many ways.

The only thing you can do with your chirping chick protagonist is use a stomp move and blow out some tunes.

Despite the game’s passive and simplistic nature, many fans have been drawn to the rewarding puzzle-solving in a platforming setting and the overall relaxing atmosphere.

Snipperclips Plus: Cut it Together

Like many others on our list, the amusing co-op puzzler Snipperclips is updated. Enhanced copy of an already fantastic game.

With its clever puzzle gameplay that pushes you to think imaginatively. This fun little shape-based adventure has become a popular favorite for Switch owners.

The game’s goal is to snip off various shapes to direct items and activate various activities while working through puzzles alone or with another player.

Furthermore, this expansion was first launched as a digital launch game for the Nintendo Switch, but a retail edition was released some months later.

This included 30 new stages spread across two entirely new worlds and new multiplayer modes. This is one of the best puzzle games for Nintendo Switch.

Baba Is You

Sometimes simply by looking at the title, you can tell you’re in for a unique and innovative puzzler. Baba is You, for example, is a game that combines wordplay with logic puzzles and rule manipulation.

You’ll work your way through a succession of 2D obstacles that are rarely the same using these word associations and visual cues. In these stages, specific word and item combinations will change the criteria, allowing you to progress.

It’s a fun little mix of word shuffling and image arrangement that allows the game to shine creatively despite its basic aesthetic. This one will certainly appeal to gamers who enjoy “outside the box” ideas.

Wilmot’s Warehouse

The concept of grabbing, storing, and arranging objects in various ways is explored in this late-2019 release. Also, this is a game that organized gamers and clean freaks will want to keep an eye on.

Wilmot’s Warehouse by Hollow Ponds has a flat, basic aesthetic, similar to our last entry, allowing the original, fascinating puzzles to take center stage.

After all, as Tetris, Dr. Mario, and Puyo Puyo have demonstrated, the most fundamental frameworks may frequently result in the most entertaining games.

Return Of The Obra Dinn

A distinctive, artistic style can make a game “pop,” This visual-heavy puzzler is no exception. Return of the Obra Dinn, developed by Lucas Pope, uses gritty black and white graphics to create a rich visual scene that fits well with the game’s 1800s scenario.

Furthermore, You’ve been assigned to investigate the deaths and disappearances of the East India Company’s crew and passengers on an uncanny ghost ship.

Working with and drawing from various visual clues, objects, and language will help you do this. Also, the rudimentary graphics and point-and-click approach harken back to the days of early PC gaming. This is one of the best Nintendo switch puzzle games.

Mini Metro

This simple puzzler has the sense of a Sim City game but in a more fun way. To please and maintain a developing community, the goal is to design the most efficient rail transit system feasible.

You know those color-coded maps you see atop buses and trains when you’re on your way somewhere? You’ll essentially be building them.

Dinosaur Polo Club’s project, published initially for PC and mobile platforms in 2015-2016, is a beautiful fit for the Switch with its straightforward design and new multiplayer features.

Also, your population will grow as you cover more ground efficiently, and more resources will become available. It all adds up to an oddly satisfying experience.


With a more tactical bent, RPGs and software might benefit from puzzle-based gameplay, which adds depth and unique gameplay twists. This is the case with Bastion, a rich isometric adventure.

Despite being more ” strategy-RPG ” than puzzler, the game effectively interweaves complex riddles into its unforgettable journey, despite being more “strategy-RPG” than puzzler. This is complemented by some beautiful hand-painted environments and enjoyable dungeon exploring.

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