19 Famous Anime Symbols You Should Know

Famous Anime Symbols

Famous anime symbols have become iconic representations within anime, carrying profound meanings and captivating audiences worldwide.

These symbols transcend mere aesthetics, embodying themes of power, empowerment, spirituality, and more. 

In this article, we will explore the significance of five additional famous anime symbols, delving into their cultural and narrative contexts while shedding light on their enduring popularity.

1. Nazarick

Taking the number spot on our list of Famous anime symbols is Nazarick Within the anime Overlord, Nazarick is a formidable dungeon ruled by the enigmatic Ainz Ooal Gown.

The symbol of Nazarick, an imposing fortress, represents power and unwavering loyalty. 

This famous anime symbol focuses on the indomitable strength of Ainz and the generals who serve him, reflecting the themes of dominance and allegiance that permeate the series.

In My Hero Academia, the UA logo has become synonymous with heroism. Originally derived from the Japanese name Yuuei, which translates to hero, the logo’s stylized UA initials were adopted for international appeal. 

The logo symbolizes peace and the tireless efforts of the younger generation as they strive to become the world’s greatest heroes.

As one of the famous anime symbols, UA Logo encapsulates the ideals of justice, unity, and the pursuit of greatness.

3. The Crescent Moon

Sailor Moon, a beloved anime from the 90s, captivated audiences with its message of women’s empowerment.

The iconic Crescent Moon symbol, prominently featured in the series, represents femininity, intuition, and the strength of female characters. 

This famous anime symbol has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for many, promoting gender equality and celebrating the power of female protagonists.

4. Hime’s Mask

Princess Mononoke, a renowned anime film by Studio Ghibli, featured a captivating symbol in Hime’s mask. This tribal-looking mask symbolizes the god of forests and spirits within the story, representing the deep connection between nature and spirituality. 

The mask, which gained global recognition, holds cultural significance in Japan and is often associated with traditional festivals, making it a famous anime symbol that resonates with fans worldwide.


Neon Genesis Evangelion introduced the mysterious organization SEELE, recognized by its symbol of seven eyes drawn over a triangle. This is one of the famous anime symbols that draws inspiration from the concept of the seven eyes of God, as mentioned in biblical references to the supreme deity, Yahweh. 

SEELE’s symbol embodies the secretive and mysterious nature of the organization, adding depth and intrigue to the narrative. Despite being the central antagonist, SEELE’s symbol has garnered admiration for its intriguing design and symbolic allusions.

6. Kamina’s Great Flaming Skull

Gurren Lagann introduced the fiery symbol of Kamina’s Great Flaming Skull, which eventually became the series’ main logo. This iconic symbol embodies victory and strength, serving as a reminder to fight tirelessly and secure triumph in the face of adversity. 

Many fans have embraced this symbol and even chosen to immortalize it as tattoos, keeping its powerful message close to their hearts. Kamina’s Great Flaming Skull is a famous anime symbol that resonates with the indomitable spirit of determination and perseverance.

7. Saitama Oppai

In the comedic world of One Punch Man, the symbol of Saitama’s Oppai (breasts) hoodie has garnered popularity among anime enthusiasts. While it may lack a profound meaning, this symbol has become a lighthearted and amusing representation of the series. 

Saitama, one of the strongest anime characters, humorously dons this symbol, adding a touch of whimsy to his unassuming nature. The Saitama Oppai symbol has gained recognition and affection from fans worldwide, showcasing the enduring appeal of amusing and lighthearted anime symbols.

8. Geass

The supernatural power of Geass in Code Geass allows the user to command others and make them obey their orders. The symbol of Geass, shrouded in mystery, represents a significant revolution within the series. One of the famous anime symbols, Geass, embodies the power to change destinies and alter the course of events. 

With its enigmatic design, the Geass symbol holds a sense of intrigue and fascination, reflecting the captivating nature of supernatural abilities and their profound impact on a story’s narrative.

Soul Eater, an underrated anime, presents a captivating symbol that represents its protagonist, Soul Evans. While the anime’s name alludes to the desire of the antagonist to consume innocent souls, the Soul Eater logo centers around Soul’s character. 

This symbol captures attention with its cool and stylish design, reflecting Soul’s strength and individuality. The Soul Eater logo is a famous anime symbol that inspires viewers with its portrayal of a strong and captivating protagonist.

10. L

The enigmatic detective from Death Note, L, adopted the single letter L as a symbol, concealing his true identity and name, Lawliet. Interestingly, L is pronounced El in Hebrew, which means God. This symbolizes L’s exceptional intelligence and brilliance, which garnered worldwide admiration from fans. 

Even after his demise, L’s legacy continued through Near, showcasing the enduring impact of his character. The L symbol, representing intelligence and brilliance, stands as one of the famous anime symbols that resonate with the pursuit of truth and the complexities of the human mind.

The Night Raid logo, worn proudly by the members of the revolutionary organization, holds profound meaning. As a symbol of their fight against the Imperial Army, it embodies the pursuit of peace and equality for the capital’s citizens. 

Despite being labeled as enemies by the government, the Night Raid became heroic, assisting those in need and standing up against the oppressive regime.

The Night Raid logo is one of the famous anime symbols, representing the unwavering dedication to justice and the struggle for a better world.

12. Koro Sensei’s Face

In the emotionally impactful anime Assassination Classroom, Koro Sensei’s face symbolizes hard work and love. As an influential teacher, Koro Sensei embodies the values of dedication and nurturing, always striving for the best for his students. 

His smiling face became an iconic symbol that resonates with viewers, reminding them of the importance of determination and care. Koro Sensei’s face represents an enduring and uplifting famous anime symbol, capable of bringing joy and inspiration to all who encounter it.

13. Pokeball

The Pokeball, the most recognizable symbol in the anime world, has become a universal icon. Representing the efforts of trainers in capturing and training their Pokemon, the Pokeball symbolizes the dedication and hard work. 

This is one of the famous anime symbols that serves as a reminder of the journey trainers embark on, filled with challenges, growth, and the formation of deep bonds. While more of a nostalgic symbol, the Pokeball’s global recognition reinforces its status as an enduring emblem of the Pokemon franchise.

14. Fairy Tail Guild

The Fairy Tail guild logo, depicted as a fairy with a tail, carries significant meaning within the series. Placed as a tattoo on each guild member, this emblem represents the adventures and mysteries that await those who join the guild. 

The Fairy Tail guild symbolizes the spirit of camaraderie, excitement, and the pursuit of grand quests. Beloved by fans worldwide, this famous anime symbols encapsulates the essence of adventure and is cherished as a supreme emblem of the series.

15. Ouroboros

Numerous famous anime symbols hold deep meaning within the realm of Fullmetal Alchemist, but none are as pervasive and significant as the Ouroboros symbol. 

This emblem features a dragon biting its tail, symbolizing the eternal cycle of life and death. The face of the dragon represents life, while the tail signifies death. 

Each Homunculus bears the Ouroboros mark, a distinctive identifier of their inhuman nature. This captivating symbol quickly captured the hearts of fans and became an iconic representation of the series, encapsulating its themes of duality and the pursuit of forbidden knowledge.

16. Clover

In the realm of Black Clover, a captivating new-generation anime series, the symbol of the Clover holds tremendous influence. Divided into three categories, the Clover symbolizes various aspects.

The three leaf Clover embodies faith, hope, and love, while the four-leaf Clover represents good fortune. However, it is the five leaf Clover that stirs fascination and intrigue. 

Asta, the series’ main protagonist, possesses immense power and obtains a rare five-leaf clover, capturing viewers’ imaginations and inspiring many to acquire tattoos featuring this emblem. The Clover symbolizes the potential for greatness and the triumph of an underdog, making it one of the most famous anime symbols.

17. Hunter Association License

Hunter x Hunter, a beloved anime series, introduced fans to a world of adventure and excitement.

Among the symbols that have left a lasting impression, the Hunter Association License is an influential emblem.

This license is earned through the completion of arduous tasks and serves as a testament to one’s skill, determination, and survival capabilities. 

It symbolizes the hard work and perseverance required to attain the prestigious hunter title.

The Hunter Association License has captivated fans, showcasing the rewards of dedication and the pursuit of personal growth.

18. Ken Kaneki’s Mask

In the hauntingly captivating world of Tokyo Ghoul, Ken Kaneki’s mask has emerged as one of the most iconic and famous anime symbols.

The mask, an integral part of Ken’s character and cosplay representation, has gained immense popularity among enthusiasts.

Ken wore the mask to conceal his identity as a ghoul, a creature trapped between the human and supernatural realms. 

However, this seemingly ordinary mask became essential to his overall appearance, resonating with fans and encapsulating the inner turmoil and struggle for identity that defines the series.

19. Brand of Sacrifice

Berserk, a dark and gripping anime, unveils a symbol that resonates with a profound sense of suffering, pain, and resentment. 

The Brand of Sacrifice etched onto the bodies of Guts, and Casca reminds them of the horrific ordeal they endured as human sacrifices.

With its intricate and visually striking design, this symbol represents the cruel manipulation and betrayal inflicted upon its bearers. 

The Brand of Sacrifice embodies the weight of their traumatic pasts and fuels Guts’ unrelenting desire for revenge against Griffith, who orchestrated their suffering.

It is a haunting and famous anime symbol, encapsulating the depths of anguish and the burning quest for justice.

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