Is Baki on Crunchyroll?

Is Baki on Crunchyroll

Baki, a popular manga and anime series by Keisuke Itagaki, has garnered a significant fan base since its original serialization in the Weekly Shōnen Champion from 1991 to 1999.

The story focuses on the titular character, Baki Hanma, as he battles against various opponents in the violent world of martial arts.

With the growing demand for anime content on streaming platforms, anime enthusiasts may wonder if Baki is available on Crunchyroll, a leading anime distributor for the Western market.

Surprisingly, Baki is not available for streaming on Crunchyroll. This platform typically hosts a wide range of anime series and is often considered the go-to source for many viewers.

However, Baki seems to be an exception, as it cannot be streamed on Crunchyroll’s platform.

This unusual omission could be related to the distribution rights, as Funimation secured the rights to Baki in 2005 but never made it onto their streaming service or Crunchyroll after the two companies partnered.

Instead, some Baki series can be found on other streaming platforms like Netflix, and the next season — titled Baki Hanma — was even launched in September 2021 exclusively on Netflix.

Though Baki may not be on Crunchyroll, fans of the series still have options for watching the anime and continuing to follow the intense battles of Baki Hanma.

Is Baki on Crunchyroll?

Despite being one of the largest anime distributors for the Western market, Baki is not available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

This is rather surprising, as Crunchyroll typically carries a wide range of anime series, making this anime an exception.

The popular series, “Baki the Grappler” or “Grappler Baki” is a manga and anime series created by Keisuke Itagaki.

It had its original serialization in Weekly Shōnen Champion from 1991 to 1999.

TheLittleList explains that Funimation Entertainment obtained the rights to the anime in 2005 and released it on DVD.

Still, it never made its way to a major TV network or Funimation’s dedicated streaming service.

The absence of Baki on Crunchyroll grew more conspicuous after Funimation and Crunchyroll formed a partnership, further indicating that something was amiss in the distribution of the series.

Even though Baki is not available on Crunchyroll, fans can still catch up with the series on other platforms.

For example, Netflix released the latest season, “Baki: Son of Ogre,” in the fall of 2021.

As more episodes and seasons are developed, fans will have to rely on alternative streaming avenues to follow the story of the young martial artist Baki Hanma and his journey toward becoming the strongest fighter in the world.

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