Filtering Out Casino Reviews: How to Tell if What You’re Reading is Unbiased

Filtering Out Casino Reviews: How to Tell if What You’re Reading is Unbiased

If you’ve come across an online casino that’s caught your eye and you’re seriously considering signing up with it, you may have googled the casino and read many reviews about it.

After having gone through various reviews, you might be even more convinced that this provider is the next best thing to sliced bread! So, you decide to sign up with the casino, make a payment and start playing games.

Not long after, you may realize that the casino’s far from what you thought it was. Now, you can’t even withdraw your winnings, and there’s no one you can turn to help for.

Unfortunately, the above scenario plays out far more often than you might think. We’re not saying all online casinos are dubious, but there certainly are a lot of casinos that aren’t really fair and transparent.

That’s why filtering out good casino reviews from bad ones allows you to avoid such operators is important. Once you’re equipped with certain know-how, you’ll be able to pinpoint a review that’s fake and full of hot air.

So, you might be asking, if you can’t trust certain casino reviews, then how do you know if a casino is worth signing up with? Thankfully, for the trained eye, there are several telltale signs of a paid or fake review.

In this article, we’re going to uncover certain things to look for in a casino review and red flags that scream ‘fake’ online casino reviews.

What Makes a Good Online Casino Review?

A good online casino review should offer an impartial overview of what a provider offers to its new and existing players – and this includes its shortcomings.

If something is advertised as too good to be true – it probably is! The main ingredients of a trustworthy review include up-to-date, objective, and above all, credible information based on a number of factors.

The reason why casino players research and read reviews is for them to be able to navigate through the realm of online casinos in an easy and straightforward manner.

With thousands of online casinos, one would expect reviews tenfold – making filtering out the good from the bad a bit of a tedious task.

We decided to test the waters to research some of these sites, and while there are many good ones out there, we must admit – takes the cake!

Offering a library of reliable reviews, this website allows users to refine their searches based on the type of casino or bonus they’re looking for. They’re also specialists in no deposit bonuses and it shows with daily new codes.

Hallmark Signs of a Fake Casino Review

Granted, some of the unbiased reviews out there are masked pretty well and can easily fool the untrained eye.

That’s why we thought it’d be helpful to come up with a list of factors to look out for when filtering out the good from the bad.

The Review Lacks Constructive Criticism

Admittedly, there are some really high-quality online casinos out there that are truly fantastic in nearly all aspects imaginable.

However, every online casino always has room for improvement. Maybe they could add some specialty games, or perhaps offer phone support, or maybe, the mobile version of their site isn’t as optimized and user-friendly as their desktop one.

Whatever it is, every casino will have some pros and cons. Of course, the number of pros will always outweigh the cons at a good casino – as to be expected.

However, when a casino review is full of praise for an operator with no criticism, then it reeks of being a fake review.

If you come across such a summary, it’s best to disregard it and consider it biased. Otherwise, you could subject the review to other litmus tests mentioned below, to be certain.

It Says a Lot Without Saying Anything Concrete

Too many online casino reviews are lengthy and full of praise, but when you read them again – they don’t actually deliver much meaningful qualitative data.

  • Vague information about games – take a review where the casino’s games collection is touted as fantastic, for instance. But then it’s lacking in essential details about the average payout rate and misses a proper breakdown of what types of games are featured and which providers supply them.
  • Too-good-to-be-true bonuses – another typical example is when bonuses are described as ‘lucrative’ or ‘generous,’ but there’s no substantial information about them. No proper details about wagering requirements are listed, or how much of the bonus funds can actually be cashed out, or, worse off, the all-important T&Cs – which ultimately determine what a player can actually benefit – isn’t even mentioned.
  • No transparency about customer support – the customer support department is hailed as ‘professional and friendly, but there’s no information about how long it takes to actually connect with a human agent or whether the customer support number is toll-free.

If you’ve just read an online casino review but haven’t really gained any objective insights into what the casino is like, chances are – you might have just read a fake review.

The Review is an Advertisement for the Casino

A sure sign of a bonus review is an article that purports to be a casino review but is actually just trying to sell the casino to readers.

A genuine review needs to be impartial. The benefits and drawbacks of online casinos should be listed.

In a nutshell, if you’ve come across casino reviews with even just a couple of these fishy features, it’s time to scroll on.

As with anything in life, nothing’s perfect, and a review that’s not well-rounded and balanced is one that you shouldn’t trust.

Bonus Tip: If you’re unsure about whether the review you’re reading is trusted and unbiased, take a couple of minutes and make a quick Google find a few more reviews about the same casino. If you see that other reviews about the same provider present contradicting details, it’s evident the first review is bogus.  

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