14 Games Like Runescape to Play in 2022

Best Games like Runescape

Are you looking for games like Runescape? Runescape is a good game whether you choose the standard RS or OSRS, but there are many other good ways if you find Runescape is time-consuming, don’t like graphics, or just like the change.

Runescape is one of the longest-running, largest, and most influential MMORPGs ever and has left its mark on many other games with its unique skills and economy program.

1. Fractured Online

Fractured Games Like Runescape

Fractured is one of the most similar games like Runescape. Fractured is someone who has just entered the block.

MMO is an open sandbox with a progressive system based on a skill that focuses on performing a masterpiece.

Battle in Fractured is focused on action and plays like a mix of Diablo or Path of Exile, Runescape, and old-school RPGs like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale.

The world, or rather the worlds, is open to you from the beginning to explore, and players fully manipulate the economy.

Fractured is still in alpha, but they do playtest so players can test and enjoy the game.

2. Legends of Aria

Legends of Aria Games Like Runescape

Aria Legends was released in 2019 and could be a modern MMO very similar to Runescape. They even look the same with isometric views.

Built on the idea of games like Runescape, Aria Legends has an entirely open sandbox world, allowing even players to modify and develop public servers.

The game focuses on art and exploration and has a skill-based system that allows players to start enjoying the game from scratch rather than grinding to a higher level. Players can build and customize their houses and shops.

3. Ultima Online

Ultima Online Games Like Runescape

Ultima Online is one of the earliest MMOs, released in 1997 and still developing with new events and updates. This is truly a cult MMO with dedicated fans, and we should try any solid MMO fan.

The graphics may sound old-fashioned, but they still have to impress old MMO and RPG high school players, and the gameplay is very focused, and you will quickly forget about the pictures!

4. Albion Online

Albion Online

Again, one of the games is very similar to Runescape. Albion Online is another recently compared game highly promoted by Runescape.

Albion is free to play with a skills-based system, a player-driven economy, and a lovable PvP. The world of Albion Online will feel familiar to Runescape players but with a modern look.

5. The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online similar Games Like Runescape

Elder Scroll Online is one of the best modern MMORPGs to play for those who are most excited about leaving the past.

For Runescape fans who want the same social and social feel, Elder Scroll Online has one of the most active player bases of the genre (via BeStreamer), and you are always encouraged to join organizations and seek out more players.

You won’t find many holiday events, and there aren’t many life skills you can achieve like Runescape, but getting an action-packed MMO, is action-packed.

The Elder Scrolls Online scales, intricate holes, and calculated. Boss wars will never displease.

6. Path of Exile

Path of Exile

If you are looking for games like Runescape but with different tastes, Path of Exile of the game you are searching for.

Path of Exile is not an MMO but an APRG, differentiating it from other games on this list. PoE incorporates one of the best and most sophisticated systems available and has hours and hours of in-game gameplay.

More may have been done for Diablo franchise fans, but Runescape players looking for a specific action will also love the game. It’s also free to play, so there’s no reason not to check it out!

7. Valheim

Valheim Games Like Runescape

If you are looking for something with a similar movie with Runescape that is not an MMO or ARPG, we would recommend that you check out Valheim.

Look beyond the differences in type, and you will see many similarities between these two games.

The experience system, for example, gradually rewards you for jobs like mining and logging, and there is a different sense of freedom and openness in the world that reminds us of Runescape but MMOs in the early 2000s in general.

Valheim is also an amazingly polished Early Access game, so it’s good to buy before the inevitable price hike comes with a full launch.

8. Neverwinter


Neverwinter is a free-to-play MMORPG with the most active player bases in the genre today.

Since its first launch in 2013, Neverwinter has continued to excel in style with its excellent fighting style, an in-depth customization program and rating system, player-created demands, and an in-depth story based on the Dungeons & Dragons fiction.

Neverwinter is a game like Runescape in true meaning. With the (mostly) free gaming console, Neverwinter gains powerful updates that come with the same and do not require an access fee.

It’s not as big on heavyweights as World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy 14, but Runescape fans will feel at home in the rich, complex world of Neverwinter.

9. Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online

Despite being among the newcomers to the list (which was first released in 2015), the free-to-play Black Desert Online has already received widespread acclaim and formed the basis for active players.

And despite the usual MMO triggers – testing, plenty of life skills, player events, etc. There is also a well-done Black Desert Online standing very close to the favorites of its combat genre, which requires skill, manipulation, and free will.

If your passion for Runescape is not fighting, Black Desert Online offers something new and refreshing that requires more than just the right skills to defeat enemies.

And Black Desert Online deviates from MMORPG’s legal manual in more than one way, with features such as infrastructure construction and a day/night cycle to create a unique experience.

Add a beautiful, expansive world with a wide range of custom character options. Black Desert Online makes another excellent alternative to the same old MMORPG and is worth downloading.

10. Diablo 3

Diablo 3

Another very similar game like Runescape is Diablo 3. Even though Diablo 4 is now in full swing, Diablo 3 is still forcing an online action RPG as before.

Its many years of expansion and development, not to mention its availability throughout the modern arena, have made it the best time to jump in.

Diablo 3 builds on the success of its predecessors, despite its incredible light and multi-colored artistic direction, and launches a system of extra liquid that keeps things fresh for a long time in the final game.

Diablo 3 also makes for a great local interactive experience in the forums that support you, so it’s Friday night when your friend locks the lockdown set.

11. Project: Gorgon

Project Gorgon

Part of what makes MMORPGs – and certainly Runescape – so attractive is the freedom that the world offers and their programs.

Project: Gorgon is a Steam Forward access theme that takes boundaries and throws them into the air.

Like Runescape, the only progress you make is by setting standards and acquiring new skills unless you are introduced to an unprecedented number of skills to choose from.

You can also choose to play a game as a kraal animal, write a book and donate it to the library, or jump into a pool when it burns.

There is an almost unlimited number of things you can see, be, and do, making Project: Gorgon the only clear choice for Runescape fans who want more.

12. Wakfu

Wakfu Games Like Runescape

If you have no problem supporting a little-known but irrational MMORPG, Wakfu will not be worth your time. There is a bit of heart and humor that should delight Runescape fans.

Still, Wakfu paves its way with a turn-based anti-revolutionary system, a political system, and a focus on nature that makes it appealing differently.

As you might expect, there is a small community playing Wakfu. The map and weather offer beautiful scenery, extensive and varied professionals, and a strong co-op focus that makes playing with friends as enjoyable as random inquiries.

Still, everything from isolated towns and monsters to character building and fighting is so fascinating that you will soon be calling your friends about this soulmate MMORPG until they join in the fun.

13. EVE Online

EVE Online

EVE Online is not very similar to Runescape. Still, the tremendous Galactic map of EVE Online is a vicious circle where criminals and criminals roam free, and rivals can explode into substantial cosmic conflicts that crumble servers.

But bring closer the past bombast and drama, and you will find a game that is more about resource management and self-improvement that grows rather than conflict.

There are tons of different livelihoods on EVE, including many not part of the game. Sure, you can make a living by stoning and selling metal in the market, but some companies offer in-game earnings to players with real-world skills.

That could include evaluating their books, security work, public relations, image design, website management – the list goes on.

If you are the type of RuneScape player who likes that RuneScape allows you to earn in-game earnings by pursuing any career path you choose, then EVE Online will blow your mind.

14. Mabinogi

Mabinogi best Games Like Runescape

Mabinogi is one of the games like runescape; an example of a healthy MMORPG with a bit of focus on fighting rather than developing “life skills,” allowing you to make money on several exciting tracks.

As you can imagine, the game’s economy driven by players is an engine that empowers the feeling of playing the game on Mabinogi.

Fighters need weapons and armor, which a blacksmith or tailor can provide. Metalworkers and tailors need raw materials to make their products for sale, provided by hunters and collectors.

It is a complex ecosystem that promotes digestion and character development to sound natural, logical, and rewarding.

In recent years, Mabinogi has been criticized twice over for gacha mechanics, and while “not winning,” it certainly “pays off to speed up your grinding.”

Those looking for a game with career modes like RuneScape with a deep and well-thought-out plan for progress should look to Mabinogi.

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